Opinions on London Olympics Security

With security tight in London for the Olympics, we wanted to get an idea of potential security issues that could come up during the games. Our Zintro experts responded.

John Nobrega, an expert in corporate security in London, says that apart from the transportation and logistical issues of getting the security officers and their equipment deployed during the Games, the main areas of concern for the security industry regarding the forthcoming Olympic are, first and most significantly, a terrorist attack. “Although there has been no information to suggest any specific attack is likely to take place, the terrorist threat level in the United Kingdom remains at ‘Substantial’ which means an attack is a strong possibility by either a terrorist group or an individual. It is essential that security personnel are trained in identifying and reporting hostile reconnaissance and reporting suspicious behavior,” Nobrega says.

“The threat of domestic extremism such as protests, mass infiltrations of properties or Olympic venues is significant and security staff should be checking to see which groups are planning any type of direct action linked to the Games, its sponsors or other external groups,” Norbrega explains. “Liaison with the security and law enforcement community is essential. Information sharing mechanisms such as Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications has filled a vital link between businesses and the Police. Social networks also play a big part in today’s technological driven world and some of the most up to date information is available on platforms such as twitter and Facebook way before the main news channels.”

Jeff Bardin, an expert in cyber security, says that London security technology is some of the most extensive in the world. “London for years has used video cameras to monitor streets. This has been expanded significantly to cover new areas of potential interest. These cameras run across IP networks. Any disruption in power in London, which will be using enormous amounts of power relative to the new sites, attendees, participants, additional security, could lead to outages in video and other security apparatus,” Bardin points out. “An attack on the power grid, key points within the power grid, or key targets for certain areas could lead to outages that could cause localized ‘blindness’ for authorities. Diverse and redundant routes for power need to be in place to ensure continuity of the video operations. Surveillance should be continuous around physical power access points, power grids and transfer stations.”

By Maureen Aylward

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