Finding Experts on the Internet is time consuming – November Zintro Newsletter

Finding Experts on the Internet is time consuming. We have created a video that explains why Zintro is the best way to find Experts online fast.

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Future of Quantum Mechanics

Global Warming Threatening Multinational Corporations

Lance Armstrong has defenders and critics

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As you know, sourcing “high grade” inquiries for your consultancy or business is Zintro’s Priority #1. Increasing your billable time is our second priority. By working with MBO Partners you will be able to accomplish this goal by outsourcing your administrative work to their personal business management team.

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October Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:

Automotive Engineering Crashworthiness
Hello- I am an attorney in W. Massachusetts with a client whose late-model SUV was improperly (we believe) repaired following an accident……more

Wind Farming
My partner and myself know a small, special and viable existing old broken Romanian Wind farm that needs funds to be upgraded.…more

Oil Drilling
We are private equity firm analyzing opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector in Mexico. We need an expert in onshore and offshore drilling…..more

Ceramic Coatings
We are looking for a consultant to provide us with the technology transfer to the Glossy ceramic coating……more