Apple and Steve Jobs

By Maureen Aylward

Steve Jobs is resigning from Apple. We asked our Zintro experts to comment on what affect this shift will have on the company.

Schazin, former senior director of sales and marketing at Apple in the 1990s, says that Steve Jobs changed the way people relate to technology. “Before Jobs, computers were relegated to the white-coated high priests of the raised-floor, air conditioned labs where mere mortals never dared tread. Steve changed all that, giving us first the ‘Computer for the Rest of Us’ and then eventually changing the way everyone consumes music, movies, magazines and even the Internet,” he says. “Jobs will long be equated with the small letter i – at once meaning Internet, innovation, inspiration, and most importantly, individual. He leaves a legacy as this generation’s Thomas Edison: the proud inventor who sparked both technological and cultural revolutions.”

Galvin Scott Davis, a multimedia specialist, says that as an Apple aficionado and creative business owner, his life has been shaped by Apple since his first days in desktop publishing. “When I sit back and look at my digital life both in business and socially, the impact the brand has had is immeasurable,” he says. “My business creates design and development for mobile, web, print, interactive, and brand. Every project we build uses Apple products. Our film work uses Apple products and my social life uses Apple products.”

Davis says that without the influence of Steve Jobs, he would not have had access to the creative career which he has built. “Jobs’ resignation from Apple will most likely not influence the finance of my business or my suppliers, but it will affect the very DNA with which we approach our work,” he says.

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