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Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to  Petroleum industry. A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail about the projects and/or to reply directly to the Client.






Oil And Gas 

We are Legal and Official Representative of the Buyer, 
This letter will confirm that we are willing to commence procedures to purchase the petroleum commodities produced,
Hereby declare that we are ready, willing and able under the act of perjury to purchase the following commodity as specified below and certify that we have Available Full Funding for the purchase subject to the following terms…more


Downhole Oil And Gas Heavy Oil 

Looking for someone familiar with the heavy oil operations, conditions, equipment and the technical needs for exploration/production. Our company produces high temperature wire and cable for signal transfer and power transfer…more


Oilfield Chemicals 

Surfactants used in oilfield applications. I am interested in identifying and leaning about various aspects of oil field industry particularly the use of surfactants in oilfield applications. What kinds of surfactants are used in various oilfield operations like foaming, emulsifying, demulsifying, defoaming,corrosion inhibiting etc. What are some test procedures to qualify the surfactants and compare their performance…more 


Shale Gas Study – joint Venture 

We are renowned Engineers and Contractors, duly Registered with various Oil and Gas Companies in Pakistan.

Currently, we have a tender as follows:

Invitation of technical and financial bids Business Model study for the Exploitation of Shale Gas in Pakistan…more


Upstream Oil And Gas 

I am engaged in confidential search for thought leader in Oil & Gas Business Intelligence. Someone who can lead at the Director level a large management consulting practice to the O&G industry focused on Business Intelligence. Can you recommend someone? …more


Oil Field Chemicals 

I am looking for some help in identifying and developing surfactants used in oil field applications as surfactant flooding, corrosion inhibition, emulsifiers, denmulsifiersfoamersdefoamers etc. I am not that much interested in Enhanced oil recovery. Ideally I am looking for an expert in surfactant chemistery and applications who has done hands on work in Oil field applications for surfactants…more


Oil & Gas Landman 

Looking an expert to help. We have a start up company that contacts property owners and provide information on oil and gas leases and helps to negotiate with oil and gas company’s on behalf of property owners…more


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