Seeking Experts To Work On Medicare and Medicaid Consulting Projects

Hi – Looking for a technical expert who can help us understand the percentage Medicare would pay if we outsource our SNF area. Thanks, Lee…..more 

I’m looking to open a mobile dentistry compony in the trio state area to service nursing homes and senior living centers. I’m looking for an expert in that area who can help me figure out the billing process for Medicaid Medicare etc. As well as other useful info. That can move the building process along…..more

I am a durable medical equipment provider. I bill commercial insurance, work comp and medicare for ankle, knee, and back braces that are referred to me by physicians. I typically get the referral faxed to me by the physician’s office then I go and see the patient, measure, fit, etc… I then fill out all the forms and forward to insurance for payment. My question is: Can I provide the physician with braces stocked in his/her office and then pay them an educational/admin fee to have them do the fitting, patient education, and task of filling out the paperwork and then faxing it to me for submission to insurance? I am aware of other dme companies that currently operate this way–how do I set this up within guidelines of stark and anti-kickback?…….more


An expert on pharmacy benefit managers for state Medicaid programs, the associated contracting process and the pharmaceutical dossier/clinical monograph process….more

We are a DME compnay as well as a pharmacy in Florida, Although we have been accepted to participate in the Florida Medicaid program, they won’t let us until we have a DEA license. The DEA is behind schedule in issuing licenses for up to 9 months. We have been told by other pharmacies (who have been told by the DEA) that a DEA license is not needed inorder to participate in Florida Medicaid even though Fl. Medicaid says so. Is that true and can you help us? Can we participate in the DME portion of FL Medicaid?…..more 

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