“It’s a win-win for all parties, thanks to Zintro”, Rick Backus

Rick Backus, a business technology consultant has over 25 years of consulting, IT and office equipment industry experience.  Formerly Rick had an 8 year partnership with MMI Consulting, Norfolk, VA where he provided complete solutions and advised on optimal network support practices. His specializations include implementation, management, and support of network infrastructure, application, web, data, document and process automation solutions.

Recently Rick received a Zintro inquiry from a software company in the western US who had a website security access issue. Although another (non-Zintro) consultant had previously helped to resolved the problem, that consultant had not properly documented the solution. Unfortunately for the client, the problem arose again. Rick, with vast knowledge in this area was able to quickly resolve the issue and provide the client with adequate documentation (including screen-shots) on how he reconfigured their web server to permanently eliminate the problem. “It was a win-win for all parties thanks to Zintro . Zintro provides exposure for my consulting practice to a global client-base I otherwise would not be able to reach.”says Rick Backus.

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