Experts list top B2B market research approaches

By Maureen Aylward

We asked our Zintro experts to identify their top approaches that make their lists for the most current and useful B2B market research in their sector of expertise. Here’s what they said.

Al Lefcourt, a chief creative officer, says that there are a number of things one should know when it’s time to get started on marketing materials. “One is determining where your customers reside, not geographically, but what websites they frequent and what media they watch or read. You must understand the steps in your customers’ buying process so you know how to lead them toward a purchase decision and, perhaps most importantly, when to ask for the business,” he says. “You should know the key differentiators against your competition and theirs against you. Lastly, be familiar with your competitors’ marketing materials so you know that your positioning statement is unique and your creative approach is fresh and engaging.”

Paula McCarty, a professional services marketing expert, says that her top B2B market research information sources within the telecom business are Google, Light Reading, IDC, Gartner, and Current Analysis.

ResearchPro, a market research consultant, says that he has been providing feedback to several large corporations by conducting detailed phone interviews (30-45 minutes) with the top executives of major accounts. “Our clients contact them personally in advance to request their participation. These are people who would otherwise never respond to a traditional phone, Internet, or mailed customer satisfaction survey. We treat them with kid gloves, and they share a wealth of information in return. We summarize the collective results and recommend ways our clients can get the most out of their top customers,” he says.

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