“I was impressed with the quick response time” – Eric Bouche

eric2Eric Bouche is an expert in semiconductor metrology, inspection, and testing. He has 25 years of experience in senior engineering, marketing, and business general manager positions. And as an executive consultant, Bouche knew that he would be able to help a potential client when he received an inquiry looking for expertise on marketing for integrated circuit assembly and testing services. Specifically, the client was looking to gain an understanding of what type of company would require services; where along the production processes these services would be performed; why a company would choose to outsource those services verses performing them in-house; and trends related to outsourcing these services.

Bouche successfully contracted with the client. “I was impressed with the quick response time to the customer’s needs through the Zintro process,” says Bouche. “The project definition allowed for a focused and to-the-point phone consultation. After the phone discussion, I followed it up with a project report. Zintro clearly provides a system that connects a large pool of experts with the demands for consulting support.”

By Eric Bouche

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