Seeking Experts to Work on Alternative Energy Industry Consulting Projects

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Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to the Alternative Energy Industry.  A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail and/or to reply directly to the Client.




Green Buildings

We are a 550 unit condo in Miami build in the 1970 look for consultant to develop a total plan to increase efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. Currently we use Oil Gas and electric power.
Looking for alternative solutions including change of windows, solar, thermal changes to Gas from oil …more


Wind Farms 

A business associate is currently producing a 4 episode series for NBC to air on The Weather Channel focused on the wind industry and specifically about the men and women that service and construct wind turbines. He would like to have access to offshore wind turbines in the UK, Japan, So/Central America, Australia, the US (where we can have access) as well as permission to film the technicians as they work on them. Also, onshore wind farms, in the US, that are in operation or/and in the midst of construction…more


Solar Energy 

Have a simple but interesting project that I need help on. I am making a bus/RV that should be self sufficient on solar power. I will have 12 – 14 Solar panels mounted on top of the Bus, 18 X Trojan T105s to start with, a 200 amp sophisticated DC charging (butane) system with 300 watt Modified Sine Inverter. I need advise on how to hook everything up and properly monitor it. All of above is already purchased…more


Solar Energy 

I am an online event manager at web2present where we specialize in the production of renewable energy webinars. I am currently organizing a whole series of solar webinar for the upcoming month and I am looking for potential speakers/sponsors who would like to participate in order to generate leads for their company…more


Energy Efficiency In Industrial Processes 

I need some details about Tinker´s method for the synthesis network…more


Access to wind farms 

Working on a documentary project and am looking for access to onshore and offshore wind farms in the US, Europe, Asia and Canada…more


Solar Farm

I need a project manager for a 30MW solar farm that has backgroud in RET…more


Thin-film Solar Technology 

I am writer for EcoSeed – a partner association with Zintro, and an internationally leading destination for news and commentary pertaining to renewable energy, the environment and the global economy. 

I am working on an article on C.I.G.S. thin film technology and am looking for your expert opinion on the questions below. Your response may be used in an article that I will write and post on the EcoSeed site. If it is used, you will be named in the article and a link to your expert profile on Zintro will be included. Your contribution is voluntary (there is no payment involved). This will provide you with a great marketing opportunity to get your name and expert opinion published…more


Solar (PV) Design 

Maybe some work would be done at premises, but most work would involve regular electronic meetings via Skype or other means. We seek an expert in full design details, for shadowing effects, cad layout, system configurations, etc. to support other experts we have. Needs to be an experienced engineer, good writing skills, understands details in design, and can run models. Project is not in the Us, so must have access to worldwide solar data. Seek predominantly an expert overseas, say in India, Pakistan, or Indonesia. This does not preclude US, EU, and Canada, for example. Project work would be for approximately 3 month period, part time. Really need highly skilled expert. PV size on order of 100 MW DC. Must be experienced design engineer, preferably a registered professional engineer or its equivalent, with certifications. Again, not necessarily required, but desired…more



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