Seeking experts to work on Pharmaceutical Industry Consulting Projects

Seeking Pharmaceutical Tablet Packaging Consultant 

Our company is looking for a consultant that can set up a pharmaceutical bottling packaging operation for our nonprescription products.We are looking for a consultant that can select the right equipment, work flow and design the foot print accordingly for our OTC bottled products which are also placed  panel cartons. We want an automated cartoner that can carton each bottle that is filled and sealed with tablets….more

Pharmaceutical Business Development 

I am looking for an expert for process development in Active pharmaceutical and its intermediate manufacturing….more

Pharmaceutical industry 

Learning and Development – governance model for stakeholders – organization for L&D for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company – Top suppliers that a pharmaceutical company engages with – categories of learning in a pharmaceutical company.I am in need of the expertise of a person who has been working with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical….more


Pharmaceutical Paper Box/Packaging in USA. We have a client who produces these type of boxes packaging overseas and is looking at getting into the USA market. Wants to see if feasible… Can you help?Thank you, Ray…more

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