October Zintro Newsletter – 50,000 Experts, a Zintro Milestone

Zintro Newsletter

This month we are proud to announce that Zintro has surpassed the 50,000 Expert mark! Also, the Zintro Blog, focused on Business News written by Industry Experts, is showing substantial growth in readership. Through our Social Network Strategy we have received over 800+ likes on Facebook, over 1,200+ followers on Twitter, 1,400+ Members in our LinkedIn group and over 60,000 sign-ups in our mailing list, growing the number of oportunities available for all Zintro subscribers.

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Zintro CEO mentors Lean Startup Challenge teams

Zintro CEO mentors lean startup challenge teamsStuart Lewtan (Zintro’s founder & CEO) recently addressed several dozen entrepreneurs competing in the Lean Startup Challenge. Stuart’s talk covered methodologies for finding and winning early customers. Specifically, Stuart juxtaposed the differences between finding customers in businesses selling high average sale price (ASP) products like those sold at his first company (Lewtan Technologies) and low ASP products & services like those sold by Zintro. …more


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US housing market showing signs of improvement?

Facebook continues to see fall out from IPO: Part 1

The Samsung and Apple verdict

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Zintro allows me to showcase my talents – Ken Goldberg


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As you know, sourcing “high grade” inquiries for your consultancy or business is Zintro’s Priority #1. Increasing your billable time is our second priority. By working with MBO Partners you will be able to accomplish this goal by outsourcing your administrative work to their personal business management team.

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September Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:

Non-Performing Mortgages

I would like to connect with Asset Managers who handles Commercial Non-Performing Notes that are over $1M…..more

Aerospace Industry

Within a team of Russian management consultants we are looking for a professional expert support in the area of R&D process in aerospace industry.….more

Power Quality

Good Day! I’m studying Electrical Engineering in my University and as of now I am conducting my thesis about Power Quality (PQ) of the Power System of our University.…..more

Waste To Energy – Powerplants

Seeking investors for Waste to Power Plants to be installed in Brazil. First investment of US$ 5million for development (specially related to preparation of the company for waste public bids)….more