“Why Most Consultants Bite!” Presented by David A. Fields

Zintro Webinar Presented by David A. Fields, Managing Director at The Ascendant Consortium. Author, speaker and consultant specializing in maximizing the ROI from consulting engagements. Presenter’s Note: “Don’t waste another dime… Read More

The Best Tools to Market Yourself as a Freelance Consultant


One of the most common challenges cited by freelance consultants is the need to continuously market their services, especially if sales and marketing aren’t your areas of expertise. You should… Read More

“How to Expand Your Business Network” Presented by Tina Mosetis


Zintro Webinar Series – Marketing Tips for Consultants Session 3 Marketing Tips for Consultants Webinar Series – Session 3 Presented by Tina Mosetis Presenter’s Note: There are many experts in… Read More

“B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies” Presented by Kahshanna Evans


Zintro Webinar Series – Marketing Tips for Consultants Session 2 View other webinars in the series: Session 1 – Switching on the Growth Engine in Your Small Consulting Practice Session… Read More

What it means to be an Expert – Infographic


Zintro just got better! Also, did you hear about the six figure referral fee?


We hope you are enjoying the recently released Browse page and would love to hear your feedback. The Zintro team is working at full pace to improve your experience and… Read More

Success Story: Predrag Ostojic


Electronics and electrical engineering designer Predrag Ostojic, of Power Supply IVV, has spent over 20 years working in his field. He has expertise in a wide range of areas, such… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Packaging Industry Projects


Plastic Packaging I have a concept of a cigar wrap. I can’t find any other way to get these things. i have idea for wrap, i need to be able… Read More

The Inquiry Browser BETA is here! – April Zintro Newsletter


The Inquiry Browser BETA is here! Click here to signup. Only the first 500 users will receive pre-release access to this exciting new tool. Browse All Projects, Jobs and Inquiries… Read More

Zintro connects you with highly qualified companies – Michele Shephard


Michele Shephard is a meeting/event planner with over 20 years experience in hotel and resort site selection and the contract negotiation process. She is also an expert in conference management,… Read More

“I was impressed with the quick response time” – Eric Bouche


Eric Bouche is an expert in semiconductor metrology, inspection, and testing. He has 25 years of experience in senior engineering, marketing, and business general manager positions. And as an executive… Read More

Increasing your chances of winning new Business – December Newsletter

Upgrading to Premium

Zintro is the fastest way to connect with subject-matter experts and source new leads for your Consultancy or Business. Check out our new video explaining why Upgrading to Premium is… Read More

The Cost of Consulting: The Economics, Pros, Cons & Associated Fees


Below is a graphic we’ve compiled in partnership with our friends at MBO Partners to detail the economics of becoming a consultant, including: Costs of becoming a consultant Setting your… Read More

10,000 Hour Rule: Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice Theory from Outliers Visualized

A visual representation of Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule

The value of expertise is something we spend a lot of time thinking about at Zintro. Having years (and thousands of hours) of dedicated focus and practice within a specific… Read More