The Samsung and Apple verdict

What happens to both Apple and Samsung now that Apple has won the lawsuit that awarded it $1 billion? How does this affect the industry?

J.H. Tech, a technologist, says that this is the perfect example of the failure in both US patent system and jury system. “Fortunately, it is not over yet. The general feeling of people in Silicon Valley is that the verdict will be soon thrown out,” he says.

Steven Hoober, a mobile interaction designer, says that the mobile design community is largely US- and Apple-centric as the business and tech news world, so the immediate response on Twitter was that you can no longer copy any design and a new age of innovation is here. “Most of those saying this also derided other designs for hardware and software for not being sufficiently Apple-like,” Hoober points out. “And that might prove a perfectly good point about consumer perception. There is some good data that indicates half of US mobile visitors on Android, when they have the choice, choose a hardware keyboard.”

In Hoober’s experience with his clients he has found that businesses do care about real numbers. “Managers and executives happily design for what is popular, more than what they prefer or even what is easier to build. I expect to see the market as a whole provide users what they want,” he says.

“A design will come out with a resurgence of something that was already tried, and much of the market will shift that way. And, expect the same of content, apps, and websites for these devices. However, the industry must innovate. I expect to see the same pragmatism and fear of the new and unknown to outweigh fear of infringing on design or technical concepts from others,” says Hoober.

By Maureen Aylward

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