Trends in the Beverage Industry for 2013

We asked Zintro experts in the beverage industry to outline their top five trends in for 2013.

Michael Clancy, a sustainability and asset care consultant, says his top five trends for 2013 are:

1. Water shortages, water price increases, and water footprinting requirements;

2. Energy price rises that bring focus on energy management systems;

3. Supply chain pressure to improve environmental performance;

4. Growth in spirits and the craft beers market; and

5. Open innovation to develop new products and more versatile, sustainable packaging formats and distribution networks.


Peter Leighton, an expert in product ideation and development, says that his top trends include functional products, novel package delivery systems, and sustainable supply chain. “There has been an increasingly demanded by consumers for functional products that are designed to deliver an added benefit beyond basic taste or nutrition. We will continue to see refinements in natural or botanical ingredients and formulations in beverages that can delivery key lifestyle antidotes to consumers,” he says. “While the energy drink  market may be old news, there are several functional benefits that consumers will jump on. There will be an increase in unique packaging innovations to provide these functional benefits as well as convenience and/or environmental benefits.” Leighton says that one example is the payload enclosures that allow the consumer to blend a component into the liquid after purchase. “We will continue to see a drive toward a more environmentally acceptable and sustainable supply chain. This will include transparency in sourcing and formulations as well as packaging materials,” says Leighton.

By Maureen Aylward 

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