Seeking Experts To Work On HIPAA Projects

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We are looking to find a consultant who can help identify our risk points with handline PHI information for our business. Our business is that our clients may submit files that have PHI information whereas we print on a document.

We are looking to spend just a couple hours initially whereas we can overview proper handling and risk of different levels of PHI. FOr example, we may get an address list of diabetis patients and our role is to affix their name and address on the mailing for diabetes…..more


we are a small health software company and host our servers with a person who just got diognosed with cancer and has two weeks to live hence we are having to find a new data centre. We need some initial advice in selecting a data centre and then after we need someone to walk us through a complete audit . We want to make the decision first thing monday morning so is it possible for someone to call us today or sunday or no latter than first thing monday am to help us determine what type of technical specs our server must have…..more

Hipaa Violation

I am seeking an expert on the subject in connection to a lawsuit that is pending against a hospital that terminated my client for allegedly violating hipaa…..more

I would like to work with a HIPAA consultant to help us assess, plan, and implement compliance within our Hosting Service…..more