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Zintro is a business network that makes it easy for Clients (expert-seekers) to connect with Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements).

Some of the uses include:

     For market research

     To get challenging business or technical questions answered

     To potentially hire them for consulting projects

     To potentially hire them for full-time employment

     To potentially buy products or services from them

Zintro has almost 40,000 experts (browse) across every single industry sector. These experts have opted-in to receive system-matched inquiries from our almost 10,000 clients. Over 1,000 inquiries come in every month.

Zintro currently has a number of open Ecommerce projects.  Click on the links below to see more detail about the projects and/or to reply directly to the Client.





Online Retailing            

I am seeking a business partner, is to establish and develop a successful online retail business. In order for me to move forward, I need help with designing a first class website, SEO, marketing, branding my line, designs, & skills, sales forecasting, etc, I believe my ability’s to design other products to compliment what I already have like creating my designs into leather, adding accessories, will be a great success. I want to utilize existing workrooms and or local manufactures to produce my products that already have equipment for production to keep business in the US …… more


Ecommerce For Retailers  

How to implement digital delivery for remote support service …… more


Online Retailing 

Would like help with due diligence for an online ecommerce purchase …… more


Seeking reputed brands for Indian market for commerce 

We are looking for reputed brand manufacturers/ distributors for consumer goods, consumer durables, lifestyle products, apparels, fashion-wear, home decor & furnishings, etc for ecommerce sales on all major websites in India – high volumes. This includes stock lots, fulfillment and regular supply business models …… more


Ecommerce Optimization 

Looking for expert advice on finding out UVP and testing to optimize for our commerce site …… more


Auto Dealership Online Marketing 

We are interested in understanding the key principles behind auto dealership Internet lead generation and marketing. We are an advanced Internet marketing company focused on local marketing. Look for consultant to help us understand the local auto dealership market, buying options that exist today and identify new unmet opportunities …… more


Online Gaming Business 

We are looking for seasoned professionals who have built impressive online gaming business where you play in groups war-like games. We seek both executives and industry analysts with deep insights to serve as part of an advisory board …… more


Online Casino System  

I am the inventor of a patented responsible gaming system. Currently, I am looking to work with jurisdictions in the US and Canada, where I have patents until 2021, to license the intellectual property for use in their new online gambling offerings. What I think I need is a non-affiliated expert that can support the system and from experience in online gambling technology, advocate that the system be incorporated and integrated into the developing service offerings. i would also like to discuss the latest in online gambling technology currently being deployed. Please respond as soon as possible, as a meeting is scheduled with a high potential organization within the next 10 days ……more



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