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The Cost of Consulting: The Economics, Pros, Cons & Associated Fees

Google settles digital publishing lawsuit

Expanding The 3D Printing Technology Into New Industries

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December Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:

Banking Software

Open business in indonesia and marketing partner in indonesia to market software in Banking And Financial sector……more

Architectural Panels

We are searching for a subject matter expert who can address current trends and challenges around the manufacturing of architectural panels and their use as interior design elements. The person needs to have a good grasp of the materials used in the panels and what end-markets are most attractive… more

Cocoa supply

I am an analyst, part of the Food and Beverage Ingredients domain of India. Currently, I’m involved in a study on ‘Current supply risks in cocoa market’…more

Ceramic Coatings

We are looking for a consultant to provide us with the technology transfer to the Glossy ceramic coating of water pumps’s cast iron intermediate bowls……more