Seeking Experts to work on Healthcare Industry Consulting Projects

Zintro is a business network that makes it easy for Clients (expert-seekers) to connect with Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). Some of the uses include:

·         for market research

·         to get challenging business or technical questions answered

·         to potentially hire them for consulting projects

·         to potentially hire them for full-time employment

·         to potentially buy products or services from them


Zintro has almost 40,000 experts (browse) across every single industry sector. These experts have opted-in to receive system-matched inquiries from our almost 10,000 clients. Over 1,000 inquiries come in every month.


Zintro currently has open Healthcare Industry consulting projects.  Click on the links below to see more detail about the projects and/or to reply directly to the Client.





Continuing Medical Education (CME) Marketing 

Looking for a consultant to help with marketing live and online CME for a state medical society…more


Certified Medical Assistant

I would like to consult with a practicing CMA who can speak to the standard of care in communicating positive tests results to the ordering physician…more



I need an expert in skeletal injury on a child. There are allegations of abuse…more


Dental Insurance 

Please explain how an oral surgeon has to file for more than one quadrant alveoplastymore


Destruction of Meds

Destruction of meds at an assisted living center in Texas…more



We are a medical software startup. Our software in practice would send patient diagnostic data over the web to be interpreted by a program running on our web server and then sent back to the physician. No identifiable patient data is stored and everything would be sent over SSL-128…more


Municipal Insurance

Seeking an insurance and risk management consultant to launch a unique first nations municipal insurance program…more


Leiomyosarcoma (LMS)

Leiomyosarcoma with pulmonary mets need referral to an expert for second opinion…more


Sales Force Effectiveness Pharmaceutical

I am looking for expertise in sales force effectiveness with specific focus on current trends, new technologies, governmental regulations on pharmaceutical industry and its impact on sales force effectiveness…more



Would like to set an appointment to speak with someone to see if my husband should keep my insurance as a supplementary to medicaremore


Medicare Value Based Purchasing For Hospitals

Our professional services company caters to hospitals.  Hospitals should have financial incentive to hire our company because we help them raise their HCAHPS scores, which in turn, will help the hospital receive full financial reimbursements through the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)…more




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