Inquiry Roundup – Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical Grade Mannitol We are looking for experts who has an immense knowledge for pharmaceutical grade Mannitol. Inputs that we are looking are: Global market size by volume and value, pharmaceutical mannitol market, end use segmentation, regional … Read More

Inquiry roundup-Food Manufacturing


Noodle Manufacturing Hi, I am looking to develop a healthy dried noodle formula and need someone who can help in terms of content, I need expertise on how to reduce the salt content and increase balanced nutrition content. I also need help in terms of taste. … Read More

NIH Spends More Funding Dollars in Massachusetts


A recent MIT study found Massachusetts receives $351 in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) compared to the $88 received by California. The Economist theorized that the high concentration of research institutions and 'density of intellectuals' … Read More

“Managing Your Focus: Time Management and Prioritization for Independent Professionals”

Zintro Webinar Presented by Katy Tynan, Partner - MindBridge Partners. Presenter's Note: "Working for yourself often means working outside of a “normal” 9-5 schedule. For most of us that’s great news – flexibility is one of the primary reasons people … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Automotive


Automotive Industrial Cleaning Looking to speak to someone with Automotive (USA OEM - General Motors/Ford/Toyota) background into industrial cleaning. Purpose of the call would be to understand engagement practice with suppliers for industrial … Read More

Cardiac Issues Associated with High-Dose Drug Trial

Teva Pharm

Last week, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Active Biotech AB announced they were ending the higher-dose portions of two multiple-sclerosis medication studies. The decision came after eight patients suffered nonfatal cardiovascular events after taking … Read More

Plastic Microbeads Banned in the U.S.


On Dec. 28, President Obama signed a bill into law that bans the plastic microbeads found in body and facial scrubs and toothpastes. Approximately 1.4 trillion microbeads wash down the drain in the U.S. each year--passing through sewage treatment systems and … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Medical Devices


Medical Image Processing I am working on a project that aims to measure optical density ratio's in images obtained from a very popular eye device names Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), all images have been extracted in the same manner from this device, we … Read More

5 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Presentations

256px-thumbnail (1)

Whether you work as a consultant or another position in the business world, chances are you have worked with PowerPoint slides. In fact, for many professionals, PowerPoint presentations are essential for updating project statuses and delivering pitches. No … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Food science

food science

Food Shelflife I'm looking for a food scientist to help me figure out how to extend the shelf life of my vegan product by using natural preservatives or by using a canning or pouching method that doesn't require preservatives. View inquiry Food … Read More

Recruiters Embracing Gamification

"Recruitment gamification" is a growing trend for recruiters in a wide range of industries, changing the way they discover and assess candidates. Human resources professionals are finding that when used properly, it can be an extremely useful tool. Recently … Read More

“Proposals That Win Business”

Zintro Webinar Presented by Katy Tynan, Partner - MindBridge Partners. Presenter's Note: "Client consulting work starts with a great proposal. While writing proposals isn’t always fun, it’s something we all have to do as we build a business around our … Read More

Teva Halts Studies for Multiple Sclerosis Drug


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Active Biotech AB recently announced changes to two current drug studies after eight patients suffered "nonfatal cardiovascular events" during  phases 2 and 3 of a clinical trial. The company halted components of the … Read More

More Funding Available for Life Science Startups


Applications are currently being accepted at MLSC's website  with a deadline of 12:00 p.m. EDT February 5, 2016. Massachusetts is investing $1 billion to expand the life sciences ecosystem in the state under the Massachusetts Life Science Initiative. In … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Construction


Hospital EPC We are an authorized Zintro partner and are seeking to connect with experts who can comment on certain facets relating Hospital engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) globally. View Inquiry Road Infrastructure We are an authorized … Read More

Hiring a Consultant? Don’t Make These 3 Common Recruiting Mistakes


Managing the recruitment process is a big responsibility. But certain decisions can increase the odds of finding the right candidate, saving everyone time and money. Here are three mistakes to avoid when hiring a consultant. 1. Setting the budget too low or … Read More

Inquiry roundup- Medical Devices.


Medical Device Marketing I am looking for a Marketing expert on Medical Device Business. View Inquiry Ultrasound Imaging I am seeking experts with experience and market knowledge regarding ultrasound-guided needle use, particularly systems that automate … Read More

4 Top Biotechnology Books of 2015


Biotechnologists harness cellular and biomolecular processes as they develop products and technologies and products that improve lives. As the year comes to a close, here's a look at four of the best-selling books in biotechnology over the past 12 … Read More

3 Questions for Recruiters Seeking Millennial Candidates

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To kick off our prep work for the Global Youth Summit, the ITU hosted special one-day MILLENNIALS JAM WORKSHOP at its ICT Discover Center, with an exclusive and select group of 40 entrepreneurial young people. The objective of this unique one-day event is to crowd-source a more detailed framework for the Summit where approximately 25,000 young people will input their ideas for the post-2015 global development agenda.

ITU/Rowan Farrell

According to U.S. Census data, the Millennials generation (those individuals currently 18-34) make up the largest share of the American workforce. However, data from Gallup's State of the American Workplace report finds Millennials have the lowest employee … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Waste Management


E Waste Management E-Waste Management: Need insights on the following topics on a global scale. 1. Cost-Neutrality Pricing Model Analysis: Model definition and mode of operation, pros and cons (risks and mitigation), typical contract SLA terms and … Read More

4 Tips for Conducting an Effective Virtual Interview

v interview

Virtual interviews are on the rise. They are a simple and flexible way for clients to interview candidates from almost anywhere there is an Internet connection. Here are answers to four of the top questions about interviewing online. Q. What types of tools … Read More

Celebrate Cyber Monday with Zintro – 25% OFF New Jobs Success Fee

Does recruiting exhaust you? Countless hours reviewing unqualified resumes, staring at outdated profiles, blowing your budget on job boards, or paying exorbitant recruiter fees... We thought so, and that’s why we want to let you know about Zintro’s Cyber … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Food Science

Food Science

Food Science Our team in Southern California would like to hire a Food Technologist who is familiar with HPP and is interested in participating in sales either as a Sales Director or as a presenter along with the sales person. View Inquiry Food … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering Service I need partner in Qatar to start an electrical engineering services and workshop for electrical panel builder . I have over 25 years experience in the field , expert in design and panel builder, installation power network in … Read More