The Hunger Games popularity

The Hunger Games was number one at thebox office in the US for several weeks straight. Turning books into successful movie franchises is nothing new, but we thought we’d ask our Zintro experts what they think is behind the trends and what makes The Hunger Games popular.

Alessandro DeSimone, a new media marketing expert, points out that the huge movie successes of the Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings were very important for the studio executives to reach a new moviegoer audience. “Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight introduced the season of vampires, and they are now incredibly popular on TV (The Vampire Diaries, True Blood), and that includes products for teens and adults,” says DeSimone. “On the other hand, there is Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass and the only segment of Lemony Snickett, which were a severe disappointment for New Line and Paramount. However, The Hunger Games has the strength to mix three different ways to entertain young audience: good teen literature, a real viewing vision structure, and talented rising stars. These three elements are perfectly integrated with very good and experienced actors, a classical sci-fi action adventure, and a great director who contributes a coherent cinematic structure to the whole operation.”

Brian Lukasavitz, a lawyer and educator, says that films made from best sellers have always been popular, but there is definitely a current trend in the film industry to lock in book series, as evidenced by The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight.

Lukasavitz says that successful book series have a built in audience that will easily translate into the larger movie-going audience. “And for audiences, multiple films based on characters, story-lines, and settings that are familiar are popular because the interest is already there. Audiences have already invested into the story and the main characters,” he says.

For the film industry, there is the financial motivation to find a sure-thing and to easily duplicate the success in the form of sequels or series, says Lukasavitz. “What makes The Hunger Games and other books series popular is that these are aimed at a cross-section of young-adult/adult audience with mature themes, situations and adventure. The youth market has the most expendable income for entertainment. By choosing to target films to a younger audience with adult themes, producers and film studios reach the largest possible audience pool while ensuring potential sequels,” he says.

By Maureen Aylward

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