Talkers, Thinkers or Doers??

Guest post by Zintro Expert Ek-Heng-Ng 

Beyond the qualifications and certifications,Do you make the cut as a talker, thinker or doer?

It is accepted that success at work is predicated partly on a person acquiring qualifications and certifications. So, in today’s context, it is a case of the more, the merrier  – qualifications and certifications, that is.

True enough, some jobs like those in medical field can turn deadly if a practitioner lacks the required knowledge and skill sets. And given the increasing sophistication with some jobs, there is a case for employees in some vocations to demonstrate they have a level of competence in order to do a job well – examples being accounting or engineering careers.

To be sure, at the heart of any successful organization is its cohort of employees. Bereft of their qualifications and certifications, however, employees can simply be grouped into three distinct personality types.  The need for employees with these basic attributes may possibly be taken for granted and buried under ever growing list of demands from employers.

Not giving due emphasis to these basic personality types in their assessment may lead to companies fitting square pegs in round holes.  So what are the intrinsic attributes employees should have to succeed in their careers?  Put simply, do you make a cut as a talker, thinker or doer?


In just about any successful organization, you will find such a personality. He is that very hardworking person who likes nothing better than to accomplish whatever task he is given. To him, each task is a challenge and he finds satisfaction in completing each assignment to the best of his ability. Because he takes his work seriously and assiduously applies himself to the task, he has a good track record of success. But the fact that he works quietly, uncomplaining, often putting in long hours, means that his hard work and efforts are not given due recognition. Office politics is anathema to him.


Within the same organization, he has a colleague, dubbed by many as the “talker”. Not a day passes by without him telling everyone he meets of the great opportunities ahead and the objectives he has set himself. He never misses an opportunity to tell everyone in sight about his goals for the day, the week or even the month ahead. Whenever anything favourable and worth noticing happens in the office, he finds an excuse to talk about it, hinting ever so gently that he has had a hand in it, no matter how remote the link is. Not only does he impress his supervisors and bosses, even his customers are impressed, for quite some time, at least.


Then, there is this third person in an organization. He is one who is not short of ideas and is seen often to exercises due diligence at work. This person has the ability to think out-of-the-box and is no stranger to thinking strategically. As a result, he tends to weigh the pros and cons carefully before giving his opinion and is well considered by many at the workplace. His ability to paint the big picture may sometimes be construed as a dampener when a gung-ho mentality prevails in an organization.

Metaphorically speaking

The doer behind the scene may well be the roots of a tree, quietly fulfilling a critical role under the radar. He is one who readily puts his shoulders to the grindstone and plods on regardless of circumstances. While at the frontline, a talker is the face of the organization, building on relationships with clients and prospects. He is synonymous with the branches and leaves that are often characteristics from which trees are identified. The trunk that links the roots and branches to make a tree complete is represented by the thinker. It is his ability to have a helicopter view and strategic thinking which can make an organization outstanding, the way some trees are able to rise above others for sunlight.

Essentially, organizations need these three kinds of personalities for back room and front office operations. There is a place career-wise for a person with any of the three personality types. But you are destined for higher calling, if you have the natural ability or the determination to acquire the skill sets associated with two or more of these personality types. Their complementary nature is encapsulated in a saying that ‘thinking and talking are incomplete without doing”.

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