Richard Seale – “It was rewarding to know that my expertise was useful to someone”

Richard Seale is an expert in machinery design and a consultant, inventor, and entrepreneur.  He has extensive experience in photo bio-reactor design and testing, energetic materials development, especially the formulation and vacuum casting. So it was no surprise that he responded to an inquiry looking for experts on the vacuum pump market.

“It was for a phone consultation, and the potential client was trying to understand the vacuum pump environment, perhaps with related blowers and compressors,” says Seale. “The client was seeking to identify the key manufacturers and any trends or forces within various companies or competitive pressures and regulatory hurdles that could be reasons for these companies to want or need to sell.”

Seale responded with a proposal that was accepted. “It was rewarding to know that my expertise was useful to someone,” he says. “I will continue to follow several other solicitations that I have received through Zintro.”

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