“Launching your Brand in Latin America Through Research & Clinical Studies” Presented by Abhita Batra

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Zintro Webinar Presented by Abhita Batra, Co-Founder and Managing Director – Advanced Biopharma Consulting, LLC. Presenter’s Note: “Conducting Clinical Trials in LATAM market is considered a challenge. In today’s world companies… Read More

“Apply a Rainmaking Strategy and Skills to Develop New Business” Presented by Dr. John Brennan


Zintro Webinar Presented by Dr. John Brennan, President at Interpersonal Development, LLC & Senior Consultant at Shipley Associates. Presenter’s Note: “Many experts are frustrated with their inability to engage prospective clients… Read More

“The Global Orthopaedic Market” Presented by Galvin Mould


Zintro Webinar Series – Medical Device Insights & Innovation Session 1 Medical Device Insights & Innovation Webinar Series – Session 1 Presented by Galvin Mould Presenter’s Note: The Global Orthopaedic… Read More

Success Story: Michael Janas


As a global HR executive with over 25 years of experience, Michael Janas has been able to find great success with the Zintro platform. His work with Fortune 100 and… Read More

“Switching on the Growth Engine in Your Small Consulting Practice” Presented by Brian Gladstein


Marketing Tips for Consultants Webinar Series – Session 1 By Brian Gladstein Presenter’s Note: Fifteen months ago, my marketing consulting practice was at a crossroads. No matter what we did –… Read More

Inquiry Roundup: Construction Industry


Construction Services  Objective: sourcing of construction services for a manufacturing facility in South Africa Understanding the construction industry contracting practices in terms of contract models, pricing models and sourcing models… Read More

Success Story: Predrag Ostojic


Electronics and electrical engineering designer Predrag Ostojic, of Power Supply IVV, has spent over 20 years working in his field. He has expertise in a wide range of areas, such… Read More

Revamping Crocs: The Company Moves Away From The Rubbery Clogs & Focuses On Foreign Markets


The CEO of Crocs recently introduced the company’s strategy for doubling sales in the next 5 years: shift away from the rubbery, colorful clogs, Crocs is known for. Domestically, the… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Nanotechnology Projects


Graphene Nanotechnology   Seeking forecast info on use of Graphene nanotechnology in solar energy systems for commercial and industrial real estate development……more Nanotechnology Nanites for space modules construction, computer construct, and… Read More

The Inquiry Browser BETA is here! – April Zintro Newsletter


The Inquiry Browser BETA is here! Click here to signup. Only the first 500 users will receive pre-release access to this exciting new tool. Browse All Projects, Jobs and Inquiries… Read More

Zintro has an effective follow up team – John Flanyak


John Flanyak is a specialist in food chemistry, confectionery technology, product development, educational training programs, quality systems, food safety and security. He is retired from the food industry after 40… Read More

Over 60,000 Experts and Vendors – January Zintro Newsletter


This month we are happy to announce that we have reached 60,000 Experts/Vendors and the highest platform activity in Zintro’s history. Our social networks have broken records with +3,300 Facebook… Read More

Making A Start With Lean: How To Begin Improving Your Business Processes


There are many books on lean and some complicate their message with obscure Japanese terms and complex formulas. Very few books that I am aware of give a clear, simple… Read More

The Cost of Consulting: The Economics, Pros, Cons & Associated Fees


Below is a graphic we’ve compiled in partnership with our friends at MBO Partners to detail the economics of becoming a consultant, including: Costs of becoming a consultant Setting your… Read More

Can independent consultants successfully market their services outside of their personal network?


The post builds on the discussion in one of my previous articles titled  “The Consultant’s Dilemma” . In my previous post, I talked about the embryonic days of my first… Read More

October Zintro Newsletter – 50,000 Experts, a Zintro Milestone


This month we are proud to announce that Zintro has surpassed the 50,000 Expert mark! Also, the Zintro Blog, focused on Business News written by Industry Experts, is showing substantial… Read More