More on slumping PC sales

PC sales are starting to slump according to some industry reports. What’s behind the PC industry’s downturn? We put this question to our Zintro experts.

Eugene Sherman, a computer consultant, says that the driving force behind current computing is mobility. “A smartphone or tablet is a small but powerful enough computer with the ability to use multiple connectivity options, browse the web, connect to email servers, and synchronize data with corporate exchange infrastructure for messaging. These and other communication options become more prevalent options for individuals as well as for the businesses,” he says. “The options for people to connect to corporate email services and use cloud based storage to share data and use video and audio communication makes laptops or desktop computers less convenient for the same price. In this sense, many people are making the logical decision to change their ways of computing in favor of lighter, more energy efficient, and simply less expensive device.”

Mathew Georghiou, an educational game designer, says that PCs are certainly on the decline due to the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones. “More and more Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices and this trend is expected to continue. Adding fuel to the fire is that many software applications and data are moving to the cloud, making it easier to access anywhere, any time, using any device,” he says. “The era of having our applications and data locked on a single box is going away. But, PCs are still winning when it comes to productivity. Mobile devices may be convenient, but they often prove too clumsy for high productivity work.”

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By Maureen Aylward 

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