Zintro’s Expert Service Connects Investors and Others with Alternative and Renewable Energy Experts and Consultants

Zintro’s  Expert Service Connects Investors and Others with Alternative and Renewable Energy Experts and Consultants

Enables investors, analysts, researchers, recruiters and journalists to find, contact, qualify and talk to experts and consultants in alternative and renewable energy and pay by the call

Waltham, MA – October 19, 2009 – If you were considering an investment in a wind or solar energy company, wouldn’t it be great to talk with alternative energy experts and consultants about how its technology stacks up against its competitors? Or if you were writing a story about cap-and-trade, where could you go to round up renewable energy experts and consultants plugged in to policy discussions?

“Zintro was designed so that professionals making high value decisions, such as investment, market analysis, risk assessment, purchasing, technology selection or hiring, can significantly improve the quality of these decisions by talking with experts in the field,” said Stuart Lewtan, CEO of Zintro, Inc. and formerly founder of Lewtan Technologies. “Our client-expert matching service provides an easy way to find, contact, qualify, and convince experts in the field to discuss critical business-related issues. Zintro is an on-line meeting place for those who value information enough to pay for it and those who are worthy of being paid for it. It has experts across thousands of subjects, including alternative and renewable energy experts.”

Zintro’s expert service takes just a few minutes to get started. A client (expert-seeker) fills out a brief inquiry form. Zintro matches the inquiry against expert profiles and forwards the anonymous inquiry to experts who might be a good fit. Experts, who are qualified and interested, reply by sending a brief anonymous electronic proposal (via Zintro) to the client.

The client and expert can further qualify each other by exchanging messages (zNotes). When a client accepts a proposal, a “Zintro” is made. The client and expert agree on a time to talk and a private call-in number is provided to each.  Zintro collects money from the client (with a modest fee added on) and pays the expert his/her entire fee.

About Zintro

Based in Waltham, MA, Zintro is free for clients and experts to use until both agree to a consult.  Client and expert identities are not revealed unless they choose to reveal them. Zintro provides tools to ensure safe and compliant consults and even guarantees expert quality.