Seeking Experts To Work On Electrical Engineering Consulting Projects

Electrical Engineering And Design

We are looking for a licensed California electrical engineer with design experience in process control, instrumentation controls, transmitters, power distribution (480v power distribution – low voltage).

We work on installations of industrial gas equipment which have electrical engineering elements…..more


Good Day! I’m studying Electrical Engineering in my University and as of now I am conducting my thesis about Power Quality (PQ) of the Power System of our University. As I am about to conduct my data gathering, I bump into a problem.I am planning to measure the PQ in the Panels of each building.The main feeders of most of the buildings in our university is three-wired, but my power quality analyzer equipment’s current clamp can only hold two wires at most. I am trying to measure Power Frequency, Voltage Unbalance, Voltage Fluctuations, and Flickers. I tried to compare data obtained by clamping two wires and data obtained by clamping one wire. By theory, since the wires are parallel the voltage would have been the same and any other data, like current, must have been just be multiplied by 2 since it has 2 wires…..more 

Need Certified Electrical Engineer in NM to access lighting protection of a large outdoor Salt Water Disposal Facility. Question, is the protection adequate and does it meet all state standards…..more

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