Geomatics and geospatial technology rolls with the changes

By Maureen Aylward

If it’s true what they say about technology exponentially changing every two years, then the geomatics and geospatial technology may be in the running for some major changes. We asked our Zintro experts to discuss what ahead for this innovative industry.

Dr. Helmi Al Jamal, a subsea engineer and analyst, says that the majority of new oil and gas potential explorations are directed towards deeper waters in the global oceans. “Challenging locations require specific measuring and surveying tools to locate oil and gas reservoirs, which involves advancements in geo-sciences,” he says. “The dependency on geomatics and geospatial sciences will be exceptional in the coming few years because the need for energy is exponentially escalating, which reflects the same escalation trend of all technologies in relation to energy.”

Dr. Al Jamal says that although deepwater field development operations became highly restricted after the BP oil spill in April 2010, major oil/gas production companies have put advanced development programs into place and allocated funding to explore oil into even deeper waters. This potential interest requires an expedited advancement in geo-sciences to allocate potential oil spots, no matter how deep these spots are.

Satya, a chief technology officer, says that the applicability of geospatial technology is vast and it is a horizontal one that supports all verticals. It looks as if the geospatial technology can be adapted based on other changes ongoing in different sectors of technology. “For example, the banking industry is one of the largest domains to use geospatial technology for ATM and branch locations,” says Satya. “When banking moved to mobile, the current hot technology, features like the ATM and branch locator also moved mobile.”

By Maureen Aylward

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