Experts outline trends in media and marketing

By Maureen Aylward

We are always curious to learn what our experts think are the latest trends in different markets. Today, we look at trends in media and marketing. Here’s what our Zintro experts have to say.

Rebecca Fitts, a marketing and PR consultant and adjunct professor of marketing, says that social media continues to be a dominate trend in media and marketing. Fitts says that marketers are asking clients specific questions to help them clarify the right social media tools, such as:

  • Is it Facebook the right tool or are we just interested in it because everybody else is?
  • What is the value of a Facebook Like to us?
  • How often should we tweet?
  • What should we tweet?
  • How do we deal with angry tweets and Facebook comments?
  • Should we focus on SEO?
  • How do I engage customers?
  • What is the value exchange between my customer and our company?

Fitts sees Facebook advertising as being a major trend: “Facebook advertising is cool, inexpensive and targeted. Marketers are just beginning to understand and harness this power,” she says. Fitts works primarily within the fashion industry and says companies that are doing a great job of harnessing the power of Facebook include, Lane Bryant, and Publisher’s Clearing House. “These companies have made the transition from direct mail to direct e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and even mobile,” says Fitts says.

Karyn Elliot, a marketing consultant, thinks that Google Plus is the major trend in social networking right now. “Google Plus is like Facebook. The interface looks almost identical with the same three column homepage like Facebook. But the differences start to kick in immediately when you make friends;” explains Elliot. Instead of treating all of friends as equals, Google Plus lets the user put friends into different groups called circles, such as friends, acquaintances, family, sports fans, and so on. These circles represent a powerful innovation says Elliot.

Quick Response codes (QR codes) and other two-dimensional codes are expected to achieve widespread use this year says Elliot. “When you scan or read a QR code with an iPhone, Android, or other camera-enabled Smartphone, the user can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to a web browser,” she says.

Shel Horowitz, author and marketing expert, thinks that one of the most powerful trends in marketing is creating target market partnerships. “The biggest thing in marketing these days is the ability to easily form alliances with companies and people who already reach your target market,” he says. “As an example, I formed partnerships for the launch of my eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green. I estimate that the launch, in relationship with my partners, reached five million people three weeks after publication.”

By Maureen Aylward

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