“I provided new information on groundbreaking innovations” – Moris Amon

 97CC8482-1116-4E5E-ACA6-3A4D8BC1020EDr. Moris Amon is a technical consultant in the fields of polymer processing, polymeric materials, and experimental design and data analysis. Amon has a diverse background that has provided him with expertise that is desirable in the field of polymer processing. He is the inventor of 12 US patents, and in 2006 was named a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

A researcher seeking experts with plastic extrusion could not have made a better match when she used the Zintro system to reach out to find a consultant in this area. Amon and the client connected.

“Zintro was very helpful in linking me to a researcher who was relatively new to the field and may have been unable to locate me on her own,” says Amon. “I provided new information on the history and future of groundbreaking innovations in the barrier plastic packaging industry and on the typical IP strategies of polymeric resin, film, and packaging suppliers.”

By Dr. Moris Amon

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