Smarter utility technology gaining momentum

innovation technologyWe asked our Zintro experts to comment on how utility companies using new technologies to better perform during a storm or natural disaster. We received these opinions.

Ben Hoganson, an information researcher, says that innovative technologies help utilities respond quickly to the destruction left in the wake of natural disasters. “From fault indicators that guide line crews to a fault in a distribution line to a smart relay that calculates the distance to the fault and communicates that to a line worker’s mobile device, innovative technology helps utilities identify where repairs are needed faster than in the past,” he says. “The ability to locate, analyze and communicate system abnormalities has never been more advanced than today. Such innovative solutions help us get the lights on faster after destructive natural events.”

Arie Brish, a cleantech and technology executive, offers these examples that utility companies are using:

  • Peak shaving technologies that allow utilities to turn off certain hi-energy consumers during peak times.
  • Utilities are integrating new technologies into long range planning.
  • Software that locates broken wires in the electrical grid.
  • Software that locates broken water pipes.
  • Wind forecasting software that uses a grid of wind sensors to provide an accurate measure of wind speeds by the minute.

By Maureen Aylward


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