Consultant Directory Meets Crowdsourcing Tool Meets Business Network: Passes 7,000 Expert/700 Client Milestone, a business network connecting professionals with subject matter experts, specialists and consultants, recently added its 7,000th expert and 700th client.

Waltham, MA, March 22, 2010 — When founder and CEO Stuart Lewtan launched he did so with the intention of modernizing the concept of a consultant directory. “Consultant Directories still use the antiquated approach of the Yellow Pages,” said Lewtan. “Zintro employs a contemporary Web 2.0 approach to solving the following two problems. 1. Consultants want to cost-effectively source new clients. 2. Clients want to quickly find consultants (whether for a half hour phone consult or a multi-week engagement) based on their areas of expertise, contact them, qualify them, and engage them without having to sort through a lot of profiles, send a lot of e-mails or make a lot of calls.”

Zintro works as follows. A client fills out a single brief inquiry form, which is automatically forwarded to multiple experts with closely matching profiles. This is where the “crowdsourcing” comes into play. Experts receiving the inquiry often times are close matches, but not perfect matches. However, they may very well sit next to the person who is a perfect match. Zintro makes it easy for experts to refer inquires to others (without revealing identities) via e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Experts who are qualified, interested, and available respond via Zintro. Client & expert can qualify each other (anonymously) by exchanging messages called zNotes. In the spirit of online social business networking, does not require a paid membership, upfront fee or obligation on the part of the client or expert. If the two parties decide to work together, only then, is the client charged for the expert’s time with adding on a very modest fee. added its seven thousandth expert and seven hundredth client in March. Experts are from numerous industries, countries, and professions including independent consultants, physicians, engineers, scientists, managers, and business owners, among others. Clients include investors, consultants, operating managers, analysts, lawyers, journalists, engineers, and business development executives, among others.

Please visit to browse its expert directory or to sign up as a client or expert. Zintro does not reveal the identity of clients or experts to users or sell that information. Zintro also provides a money back guarantee.