Seeking Experts To Work On Aerospace Industry Consulting Projects

Aerospace Industry

Within a team of Russian management consultants we are looking for a professional expert support in the area of R&D process in aerospace industry. Desirable areas of expertise:R&D process in the following companies (aircraft manufacturing): Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, Saab, Cessna, Northrop Grumann.

1. Structure of the R&D (e.g. distribution of the R&D spending on new aircraft model development, assembly parts (avionics, jet engines, new materials and technologies, etc)

2. Main stages and organizational structure of the R&D process

3. External participants of the R&D projects (universities, other OEM manufacturers, suppliers, independent laboratories, etc.). Their role, types of research, and the process of cooperation

4. Involving suppliers in the R&D projects. Risk sharing in aircraft development projects. Share of the risk sharing in the total cost of aircraft model development….more


I am looking for persons with expert knowledge about gears used in aviation – fixed wing and rotary. I would like to speak with persons with detailed knowledge about the market globally, who have experience in procurement and engineering……more 

I am looking to connect with one or more Aicc Experts to evaluate of current approach to AICC, troubleshoot integration issues we are having with selected LMS’s and recommend changes to our current approach…..more

An International Consultant for the design, engineering, construction, operation and project management of international airports.

The International Consultant will present an experience of at least 15 years in the fields of project engineering and construction management (ending on the last date of the tender proposals submittal), during which he has managed engineering activities and supervised construction of at least one international airport (operational today) that serves at least 30,000 aircrafts traffic per year, complies to IATA and ICAO standards and has been opened in the last 10 years ending at the last date of the tender proposals submittal….more

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