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Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to Plastics & Polymers.  A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail and/or to reply directly to the Client.



Plastic Sheeting 

We are looking for a plastic sheeting that is resistant to sunlight, which has the ability to stand up to a sustained wind in what amounts to a flag configuration, and which ideally has minimal weight- 1/4-1mil. This plastic will be expected to last in an exterior application for up to 10 years with temperatures ranging from 120 degrees F. to -40 degrees F. Production quantities anticipated to exceed 30 million sq. ft./ month within 6 months…….more



I am looking for tech support and consulting for a invention prototype, described as follows; A 10ft.x10ft. panel of plastic or nylon mesh with reinforcement tubes or = ,,around perimeter to allow for panel to return to original flat square, after being stored in a approx. 2ft.x2ft.x4ft. mesh bag. performance as follows: Slowly sink in water. A person, by holding 4 corners with rings or handles could toss into water and expect panel to unfold in flight, or complete unfolding process in water while slowly sinking. Some diagonal strength is necessary to assure square shape integrity. Wt.should be at minimum, but still allow for sinking. Tangle free is important. Please advise! Mike……more


Toilet Flush Control Device Manufacturing 

I want to produce the device described in U.S. patent # 7992232. I seek an engineer to get me started with a plastics manufacturer……more


QSR Packaging

We are an international market research and consulting firm and are currently conducting a project on the market for flexible plastic packaging for dairy products, beverages and other products. We are particularly interested in bulk bag-in-box and pouch packaging as it is used in QSRs. One driver of the use of these products is diary based smoothie or milkshake drinks at QSRs and we’d like to potentially explore this avenue.

For 10-15 minutes of your time, we are offering an honorarium of $50 (negotiable) to thank you for speaking with us. If you are interested in participating in our study, please contact me to schedule a time for us to talk this week.

If you are not the appropriate contact at your organization for this information, any referral to the correct person would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon……more


LDPE Product 

I am looking to make a large size dustpan. We are concerned that the dustpan edge when manufactured will lose the straight edge. The edge will be approximately 15 to 20 inches long. LDPE seems to be a more durable plastic. PP on the other hand seems to keep a straighter edge……more


Plastic Recycling 

I am part of a group that is looking to set-up a recycling and Manufacturing plant here in Zambia. We have identified a lucrative market with ample raw material to succeed in the business. There are only two major recycling plants in Zambia with both focusing on paper and plastic respectively. We would like to begin with recycling of plastic and sale of the end product and then move on to Manufacturing of plastic products. We envision ourselves later moving into other areas of recycling and eventually dominate the market in Zambia. One drawback is that the members of the group are not sufficiently versed in the running and set up of a recycling plant but we are well versed in the accounting and legal field……more


Recycling Start Up 

Hi,Las Vegas, NV is terribly behind the times in the way of readily available recycling bins in general public areas, and they have absolutely no recycling for plastic wrap of any kind. How would I go about starting plastic wrap recycling in Las Vegas, NV? I’ll work on convincing businesses to offer recycling bins for their customers after the plastic wrap is finished.

Thank you,Cassie Sherman……more



I have an idea for a new type of application for paint. I need a polymer expert to tell me if my idea is feasible. The problem is if it is able to be done it would then require a patent. Is there anyone who can advise me? I need an answer to continue……more


Polymer compounding 

Polymer compounding and modification, specifically TPE, TPO and nano composites……more



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