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We listen to you!  The most common request by our users is to have the ability to peruse all of the Inquiries coming through Zintro, not just the ones forwarded to your Zmail.  Our development team has been working on a new functionality called “Inquiry Browser”. The Inquiry Browser will empower you to search Inquiries by keyword, browse the most recent Inquiries, and even see how many Experts/Vendors have already responded to any given Inquiry.  This functionality is scheduled for release in March. You will receive an e-mail upon launch of this valuable new feature.

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During February we were able to isolate and fix a few critical bugs in the system making your Zintro experience as simple, efficient and effective as possible.

If you encounter any bugs or have any ideas for new functionality you would like to see in Zintro, please contact us through the Help-desk.

We would highly appreciate your feedback.

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How To Prevent Violent Crimes At PharmaciesQuestioning The Feasibility and Safety Of The New Chinese High-Speed Rail LineDesigning Safer Lithium-Ion Battery For The Renewable Energy Industry

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February Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:


We are looking to find a consultant who can help identify our risk points with handline PHI information for our business. Our business is…..more

Nuclear Plant

I would like to request your expertise for a project on operational excellence in nuclear power plants in former Soviet Union. We are looking for….more

Game Engine

I want to create ‘a drive through a city game’ with real life characters moving around and questions about what the characters are doing popped up as….more

Solar Energy

Hi, we are starting up a new venture in dealing with solar PV power plants. We would like to be in touch with experts…..more