50 Tools for Tracking and Managing Multiple Contractors and Consultants

ProjectOpen Enterprise Project Management

One of the most significant changes for the business world in the 21st century has been the move to a more remote workforce, as opposed employing the traditional in-house workforce…. Read More

5 Tips for Managing Your Time as a Freelancer


For many people, freelancing is the ultimate fantasy- being your own boss, setting your own hours, and staying in your pajamas all day. Although there are many benefits to working… Read More

42 Business Experts & Freelance Consultants Reveal The #1 Mistake People New To Freelance Consulting Make When Starting Out

Zach Everson

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Featured Expert: Suzanne M. Ganier


Suzanne M. Ganier is President of ALEXI Professional Services, Inc., where she consults in the areas of insurance coverage, bad faith, and claim and litigation management. She calls upon her… Read More

Employee Incentive Programs to Increase Performance


‘Gamification‘ is one way companies are approaching business-process improvement. It involves figuring out why people do things a certain way at work, and finding ways to motivate them to meet… Read More

Body Language In Business: What You’re Not Saying Could Be Speaking Volumes


Frequently in business, people’s body language contradicts the message they are trying to get across and can actually sabotage success. Subtle poses such as holding one’s hands over the groin… Read More

How Should Microsoft Proceed After Ballmer’s Departure


In late August, Microsoft’s chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer declared his intention to retire in the near future. Last Thursday, Ballmer made his final appearance in front of the company… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Packaging Industry Projects


Plastic Packaging I have a concept of a cigar wrap. I can’t find any other way to get these things. i have idea for wrap, i need to be able… Read More

“Zintro has provided the opportunity to connect with many new clients around the world” – Galvin Mould


Galvin Mould is a senior executive in the medical device industry, having gained many years of experience in international sales, marketing and general management. Primarily focusing on orthopedics, Mould also… Read More

Hard vs. Soft Skills: Finding The Right Balance For CEOs


A recent survey addressing the main concerns of CEOs revealed that they see working on “soft skills” such as compassion and motivation as less important than improving “hard skills” like… Read More

Employees Behave Differently In The Presence of Surveillance Systems


In order to discover how surveillance might alter employee behavior, researchers conducted an experiment, at more than 300 restaurants in 39 states, which was designed to keep track of transactions… Read More

How Head Honchos Can Optimize Their Performance


In many fields, those at the top receive coaching to improve existing skills, compensate for weaknesses and maintain their effectiveness: why isn’t that the case when it comes to business?… Read More

Online Employment May Lead To Successful Projects


Using algorithms and geo-location, Gigwalk, the online employment company, monitors and models employee behavior, helping companies recruit productive temps without having to interview candidates. Initially, Gigwalk assigns relatively simple tasks… Read More

Scandal At Tiffany’s: Employee Charged With Stealing $1.3 Million In Jewelry


During a company-wide inventory review, Tiffany & Co. discovered $1.3 million in jewelry had disappeared. While company spokespeople are refusing to comment at this time, the FBI has charged former… Read More

Gigwalk Could Create Employment Opportunities

Gigwalk 2

Using algorithms and geo-location, the online employment company, Gigwalk, monitors and models employee behavior, helping companies recruit productive temps without having to interview candidates. At the beginning, Gigwalk assigns relatively… Read More

“Zintro allows me to help customers jump start their information security initiatives while avoiding pitfalls” – Gary Ostrem

Gary Ostrem

Gary Ostrem is an information security product manager with 25 years of experience having worked in a wide range of information domains including web filtering, security compliance and encryption. Using… Read More