Zintro Success Story: Mike Brunett – “Zintro provides a platform that allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a strategic moment of reflection”

By Maureen Aylward

As a new feature of our blog, we will periodically highlight a Zintro user (expert or client) success story. We hope that by hearing another Zintro user’s story you will be inspired to come up with new and creative ways to optimize your use of Zintro.

This story features Zintro expert Mike Brunett, a supply chain expert in the materials and plastics industry, and founder of the consulting firm, Manufacturing Solutions 411. Mike discovered Zintro on LinkedIn and decided to give it a try by posting his profile on the platform. He liked the concept because it had the potential to be an additional marketing channel for his firm and because the objective of Zintro was to help set up introductory phone calls – which is the way that Mike likes to work. “Ultimately, it is all about listening to the client and servant leadership,” he says. “The Zintro platform allows for me to gradually build a relationship first by exchanging messages on the Zintro platform and then by having a conversation on the phone. I am a listener and that is how I best serve my clients.”

It wasn’t long before Mike received an interesting inquiry from the owner of a cosmetics company. The owner was considering a couple of different container concepts and wanted an expert’s opinion to help her make a decision. With Brunett’s background in supply chain accountability and product life cycle (e.g. distribution, packaging, getting products into a container), he knew the inquiry was a good match to his expertise. Mike promptly responded to the inquiry with a brief online proposal over the Zintro platform.

The business owner selected Brunett from multiple expert responses, and the two of them scheduled a call to discuss her needs. “The owner had very innovative ideas about what she wanted for containers. The first time she described the containers, I thought to myself, ‘I have no idea how to help her.’ I did not have the blueprints in front of me to help conceptualize what she was describing,” Brunett says. “I was honest with her and explained that I did not think I was the right person to help her because she wanted a container that I did not have experience with. I told her that we could end the call and she would not have to pay me.”

But, Brunett asked her to describe her vision and requirements one more time. “The second time around we were able to land on a description that I understood. It was very unique. And, it ended up being a valuable and rewarding consult because I really helped her to see issues she had not thought through. It gave her knowledge that she could use to her advantage with her discussions with the manufacturers,” he says.

For example, the client is producing a high-end cosmetic product, and Brunett raised the risk of packaging failure as a key consideration point for selecting between the container options. “I was concerned with one of the container designs because it had the potential for failure. In cosmetics, one packaging failure can ruin a great product. If the packaging failed, and the product leaked inside women’s purses, that would be catastrophic to the company and the image of the product,” says Brunett. “People would remember the failure and not the great product. The client had not considered that and was grateful for me bringing it up. It had relevance.”

The consult lasted about an hour. “I helped her look at options, review the material types, and analyze the information she received from potential manufacturers regarding process and cost.” The consult was valuable to Mike in many ways (in addition to earning a fee and potentially a long-term client). “It is so important to stay involved in your industry and share insights with others who are just coming into the field,” says Brunett. “Entrepreneurs need experienced help, especially if they do not have experience in supply chain management. The client had been to India to visit potential manufacturers, and she must have felt like she was drinking from a fire hose given all the information she received. When we talked, I was able to answer many of her questions, tell her about the process, and told her honestly what I thought about the information in order to help her.”

By the end of the consult, Brunett says, the client had decided to move forward with one of the designs. “I could tell that I had turned on a light regarding a potential packaging failure. It was the shift in her decision point that she had not previously considered,” he says. “Zintro provides a platform that allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a strategic moment of reflection. The entrepreneur can access experts who can help them think through, digest, and reflect where they are and what they need to do next. No one is saying to slow down, but sometimes you really need an authentic consult.”

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