“Zintro is the ideal place for connecting like minds” – Silvia Lac

AgroSilvia Lac is a forester with a specialization in climate change and forests, agroforestry, carbon sequestration modeling, REDD+, and adaptations to climate change. She has worked in all UNFCC components, which include impacts, mitigation (C, CDM, REDD, REDD+), vulnerability, and adaptation. She is currently the co-editor with NOVA on a forthcoming book on forestry and climate change titled ADAPTATION.

“Zintro helped me partner with high quality international agencies that provided me with options and advice, which widened the ongoing support for my projects. I have extended my network for those who need expert advice,” notes Lac. She says that recent client projects have been two-way collaborations that open up a variety of choices. One of these projects helped validate the state REDD+ legislation recently approved for the Amazon forest, and to take the laws for UN-REDD to international support and collaboration.

“Zintro is the ideal place for connecting like minds, which is the exact right scale to deal with the global challenge of climate change. A global threat calls for global actions, and Zintro has provided the means to connect me with experts worldwide to join forces, support and exchange knowledge, and find common ideas and ideals.”


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