Seeking Experts To Work Injection molding Projects

Considering bringing injection molding production in-house after several successful years of growth selling proprietary injection molded part. Need assistance with evaluation of ‘make or buy’ decision, production set up and improvement of quality control managing current custom molder…..more

Injection Molding

I am an attorney looking for a plastic injection molding expert to testify in a federal jury trial in Tampa, FL against my client who is alleged to have produced component parts with manufacturing defects. Trial is not until September 2013, but analysis and a report would be necessary by March 1, 2013. Thanks…..more

Cleanroom Injection Molding

1)What is the basic difference between cleanroom injection molding and a normal injection molding which results in a difference of cost?
2)What are the various cost components in manufacturing components through cleanroom injection molding? How much does each cost factor impact the overall cost? E.g. Mold/Tool Cost, Labor cost, raw material cost, Fixed Cost, Cost of Quality, and so on. 3)What are theĀ ….more


Injection molding process optimization….more


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