More opinions on London Olympics Security

With security tight in London for the Olympics, we wanted to get an idea of potential security issues that could come up during the games. Our Zintro experts responded.

Rahul Bhonsle, an expert in security risk assessment, says that one of the most significant security issues in London is likely to be that of insider threats particularly due to the delay in mustering private security personnel. “One has to ask how due diligence in selections been has been carried out. This is not clear and may result in recalcitrant elements entering the system. Another related challenge is preparing the security personnel for the assigned task including soldiers who are no doubt extremely competent in their sphere, but the Olympics security in an international environment is a unique task which requires some special screening,” Bhonsle explains. “Security technology will be the key driver to early warning and proactive action in London. The ability to sift through millions of tons of personnel data and extracting intelligence out of it to anticipate threats is hopefully the key focus. Most of the time I find that a focus on technology is post incident and I hope in London it has been garnered for preemptive advantage.”

Dave Hook, an expert in airport security, says that despite all the efforts made for human safety and asset protection, there are always two problems nipping at a security planner’s heels: unanticipated tactics and unintended consequences. “Like defining the state of an atom in quantum physics, the more you try to pin them down, the less likely you are to see where they are going,” he says. “And the more you try to see where they are going, the less certain you are as to where they are at any given time. The challenge is accepting the right level of perspective so that you have a good enough idea of where they are and a good enough idea of where they are headed. That is the challenge for the security planner, despite having even the most state-of-the-art security system in place.
The most dangerous state for security is not knowing what comes next.”

By Maureen Aylward

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