Zintro expert thoughts on the US education sector

education-technologyWhether public, private or charter, elementary and secondary education delivery in the US is facing challenges and opportunity. We asked Zintro education professionals what trends they see happening and their potential impacts.

Dr. Ron Thomas, an academic dean and an expert in strategic planning, says that US K-12 education has been stalking a straw horse called class size. “While there are various metrics already available to calculate, down to the square footage, for different types and levels of courses, the real issue facing school culture is school size, not class size,” he says. “As larger and larger educational factories are being constructed, there is a greater anonymity between students and teachers. The economies of scale are far outweighed by the losses in school culture and discipline. When there is greater probability that any teacher might know any student, there is more spontaneous supervision and personal accountability. If all students knew that teachers might know who they are, they may be less likely to get into mischief, let alone bullying, substance abuse, or other offenses more serious than cutting classes.”

Mathew Georghiou, an expert in educational games, thinks that it has been a challenging year in K-12 education. “Much of the stimulus money has dried up, making small budgets even smaller. And, tablets have paralyzed many schools from buying new software, because they don’t know if software purchased today will still be useful if they decide to switch to tablets in the near future,” he says.

By Maureen Aylward







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