Dinesh Seksaria – “I was able to meet her need for information…”

As a consultant to vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers, Dinesh Seksaria brings more than 40 years experience in sub-systems for automotive, military, and industrial vehicle markets. He is an expert in load carrying part system development, testing and failure analysis, and material selection and application. It’s this expertise that connected him to a successful client consultation recently through the Zintro system.

The inquiry was from a market researcher who was looking for information on behalf of her client, a raw material supplier in the process of developing new bonding technologies for the design and manufacturing of vehicles and trucks. The inquiry was very specific about the expertise needed, so specific that it fit Sekaria’s experience perfectly.

“The client wanted to learn about the use of adhesives in the design of vehicle structures, particularly automotive structures. With my experience, I was able to help her understand where and how adhesives are currently used in specific structures and what limits their use. I helped her to understand the current status of adhesive uses and my belief on the limits of current technology as well as economic, legal, and organizational constraints,” explains Seksaria. “I was able to meet her need for information not only for automotive structures but also for commercial, industrial, and farm vehicle structures. By reaching out and using the Zintro platform, and thereby consulting with me, she seems well positioned to address the needs of her client.”

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