Seth Cohen — “ The response rate is excellent. Most responses arrive within a day…”

Seth Cohen is the founder and managing partner of Eleven Canterbury, a firm that provides a collaborative platform for senior financial services executives who wish to leverage their experience to benefit financial institutions and innovative technology companies. Cohen uses the Zintro platform to seek out experienced senior financial services executives. “Our typical profile of an advisor is a retired, well-networked, industry-respected C-level executive who has been the sponsor or decision maker on multiple institutional technology purchases,” says Cohen.

Cohen uses Zintro in a few different ways: to seek out on-demand input from experts when considering business strategy questions and in the recruitment of experts who are interested in consulting opportunities. “We recruit people on Zintro to supplement our current consultants’ collective expertise,” says Cohen. “The response rate is excellent. Most responses arrive within a day, but relevant responses can continue to come in for weeks. And the conversations I have with people are informative and professional.”

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