Seeking Experts To Work On Paper Industry Consulting Projects


Paper Industry 

I want to appoint Distributors all across the globe to sell MG Kraft Paper for wrapping, lamination & packing applications……more

I’m in the middle of litigation. A party has introduced an exhibit which I believe was falsely produced to perfect their lawsuit. I would like to prove that the original document was printed after the date that is indicated on the agreement.

I’m looking for an expert who can authenticate the date of several sheets of paper. The goal is to confirm the date that the paper was manufactured and sold…….more  

I am looking for a expert on the disposable tableware/dinnerware market. Specifically, the product I am interested in disposable paper plates. I am interested in a phone consultation, with maybe 3-4 questions about the market, and demand for these products – it should not take more than 1/2 hour. The expert would be compensated for their time at an agreed upon rate……more 

Toilet Paper Manufacturing

Looking for a toilet paper manufacturing expert to guide in setting up a tissue paper mill making recycled tissue. The expert must have knowledge in Chinese equipment / machinery as this is much cheaper and low output which fits our market….more 

We are currently working on a project about wallpaper substrate market in Russia.

We would like to speak to experts who could contribute with their opinion about the following topics:

– The goal is to understand the technical processes and the main market trends.
– We are interested in who the main suppliers are and how they are different
– What the market segmentation is like (by region, end-customer, etc.)
– Whether there are limitations in production (can paper machines be upgraded to produce other types……more


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