Facebook and Instagram merge

We asked our Zintro experts to help us understand why Facebook purchased Instagram and to outline the benefits and challenges ahead.

Dave McGary, an internet marketing and social media expert, says that Facebook bought Instagram for many reasons, but the main two factors are that Pinterest is the fastest growing social media website out there and Instagram’s subscriber list. “Pinterest is a competitor because people prefer to click images and photos over reading text. And with 30 million subscribers to Instagram, Facebook users can use the app and software to integrate into FB,” McGary says. “Also, Instagram has new creative talent that can help with Facebook-only apps and to develop FB search.”

Anson Alexander, an IT administrator and blogger, says that in a world where mobile devices are quickly taking over, Facebook has been lacking in mobile technology. “Instagram provides an already established application that Facebook can combine with its user base of close to 1 billion people. Facebook also wants everyone to use its system, and the social media giant may see Instagram as an increasingly popular competitor to its own mobile service,” explains Alexander.

Alexander says that Instagram provides users additional features in photo editing when uploading photos that the native Facebook mobile photo uploader does not. “The Instagram purchase will provide more functionality, improve the quality of the Facebook mobile development team, and reduce competition for photo sharing on mobile devices,” he says.

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