Seeking Experts To Work On Environmental Industry Consulting Projects

I am looking to connect with one or more Environmental Services & Equipment Experts to discuss the US e-waste industry. Looking specifically for someone who can talk about market trends and growth, recent and upcoming regulations, competitive position, and how commodity price changes have and will impact the industry…..more

Seeking investors for Waste to Power Plants to be installed in Brazil. First investment of US$ 5million for development (specially related to preparation of the company for waste public bids) and US$ 100million per power plant (500Ton/day). Very interesting rate of return. Investors will be invited to acquire equity in a Brazilian development company formed by PhDs with extended experience in waste management and environmental issues and an utilities former general counsel. EPC and other suppliers have already been identified and developed. Green and ethical investments are welcome….more

I am contacting you to get some information about Environmental Legal Requirement Identification applicable for offices. The construction company where I work for, is getting the ISO 14001 by the end of this year. As you may know, the Environmental Management Plan at office level is one of the requirement of this standard and I need to know the Provincial, Federal and municipal Legal requirements to elaborate this Plan meeting them.

The office Environmental Management Plan shall be only applicable for the Corporate office of the company. The location of this office is the 20th floor of one of downtown tower in Vancouver…..more

I’m a reporter looking for a scientist who can explain how upcycling supports environmental protection. I’d also like to know if upcycling old clothes is not as sustainable as upcycling leftover textiles….more

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