GOP Post-Convention Analysis

With the GOP Convention over, Zintro experts discuss some of the major issues that will affect the GOP campaign moving forward.

Craig Weeden, a hedge fund management expert and an American living overseas, says that from his perspective the election is going to be decided in Ohio, Florida, Texas, and the Northeast. “Obama carried Florida, Ohio, and the Northeast in 2008. With Mitt Romney being based in Massachusetts, this will bring a new dimension to this election than the last three to four elections where Republicans put forth candidates from the south. If Romney carries his own state and one or two of the other Northeast states that Obama won last time, then the pendulum will swing in his favor. This will allow him to only need one of the other swing states of Ohio and Florida to win the election,” says Weeden. The major hurdle for the GOP is the fact that Romney is a private equity firm owner, says Weeden. “Obama, the Clintons, and others will exploit this fact over and over again, especially to those voters in the swing states of Ohio and Florida. Romney will need to create a platform that will distance himself from the likes of Wall Street, the Bushes, and Blue Blood America,” he says. “Romney will carry the Bible Belt on conservative issues like gun control, abortion and other Republican traditional conservative values. If they do not create this distance of Romney and Bain Capital and Wall Street, America will crucify him on election night due to everything that has happened over the past four plus years since the financial crisis.”

Levi Moore, a public affairs and government relations expert, says that the key for the GOP will be getting its core followers out to the polls on the election day. “This election is coming down to a handful of swing states that will turn on a few counties. The demographics are trending Democratic, so even with robust SuperPAC fueled ad barrages, the GOP message may not work for the masses of the key states,” says Moore. “Romney has support problems with minorities and women. That’s most of the country right there. Ironically, even in the age of mass ads and social media, it will still come down to making sure the volunteers get the folks they normally count on to the polls and hope the Democrats do not. For the GOP, the way the demographics are trending, this may be the last presidential election that the message will work; its may need to be tweaked.”

By Maureen Aylward

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