“Zintro is a unique method to promote services” – John Husko

John Husko is the president of a company that concentrates on aviation manufacturing, generating $35 million in annual revenues.  He has sales and management experience in the aviation aftermarket for engine parts and components. Husko joined Zintro as an expert in these areas in an effort to help out other companies in need of consultation in his area of expertise.

In true Zintro fashion, Husko received an inquiry for a phone consultation from an organization in need of knowledge about the market for gears used in aircraft design and procurement practices for these parts. Husko responded with a successful proposal. “I had an enjoyable experience with this client who was looking for advice on bearings in the aviation aftermarket. After an hour-long conversation, the client told me he was satisfied with the discussion and would use my services again when a course of action was decided,” Husko explains. “Overall, Zintro is a unique method to promote the services of experienced professionals in many areas with little expense and a high degree of exposure.”

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