Over 60,000 Experts and Vendors – January Zintro Newsletter

This month we are happy to announce that we have reached 60,000 Experts/Vendors and the highest platform activity in Zintro’s history. Our social networks have broken records with +3,300 Facebook likes, +2,300 follows on Twitter, +800 followers on LinkedIn and +1600 members in our LinkedIn Group for Consulting Opportunities.

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One message we have heard from quite a few Zintro Experts is that you are frustrated because you respond to Inquiries but don’t hear back from Clients. There are a number of reasons why this happens. The following article describes some of them: Why haven’t I heard back from Clients?

Also, you might be pleased to hear that we have added a feature that lets you know when a Client reads your zNote or Proposal. This isn’t a complete antidote, but will provide some comfort that your messages are getting through. The first time a Client reads one of your messages, you will receive a very brief email notifying you that your zNote has been read.


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Management Games and Their Impact In Business SchoolsShould Human Genes Be Patented?

Mobile device growth in African nations

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As you know, sourcing “high grade” inquiries for your consultancy or business is Zintro’s Priority #1. Increasing your billable time is our second priority. By working with MBO Partners you will be able to accomplish this goal by outsourcing your administrative work to their personal business management team. more info...

January Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:

Medicare Billing
I’m looking to open a mobile dentistry company in the trio state area to service nursing homes and senior living centers. I’m looking for an expert in that area who can help me…more

Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing
I’m in the middle of litigation. A party has introduced an exhibit which I believe was falsely produced to perfect their lawsuit. I would like to prove that the original….more

Medical Coder
Experienced Medical Coder for contract work on ICD-10 development project; minimum 10 years in field, preferably with management experience across several…..more

Unified Communications
Federal Prime Contractor is looking to identify an expert in the area of the Unified Communications who would assist in authoring a proposal response to the government….more