Seeking Experts To Work On Food and Beverage Industry Consulting Projects

Juice and Beverage Industry

I am looking for experts in the juice and beverage industry in Europe (France, UK, Germany and Poland)for a 1h phone consultation.We would like to get a better understanding of the purchasing criteria, the differentiation made between A-Brand and Private Labels and the trends for the coming years.I look forward to your reply…..more 

Need to have some information about the suppliers of food and beverages, who can supply in shanghai with their capacity……more

Looking for experts in food and beverage advisory for commercial due diligence….more

I need a metal packing expert with experience in food and beverage canning and painting and chemical industries….more

I am an analyst, part of the Food and Beverage Ingredients domain of  India. Currently, I’m involved in a study on ‘Current supply risks in cocoa market’ and ‘Best practices followed by cocoa processors in cocoa procurement’. It would be of great help to me if you could let us know your view points for the below mentioned queries related to cocoa supply risks and best practices.

1. What are the current major supply risks faced by cocoa processors in cocoa producing countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia?

2. Through the secondary research, I came to know that the global cocoa market will face a supply deficit in long term till 2020. Can you please let me know your views on it?

3. What are the current best practices followed by cocoa processors to mitigate the risks in their cocoa procurement?

4. What are the sustainability measures/programs adopted by major cocoa processors in countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia?

5. What % of the total global cocoa bean production 4 million MT is sustainable? (or) covered under sustainability measures currently undertaken in cocoa producing countries?6. What is your view on the % change (increase/decrease) in sustainable cocoa in the next 5 years? And its impact on cocoa bean supply?…more


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