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pharma-rulesSourcing Insurance In Pharma Industry

Sourcing Insurance in Pharma Industry

Hi, I am research analyst for a market research firm, we are working on collecting information on Insurance spend by pharmaceutical companies

We are in need of the following information:

Identifying Areas of Insurance services purchased or utilized by companies apart from Broad category of property, casualty and liability( like what other categories Debt Management, Claims Services, Claim adjusting) for pharma companies

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Latin American Pharma Industry


We are looking for experts in Pharmaceutical industry in Latin America
Following are the key questions for which we are looking for the insights :

1)In case of importing a finished pharmaceutical drug to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, what are the tests to be done in order to market and sell product into these countries? The type of tests under consideration here are:

a. ID Testing

b. Stability Testing

c. Validation Testing

d. Release Testing

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Pharmaceutical Legal Services

We are currently conducting a study to understand the various legal models and processes used to support the procurement departments in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space. We would like to speak with experts from US and Europe who can share their insights and views through a paid telephonic discussion. If interested and knowledgeable, please contact me with a short bio.

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Pharmaceutical Management

*****Pharmaceuticals, Miami, FL is a specialty transdermal drug development and delivery company of 700 employees. We have a few newly – created positions for Research Scientists and Formulation Scientists. A PhD is required and transdermal work experience or academic training in transdermals is required.

Also, we are looking for a Director of Pharmaceutics- New Technologies. This is a fulltime role also based in Miami, FL. Strong transdermal experience and a PhD is required.

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“An Overview of Operational Risk Management” Presented by Fred Vacelet http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/17/overview-operational-risk-management-presented-fred-vacelet/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/17/overview-operational-risk-management-presented-fred-vacelet/#respond Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:07:58 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=23010 Zintro Webinar Presented by Fred Vacelet, MBA, CTM, PRM/FRM, IFQ. Presenter’s Note: “In financial institutions, operational risk has been considered as minor compared to credit risk and market risk. Moreover, let... Read More

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Zintro Webinar

Presented by Fred Vacelet, MBA, CTM, PRM/FRM, IFQ.

Presenter’s Note:
“In financial institutions, operational risk has been considered as minor compared to credit risk and market risk. Moreover, let us honestly face it, Operational Risk is too difficult to grasp for bankers. Therefore, operational risk management is often considered as a regulatory constraint or as an imprecise practice rather than a science. It is often hijacked by political necessities or can turn into insignificant exercises aimed at predicting small losses or improving efficiency without consideration for high-impact risks or for the relationships between the risks incurred and the potential rewards.
We present in this webinar an overview of the practical techniques coming from best practice that apply and reinforce operations of financial institutions, whatever their size and complexity.”

About Fred Vacelet:
Fred Vacelet is a Financial Risk Management Consultant with an international expertise in Risk Management methodological frameworks. His experience spans some 20 years, advising banks, software houses and others on risk management. Fred holds various degrees, including from London Business School, with post-graduate studies at the Technische (then West)-Berlin and Keio (Japan) universities. He is a published author on risk management and Basel Accords and a regular speaker at conferences. Fred writes and presents training courses and workshops on risk management and Basel II/III.

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Top Tools for Communicating with Freelance and Contract Hires http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/16/top-tools-communicating-freelance-and-contract-hires/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/16/top-tools-communicating-freelance-and-contract-hires/#respond Tue, 16 Dec 2014 22:55:07 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=21762 Being productive in the 21st Century means working and communicating with team members who may never set foot in your building. Freelance and contract hires are valuable members of your... Read More

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Being productive in the 21st Century means working and communicating with team members who may never set foot in your building. Freelance and contract hires are valuable members of your team, and just because they work from remote locations does not mean that they need to feel isolated or out of the loop in any way. But, knowing that communicating with these team members is one thing: actually having the right tools to communicate with them is another.

Sometimes, you may need to communicate through chat or video conferencing. Other times, you may need to sync calendars and make sure everyone’s projects are on track. But, most often, communicating with freelance and contract hires requires more than those capabilities; often, you need to be able to visualize projects, share screens, and edit files and videos together.

We have searched for the most innovative and intuitive tools available for communicating and collaborating with freelance and contract hires. Our selections includes those that are scalable, easy to use and implement, offer integration services, full of useful features and more. Our top 50 choices are below, listed in no particular order.

1. Hall


When communicating with freelance and contract hires, you want a tool that your entire team can use. With Hall, you get real-time chat and text that fits your teams’ needs, whether members are using Mac, Windows, the Web, Android, or iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Group & Private Chat
  • Secure communication
  • Works in real time across all devices
  • Integrate with other services, including Dropbox, Gitub, Zapier, and more
  • Get all of your notifications in one place


  • Teams: FREE – unlimited users, unlimited groups, unlimited integrations
  • Departments: $8/user/month – all Teams features, plus user management and data export
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – all Departments features, plus advanced analytics, data retention policy, active directory sync, single sign on, and more


2. Zintro


Not only does Zintro put thousands of subject-matter experts at your fingertips, but facilitates communication between clients and prospective freelance consultants, both at the inquiry phase and throughout project lifespans. Find qualified experts, initiate discussions through one-on-one communications, pinpoint the most qualified candidates for your projects, and conduct business with them using the Zintro platform. Whether you’re seeking expertise for a short-term project or are seeking a subject-matter expert for ongoing consultation, Zintro is a useful tool for facilitating communication and coordinating projects.

Key Features: 

  • Post inquiries related to your project needs
  • Browse hundreds to thousands of subject-matter experts
  • Initiate discussions to vet candidates through private messaging
  • Get direct responses to your inquiries from qualified experts
  • Conduct ongoing business with your candidates of choice


  • Zintro is free for both Clients and Experts
  • Premium plans offer full features:
    • Unlimited responses
    • Highlighted profile and inquiries
    • Contact any Expert directly
    • Expedited customer support
  • Connection fee: 15% of fees paid to Experts (minimum of $99.95 waived if Client or Expert is Premium)

3. AgreeDo


One aspect of working with freelancers and contract hires is making sure they are on the same page with your organization. With AgreeDo, you have the ability to create and share meeting agendas and track meeting results, so that everyone has the same communication, every time.

Key Features:

  • Prepare for meetings with an agenda and send it to all participants, either with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes or allow AgreeDo to send the invitations for you
  • Your agenda turns into your meeting’s minutes
  • Put down all important issues with a mouse click, take down your tasks and schedule and assign them, highlight important decisions, and more while you run your meetings
  • Use meeting results to track tasks, search for information from previous meetings, and forward the AgreeDo task link to team members via email


  • AgreeDo: FREE
  • On-Site hosting: Contact for a quote

4. Calliflower


Calliflower is a tool that enhances web meetings and international audio conferencing. When your freelancers and contract hires are scattered around the country, or even internationally, Calliflower allows them to connect with your organization from anywhere, all in one conference.

Key Features:

  • Call in from your browser, phone, or Skype
  • Call recordings, document storage and sharing, chat, phone keypad commands
  • Three Levels of Security
  • Global list of local dial-in numbers
  • Intuitive “who’s talking” visualization for callers

Cost: FREE 14 Day Trial

  • Calli-Go: $0/month – 4.5¢/min worldwide calling, 6.9¢/min Tool Free, manage your usage
  • Call500: $9.99/month – occasional conferences, quick meetings, 500 worldwide minutes
  • Call2000: $29.95/month – more calls, more callers, premium service, 2000 worldwide minutes
  • Call5000: $59.95/month – host large calls, manage large teams, 5000 worldwide minutes
  • Calliflower for Business: Contact for a quote – admin controls, advanced reporting, dedicated support, and more

5. HipChat


Sharing information and files is a large part of communicating with freelance and contract hires, and HipChat aims to make those tasks simple for teams. And, because HipChat “runs on just about everything,” you don’t have to worry about your off-site team members not being able to use it.

Key Features:

  • Persistent Rooms and 1-to-1 Chat
  • Real-time video chat and screen sharing
  • Complete chat history
  • Drag-and-drop file sharing
  • Instant notifications
  • Private, safe, and secure, including secure guest access
  • API & Integrations: JIRA + Confluence, Bitbucket and GitHub, Zendesk, and more

Cost: FREE 30 Day Trial of HipChat Plus for signing up today

  • HipChat Basic: $0/user/month – unlimited users and free forever
  • HipChat Plus: $2/user/month – video chat, screensharing, and more

6. Campfire


When you need to communicate with team members, freelancers, and contract hires instantly, Campfire is a tool that can help. Designed exclusively for groups, Campfire allows you to share texts, files, and code in real time, plus you can save transcripts so you never have to worry about forgetting something.

Key Features:

  • Web based group chat with password-protected chat rooms
  • Link to a room on your intranet for internal communications
  • Does not require any downloads, installation, or configuration
  • Campfire app for the iPhone with a streamlined user interface, live image previews within the chat room, and more
  • Works with Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox 3 and higher, Safari 4 and higher, and Chrome 4 and higher

Cost: FREE 30 day trial on all accounts

  • FREE – 4 chatters, 10 MB storage
  • Plus: $24/month – 25 chatters, 3GB storage, 500 conference call minutes, enhanced security
  • Premium: $49/month (for big groups) – 60 chatters, 10 GB storage, 750 conference call minutes, enhanced security
  • Max: $99/month (top-of-the-line) – 100 chatters, 25 GB storage, 1000 conference call minutes, enhanced security

7. Trello


With projects being spread amongst internal people and freelancers and contract hires, your organization more than likely needs a way to actually be organized. Trello is the organization tool made to help you “organize anything with anyone.”

Key Features:

  • Easy and visual way to organize your important information
  • Fill the Trello board with cards, named and organized according to your needs
  • Drag and drop cards


  • Trello Standard: FREE
  • Trello Gold: $5/month or $45/year – upload files up to 250 MB in size, access to nine premium backgrounds with the ability to upload your own backgrounds, access to extra, premium sticker packs
  • Trello Business Class: $5/user/month or $45/user/year for each organization – Business-grade administrative controls and security, ability to see all of your organization’s boards, everyone on team gets Trello Gold features

8. mIRC


An Internet Relay Chat client for Windows, mIRC allows team members to communicate, share, work, and more with others on IRC networks from anywhere around the globe. mIRC allows for multi-user group conferences or one-to-one private discussions, so you have various channels for communicating with your freelance and contract hires.

Key Features:

  • Clean, practical, highly configurable interface
  • Supports buddy lists, file transfers, multi-server connections, IPv6, SSL encryption, spoken messages, tray notifications, message logging, and more
  • Powerful scripting language useful for automating mIRC and creating applications

Cost: FREE

9. Huddle


Huddle is a secure, user-friendly solution for collaborating with teams and partners, regardless of their location. Huddle also includes features that take productivity to the next level, even when you are working with freelancers and contract hires on with multiple files and projects.

Key Features:

  • File sharing, sync, and management with anyone inside or outside your organization
  • Seamless collaboration that includes secure workspaces and the ability to engage in conversations before submitting for approval
  • Organize, manage, and track complex projects from a desktop or mobile devices, from assigning tasks to your team to receiving automatic reminders as deadlines near
  • Intelligent dashboard manages tasks, projects, and files and helps you complete your to-do list
  • Reap the benefits of custom branding within Huddle
  • Integrate your existing productivity tools painlessly

Cost: FREE trial available for Workgroup and Enterprise editions

  • Donated Huddle Packages are available for selected nonprofit organizations, based on eligibility criteria – contact to apply
  • Workgroup: $20/user/month (collaboration for your team) – 100+ collaboration features, starts with 25 users
  • Enterprise: $40/user/month (collaboration for all your teams) – all Workgroup features, plus reporting & management suite, success services & advanced security, starts at 100 users
  • Unlimited: Contact for a quote (collaboration across your entire organization) – all Enterprise features, plus unlimited storage, unlimited users, and unlimited support

10. Basecamp


Basecamp is “the world’s #1 project management for tools,” and it is known for its business-leading customer service, ease of use, and reliability. Basecamp is perfect for companies that rely on freelancers and contract hires, because it works on Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android, and email; plus, is runs in the cloud on secure servers. Communicate with your freelance and contract hires effortlessly with Basecamp.

Key Features:

  • Create templates for recurring projects
  • Upload original files to the Files section and then upload file revisions as comments on the original files, along with notes, so you have the original and the latest version
  • Calendar can begin on the day you choose

Cost: FREE, unlimited-use 60 day trial for all customers

  • Monthly Packages – all include unlimited users plus customer service
    o   $20 – 10 projects, 3GB space
    o   $50 – 40 projects, 15 GB space
    o   $100 – 100 projects, 40 GB space
    o   $150 – unlimited projects, 100 GB space
  • Annual Package
    o   $3000 – unlimited users, unlimited projects, 500 GB space, priority support

11. Teamwork


If your organization constantly is scheduling conferences and meetings and attempting to communicate with freelancers and contract hires, you need a way to get organized so that you can be more productive. Teamwork is practical software intended to help you regain control so you can spend more time working and less time meeting.

Key Features:

  • Online project management tool to keep everyone working together
  • Get a quick overview of your projects with Teamwork’s dashboard so you can stay up to date with all recent project activity
  • Projects lists allows for easy navigation, along with the Switch Project feature
  • Activity stream allows you to remain up to date with the progress of your project
  • Smart tabs show you the most pertinent information
  • Quickly and easily visualize your project with Teamwork.com Gantt charts

Cost: FREE 30 day trial

  • Personal: $12/month – 5 projects, 1 GB storage
  • Business 1: $24/month – 15 projects, 5 GB storage, Google Drive integration
  • Business 2: $49/month – 35 projects, 20 GB storage, Google Drive, Box.com, Dropbox Integration, and Custom Domain
  • Corporate: $99/month – 100 projects, 32 GB storage, plus all Business 2 features
  • Enterprise: $149/month – unlimited projects, 80 GB storage, plus all Corporate features
  • Enterprise Plus: $250/month – 160 GB storage, plus all Enterprise features

*All plans feature unlimited users & companies, 256-bit SSL security, and all key features

12. Screencast


Communicating with freelance and contract hires is one thing, but being able to collect and share feedback on your organization’s projects is another. With Screencast, know that your videos, images, and documents are being uploaded as you intended and that you have complete control over who views your teams’ content.

Key Features:

  • Convenient sharing options include links, MediaRoll widgets, RSS feeds, or embedding your images and video
  • Maintain the rights to your own content: Screencast does not take ownership or keep anything you delete
  • Hosts video in nearly any format including Flash, WMV, Quicktime, and more
  • Original quality remains in tact – nothing is compressed or re-encoded
  • Control who views your content through public folders, hiding folders, protecting with passwords, or authorizing viewers
  • Upload from any TechSmith product seamlessly


  • FREE Account – 2 GB storage, 2 GB monthly bandwidth
  • Pro Account: $9.95/month or $99.95/year – 25 GB storage, 200 GB monthly bandwidth, add or edit video captions, create uniquely branded background templates, customize appearance in the View Page

13. ChatGrape


ChatGrape is known for its efficient automatic chat that increases team productivity. With its deep service integrations, conversation summaries, and open API, ChatGrape makes it easy and fast to communicate with your freelance and contract hires.

Key Features:

  • Reference your data as you type and enjoy the autocomplete that “knows your business”
  • Integrate with Github, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more services
  • Browse decisions, questions, tasks, and more with one click as ChatGrape analyzes your conversations and labels critical information in real time
  • 256-bit SSL protocol, automatic backups, and OTR in the making


  • FREE during the Early Access Phases – contact for more information
  • Starter: $10/month (or $5/month for a half-year commitment if you sign up before Sept. 1, 2014) – 10 service integrations, 500,000 messages, max. 24 hour mail response time
  • Gold: $20/month (or $10/month for a half-year commitment if you sign up before Sept. 1, 2014) – unlimited service integrations, unlimited message history, max. 12 hour mail response time
  • Big Business: Contact for a quote (huge price reductions on all deals before Sept. 1, 2014)- custom service integrations, max. 6 hour mail response time, personal support

14. Drum


Sometimes, you just need to talk to your freelancers and contract hires, and it’s difficult to find a tool that allows for an actual conversation with voices instead of virtual chatting. Drum combines voice delivery with the web, to give you an easy and effective way of doing business.

Key Features:

  • Meet and collaborate with team members regardless of their location
  • Create meetings, share documents, take notes, assign tasks, keep all meetings in one central location
  • Meeting management features allow every web meeting to be focused and productive
  • An enterprise web conferencing service that’s highly reliable and proven in carrier networks
  • High-quality document sharing and live chat functions
  • Option to become a web meeting service provider

Cost: FREE Drum beta trial, under condition of giving feedback on your Drum meeting experience

15. Docs9


Keep up to date with all of your freelance and contract hires’ projects with Docs9, by uploading and sharing online, interactive presentations. With its features that allow for interactive sharing and online collaboration, Docs9 is the solution your organization has been seeking.

Key Features:

  • Live audio conferencing
  • Completely interactive: discussions, sharing, brainstorming, and more happen all within your browser
  • No attachments, desktop sharing, or installation required
  • Easy access: view a browser on any device, including Desktop PC, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android device
  • Handles Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice, and Google Docs and allows you to upload or choose an online document so you are ready to present


  • FREE – presentations only, up to 5 participants, upload up to 25 MB size files, unlimited/secure presentations, limited-time offer of live audio conferencing, no storage, generated material removed after 24 hours
  • Personal: $0.99/month – presentations, documents, spreadsheets, up to 10 participants, upload up to 50 MB size files, live video conferencing, plus all FREE features
  • Enterprise: $9.99/month – all Personal Features, plus projects, diagrams, up to 50 participants, upload up to 100 MB size files, unlimited, secure presentations $0.99/session every hour, $0.99/participant every hour, 10 GB storage, separate console to manage generated materials

16. Microsoft SharePoint


Microsoft SharePoint allows its users to connect with employees across the organization. Share, organize, discover, build, and manage with SharePoint so that your freelance and contract hires are just as in the loop as your on-site, regular employees.

Key Features:

  • Share with OneDrive for Business, one place to store all documents and collaborate in real time, social feeds, groups and communities, and mobile devices
  • Organize with a single location for content, task management for personal and team tasks that integrates with Outlook and Project, and a site mailbox to manage email and documents in a single place
  • Discover with SharePoint’s Bing-like search, personalized results, connections with experts, data from multiple sources using PowerPivot, and dashboards and interactive reports using Power View
  • Build with apps you can download and customize to extend your SharePoint sites, websites you can design and publish with familiar tools, and adaptive site experiences for every visitor to your website
  • Manage with a multi-step up grade process, optimized performance, and a single place to perform eDiscovery


  • FREE SharePoint Server 180 Day Evaluation Period
  • SharePoint Online Plan 1: $3/user/month – make the power of the cloud work for your business
  • SharePoint Online Plan 2: $7/user/month – Plan 1 Features, plus e-discovery, business intelligence
  • Contact for plan options that include other Microsoft products, including OneDrive for Business with Office Online or Office 365

17. Helleo


For teams who need highly frequent communication, Helleo offers a solution. And, sometimes, phone and video communication are not convenient enough for communicating with multiple team members at a time; Helleo provides the solution for highly frequent meetings.

Key Features:

  • See when a team member is present or away, as each person is shown as a real-time, blurry video bubble
  • Push or click bubbles to talk, eliminating the need for calls, ringtones, and waiting
  • A much more natural and intuitive way to communicate; with a quick glance, know who is communicating and join a conversation without asking permission first
  • Stay focused on work while communicating with a Google Chrome extension
  • Based on the WebRTC technology initiated by Google, so it works in the latest Chrome browser and soon in Firefox and Opera: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms are supported


  • FREE for personal use – use Helleo with your friends and family and have access to all features with a free team
  • Helleo Pro: 9 €/month or 99 €/year – offer Helleo to your professional team, all features, private team with authentication required, and priority support by email
  • Helleo OnPremise: Contact for a quote – a dedicated Helleo server on your company network, all features, secured team with authentication required, and support by phone and email

18. Teamgum


No matter the work your freelance and contract hires do for your organization, Teamgum allows you all to share anything on the web with one another. Because Teamgum is on the web, team members can add a free extension to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to communicate quickly and easily with one another.

Key Features:

  • Share articles, discoveries and research, inspirations, images, and videos
  • Sidebar allows you to share and view feeds on the same page, so you don’t have to switch tabs anymore
  • On-page collaboration results in more effective discussion and results
  • Integrate with social networks and bookmarking tools


  • FREE – unlimited gums for up to 10 members
  • $30/month – 10 members
  • $90/month – 30 members
  • $250/month – 50 members
  • Contact for more than 50 members

19. Twoodo


Twoodo is a simple teamwork and organizational tool that allows you to think and organize using #hashtags and @mentions. An all-in-one solution for organizing teams, Twoodo will help your freelance and contract hires engage in more meaningful conversations with their team members.

Key Features:

  • Discuss, organize, and execute
  • Clearer communication (discuss, organize, execute)
  • Self-organized messages (organize as you type)
  • Generate to-do lists, organized notes, votes, and more directly from team conversations
  • Share and track team progress


  • FREE for beta users – create an account and get started

20. Kanban Tool



One of the challenges of working with freelance and contract hires is visualizing projects. With Kanban, a visual project management tool, you can feel better about your teams’ performance through Kanban’s board for business with “seamless time tracking.”

Key Features:

  • Online Kanban Boards offer real-time visibility to see what people are working on
  • Insightful analytics to ensure full project control
  • Visual project management to organize your work into projects and share and collaborate by inviting people and building project teams
  • Organize, share, and collaborate in real-time with online documents: link to Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive files or collaborate on Google Drive in real time
  • Time tracking provides seamless tracking and time reports

Cost: FREE 14 day trial

  • FREE – 2 boards, 2 users, no time tracking, and no attachments
  • Team: $5/user/month – unlimited boards, unlimited file attachments
  • Enterprise: $9/user/month – all Team features, plus time tracking and reporting
  • Kanban Tool On-site: Contact for a quote – Enterprise solution installed on your server, available for 15+ users, annual billing

21. Sqwiggle


If you are looking for the ability to collaborate as though you are in the same room with your freelance and contract hires, Sqwiggle is the solution for you. With Sqwiggle, you are “passively connected” to your team as it updates a still image of your everyone several times a minute, allowing you to see their faces and know they’re avabilable.

Key Features:

  • Foster a team environment with the fun and engagement that comes naturally from being able to see everyone
  • Instantly connect with one click to have instant video conversations
  • Work together all day without needing to call or accept invitations

Cost: FREE 14 day trail for teams of 3 or less

  • FREE for 3 users – small teams can use Sqwiggle as much as you’d like, for free
  • $9/user/month – intended for teams with 4-100 members
  • For more than 100 users, contact for a quote

22. Slack


Slack is a platform solution for team communication. Team members, including freelance and contract hires, have access to everything in one place, and it is instantly searchable, no matter where you go.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with dozens of external services, so chances are, Slack works with services already used by your team
  • Create open channels for projects, topics, and other things that your whole team shares
  • Search whole conversations, rather than individual messages, so you can find what you’re looking for
  • Support for both Apple & Google emoji styles
  • Configurable notifications for desktop, mobile push, and email to remain informed as you choose
  • Everything is in sync as you move between your desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Cost: FREE for as long as you want to use it, with an unlimited number of people

23. 15Five


15Five aims to help people and organizations reach their highest potential, so they created Simple-Software-as-a-Service (S2aaS) to help teams overcome the challenges of communication. The premise behind 15Five is that employees spend 15 minutes per week writing a report that takes their manager no more than 5 minutes to read. 15Five transforms the reports into conversations so that managers are more able to get a handle on “important problems, insights, ideas, and success stories.”

Key Features:

  • Employees can contribute their thoughts, base on their skills, ability, and perspectives
  • Managers save time in gathering and ranking feedback from the team
  • Get a weekly snapshot of your team without any effort
  • Conversations allow people to stay in the loop and don’t get lost in email


  • $49/month for first 10 people
  • $5/month for each additional person
  • Volume discounts are available – contact for a quote

24. Screenhero


For a truly collaborative experience, Screenhero features collaborative screen sharing, multiple mouse cursors, and voice chat. What better way to communicate with your freelance and contract hires than use a solution that puts everybody on the same page – literally.

Key Features:

  • Works with your favorite IDE, so remote pair programming and debugging are effortless
  • Present without sending files, and iterate on designs together
  • Point to elements with your own cursor
  • Eliminates the need for scheduling meetings; team members can jump in and jump out when needed
  • Edit video, browse the web, work in any application, and more – together

Cost: FREE 14 day trial

  • Standard: $9.99/user/month – up to 10 users, HD screen sharing, multiple mouse cursors, voice calls, centralized billing, share with guests for free
  • Team: Contact for a quote – up to 100 users, all Standard features, plus team provisioning
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – unlimited users, all Team features, plus premium support

25. ScheduleOnce


ScheduleOnce is scheduling software for individuals, service businesses, product businesses, and educational institutions that aims to “provide powerful, easy to use and affordable.” With the personal booking page, you can accept appointments yourself, share your booking page link, and easily fill your calendar with one-on-one meetings and appointments. When working with freelance and contract hires, scheduling can be a nightmare, but ScheduleOnce is a perfect solution.

Key Features:

  • All bookings can be automatic or with approval
  • Offer multiple meeting types, services, and locations
  • Manage scheduling for others
  • Accept bookings for rooms and resources
  • Calendar, website, CRM, and web conferencing integration

Cost: FREE 14 day trial

  • Plus: $5/user/month – 1 booking page/user, Google Calendar integration, booking with approval, reminders & follow-up
  • Premium: $9/user/month – 1 booking page/user, all Plus features, plus Automatic booking
  • Professional: $19/user/month – 2 booking pages/user, all Premium features, plus Outlook Calendar integration, master booking pages, website integration, and more
  • Enterprise: $49/user/month – 3 booking pages/user, all Professional features, plus pooled availability and conditional booking
  • Save 17% with annual billing
  • Add more booking pages at $7/page/month

26. Glasscubes


If your organization is looking for a way to gain visibility for team members, what better tool to use than Glasscubes? Glasscubes’ mission is to give individuals and groups who feel isolated a way to be visible in the organization, and a way for everyone to connect through their work.

Key Features:

  • Organize and view all content online in a file and folder structure you’re familiar with, and control document versions
  • Track tasks and priorities in a way that is visible to the entire team
  • Powerful enterprise search engine to search document titles and contents with advanced search commands to filter results
  • Customizable dashboard and branding to make Glasscubes your own
  • Free conference calling
  • Collaborate without needing email
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple online CRM
  • Data is backed up instantly, and access to service uses a 2048 bit encryption to ensure security


  • Account Fee: £10/account/month
  • User Subscription Fee: £3/subscription/month (includes 500 MB per user)
  • User Subscription Fee for accounts with over 100 users – contact for a quote
  • Additional storage – contact for a quote
  • Annual prepayment discount of 15%

27. Doodle

Trying to coordinate multiple busy schedules to find a mutually convenient time to meet can take longer than the meeting itself, but Doodle lets you schedule meetings two times faster. Doodle simplifies the art of scheduling meetings with a simple interface that syncs with your calendar to easily pinpoint available timeslots and avoid the hassle of scheduling and re-scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Connect and sync your primary calendar
  • MeetMe interface shows contacts when you’re available
  • Group event polls with no registration required
  • Easily create polls to obtain availability from teams
  • Send invitations and reminders


  • FREE: 1 user – Easy scheduling only
  • Private: $39/year – 1 premium user included, includes calendar sync, invitations and reminders
  • Business: $69/year and up – Unlimited users (cost based on # of users) – Custom design and subdomain, user management

28. MeetingBurner

Host meetings virtually with MeetingBurner, with up to 10 participants, absolutely free. No installation is required to use MeetingBurner’s full set of features, including instant screen sharing, cross-platform compatibility (Mac and PC), meeting recordings, automated reminders, and much more. When you need to quickly host a meeting with screen-sharing functionality to demonstrate processes or visually illustrate project plans with freelance and contract hires, MeetingBurner is an excellent tool for your arsenal.

Key Features: 

  • Meeting recordings
  • Full VoIP
  • Custom registration forms
  • Aweber and PayPal Paywall integration
  • Automated email reminders
  • Instantly change presenters
  • Instant screen sharing


  • FREE – Up to 10 participants
  • Pro: $39.95/month – Up to 50 participants
  • Premier: $99.95/month – Up to 1,000 participants

29. Mural.ly

Mural is a powerful team collaboration tool creating vast digital walls for thinking, imagining, and discussing ideas with freelance hires and consultants, remote teams, or external stakeholders. With Murally, you can quickly get your ideas documented visually, and then enhance them with multimedia from around the web, all in a collaborative platform where teams can freely communicate, add, edit, and fine-tune creative processes.

Key Features:

  • Comments and live conversations
  • Collaborative, visual workspace
  • Voting to streamline decision-making
  • Sticky notes, images, links, and videos
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Evernote and Google Drive friendly
  • Zoom in or out
  • Tracks changes – know who did what and when


  • Starter: $29/month – Up to 3 users
  • Garage: $99/month – Up to 7 users
  • Studio: $299/month – Up to 15 users
  • Business: $1,099/month – Up to 50 users

30. Dashcube

All the notes and plans in the world mean next to nothing without context, and that’s exactly what Dashcube aims to provide. Not only can you collaborate with freelance hires and plan projects, but you can communicate about it in the same place.

Key Features:

  • Each task has its own activity stream
  • Nestable, custom kanban-style boards
  • Everyone sees the data they need, the way they need to see it
  • Project Replays summarize activities since your last visit


  • Currently in FREE public Beta
  • On launch: $9/user/month
  • Annual discount: $99/user/year

31. Ginger

Improve discussion, debate, and decision-making with Ginger, designed for teams to collaborate in meaningful ways across time zones and continents. Ginger acts as a virtual board room and water cooler in-one, enabling your team to communicate and collaborate when it’s convenient, with no instant messaging, emails, conference calls, and other interruptions that disrupt the workflow and jeopardize productivity.

Key Features:

  • Easy to follow threads
  • Brainstorm ideas and get feedback
  • Streamlined communication across time zones
  • Collaborate and communicate on your schedule
  • Avoid workflow disruptions
  • Fork discussions to deep-dive into single ideas
  • Voting mechanism for quickly gaining consensus
  • Give feedback with a single click
  • Choose who sees discussions by sharing with specific teams


  • Personal: $19/month – 10 teammates, 5 teams, 5 GB storage
  • Pro: $29/month – 30 teammates, 15 teams, 2 GB storage
  • Business: $49/month – 60 teammates, 30 teams, 5 GB storage
  • Enterprise: $129/month – 150 teammates, 75 teams, 15 GB storage

32. Yammer

A private social network for teams, Yammer is a platform for creating your own enterprise social network for communicating with remote team members, freelance hires, and consultants with ease. Collaborate across departments, business apps, and locations, with individual profiles, the ability to create groups for project-based collaboration, and always up-to-date announcements and information to keep your freelance hires and in-house staff in the know, no matter where they’re located.

Key Features:

  • Create groups for team collaboration
  • Discover and join existing groups within your organization
  • Invite team members
  • Individual profiles with photos, expertise, and contact info
  • Communicate publicly and privately
  • Share files, take notes, and make content social
  • Personal inbox keeps each team member updated with relevant info


  • Yammer Enterprise Standalone: $3/user/month
  • Office 365 For Business: Starts at $8/user/month
  • Office 365 For Education: Free and paid plans available – Contact for a quote

33. Chatter

Chatter, an enterprise social network for team collaboration, is built on the Salesforce1 Platform. With Chatter, you can access any app straight from a social feed, create custom actions, and deploy instantly to every team member. A central feed keeps your need-to-know information streamlined in a single location so you can easily collaborate on everything from marketing initiatives to budget planning.

Key Features: 

  • Keep up with projects, topics and teams
  • Central news feed for easy access to important details
  • Create instantly-mobile actions
  • Generate expense reports, support cases, orders, and more
  • Customize actions for your company’s needs
  • Integrate third-party apps
  • Secure, mobile file-sharing
  • Recommends relevant people, files, and information to follow
  • Search and track topics to find information and identify experts


  • Chatter Basic: FREE – With purchase of one CRM license
  • Chatter Plus: $15/user/app/month – Includes custom actions, third-party integrations, dashboards, reports, calendar, events, and more

34. Redbooth (formerly Teambox)

A project management and collaboration platform, Redbooth is a useful tool for communicating with freelance hires and coordinating projects. Task creation, management, and reporting is combined with file-sharing and project-based discussions organized within the context of actual projects, so you can access the relevant feedback and information you need when you need it.

Key Features: 

  • HD video conferencing
  • Discussions organized by project
  • Easily convert discussions to tasks
  • Create and respond to discussions and tasks via email
  • Workload view to monitor overall progress
  • Streamlined Gantt charting
  • Milestone calendar
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive for file sharing


  • Starter: $49/month – Up to 10 users
  • Pro: $99/month – Up to 20 users
  • Plus: $149/month – Up to 30 users
  • Enterprise: $199/month – Up to 50 users
  • Elite: Contact for a quote – 51+ users
  • On-Premise: Contact for a quote

35. Skitch 

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and communication with freelance and contract hires, remote team members, and external stakeholders is no exception. With Evernote’s Skitch, you can take photos, annotate and mark them up, draw quick sketches, add shapes, arrows, and other elements, and much more to provide a visual illustration of essential concepts and enhance communications with your team. It’s a simple, easy-to-use and intuitive tool that’s free to use.

Key Features: 

  • Desktop, tablet, and phone compatible
  • Add shapes, arrows, and other elements
  • Draw quick sketches
  • Take or add photos or images
  • Annotate and markup

Cost: FREE

36. Jing

Capture simple video, animations, and images for sharing on the web with Jing. It’s a simple app for quickly taking screenshots and sharing them with team members in the field or located remotely. And, you can mark up screenshots and other images with arrows, text boxes, highlighting, and captions to further enhance your message and upload to Screencast.com for sharing via email, IM, social media, and more. Need to take a quick screencast to demonstrate a process to a freelance hire? Jing is your tool.

Key Features: 

  • Screen capture and recording
  • Share via email, IM, social media, and more
  • Markup options including highlighting, text boxes, captioning, and more
  • Capture simple mouse movements or fully narrated tutorials
  • Screen recordings limited to five minutes

Cost: FREE

37. Blackboard Collaborate

Create virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces with Blackboard Collaborate, a versatile and comprehensive platform to streamline the onboarding process for freelance and contract hires, remote team members, and more. Web conferencing, instant messaging, voice authoring, and more, are all rolled into a streamlined platform as the answer to all your team collaboration needs.

Key Features: 

  • Ideal for learning and training needs
  • Web conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice authoring
  • Mobile collaboration
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Application sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Powerful moderator tools

Cost: Contact for a quote

 38. Adobe Connect

A web conferencing platform for everything from virtual meetings to webinars and e-learning applications, Adobe Connect is a powerful collaboration tool for engaging in mobile-to-mobile communication. Hold meetings seamlessly with freelance and contract hires, with no desktop client downloads or other hassles getting in the way.

Key Features: 

  • Interactive, customizable, indexed recordings
  • Customized URL that’s always on for an always-available virtual meeting space
  • Host, present, and collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • No desktop client downloads for easy meeting access
  • Integrates with your existing systems


  • Pay-Per-Use Plan: $0.32/minute/user
  • Annual Plan: $45/month/host
  • Monthly Plan: $55/month/host

39. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is a web-conferencing platform designed for small business, with video and audio conferencing, screen-sharing, chat, Facebook and Twitter integration, and more. If you’re looking for an affordable, yet feature-rich platform to hold meetings with freelance and contract hires, AnyMeeting is a comprehensive conferencing tool at a reasonable cost.

Key Features: 

  • Record your meetings
  • Custom meeting branding
  • Built-in conference calling
  • Play YouTube videos
  • Share PowerPoint presentations
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Personal meeting URL
  • Mobile-friendly


  • FREE: Ad-supported – Up to 200 attendees
  • Pro 25: $18/month ($180/year) – Up to 25 attendees
  • Pro 200: $78/month ($780/year) – Up to 200 attendees

40. iMeet

PGi’s iMeet will “change the way you think about web conferencing,” by letting you connect, communicate, and collaborate in a more engaging way with HD video chatting with up to 15 people. For quick communications with freelance and contract hires, iMeet provides a more personal level of interaction that nearly mimics the experience of talking face-to-face.

Key Features: 

  • HD video chat with up to 15 people
  • Consistent experience across all types of devices
  • Unique meeting URL with custom design
  • Social integration to learn more about other meeting attendees
  • Intuitive interface makes scheduling, hosting, and attending meetings easy
  • Schedule meetings straight from Outlook
  • PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android apps
  • Single-click meeting start
  • Browser-based; no downloads necessary


  • Try it free for 30 days
  • Paid plans start at $9/month

41. Speek

Hold better conference calls and virtual meetings with Speek. Get a free, personalized Speek link, and you’re on your way to hassle-free meetings. Easily see who has joined, who’s currently in the meeting, share files, chat during calls, and go back through it all with a full, recorded history so you’ll never miss a thing.

Key Features: 

  • See who’s joined and who’s on
  • Add, mute, and remove participants
  • Share files
  • Access complete call history, including dates of calls, participants, files shared, and more
  • Chat or take notes during calls
  • No dial-in numbers or PINs
  • No downloads required to participate
  • Your personal line is always open


  • Basic: FREE – Up to 5 participants, unlimited calls
  • Pro Plus: $19/month – Up to 100 participants, file sharing, call recording
  • Business: $19/user/month and up – Custom branded interface, custom URL

42. Jabber

Enable your freelance and contract hires to maintain their productivity anytime, anywhere, from any device with Jabber. Instant messaging, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing are all at your fingertips for easy collaboration in the field or from office-to-office.

Key Features: 

  • Real-time presence information and instant messaging
  • View availability; chat with individuals or groups
  • HD video and desktop sharing capabilities
  • Powered by Cisco Unified Communications Manager call-control
  • Join telepresence meetings from any device, any location
  • Consistent mobile-to-desktop experience

Cost: Contact for a quote

43. Join.me

Instant screen sharing with powerful meeting tools is at your fingertips with Join.me. Designed to make it easy to start, join, and manage meetings, Join.me is a simplified collaboration tool ideal for communicating with freelance and contract hires locally and across the globe with ease.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited audio
  • Record meetings
  • One-click scheduling with Outlook plugin
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Host meetings from your iPad
  • Hold audio-only conferences from mobile phones
  • Up to 250 participants


  • Basic: FREE – Up to 10 participants
  • Pro: $149/year – Up to 250 participants
  • Enterprise: $19/month – Advanced meeting management

44. IBM Sametime

Integrated voice, data, and video communications put all the collaboration tools you need in a single platform. IBM Sametime lets you integrate communications into your business environment to put communications in context and boost productivity. Know who’s available, when, and communicate using any device, from any location.

Key Features: 

  • Online presence indicators
  • Connect from anywhere, any device
  • Voice and video integration
  • Simple user interface
  • HD audio and video
  • File sharing


  • IBM Sametime Complete Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $124
  • IBM Sametime Complete Authorized User for zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $124
  • IBM Sametime Communicate Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $61.75
  • IBM Sametime Communicate Authorized User for zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $61.75
  • IBM Sametime Conference Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $82.50
  • IBM Sametime Conference Authorized User for zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $82.50

 45. Conceptboard

Faster iterations are a reality with in-context feedback and visual collaboration tools from Conceptboard. No software to download or install; you can access it straight from your browser and easily communicate on design and other visual project with freelancers and contract workers as though you’re in the same room.

Key Features: 

  • Feedback and whiteboard tools
  • No software to download or install
  • Chat and video communication
  • Keep a record of ideas and discussions
  • Communicate visually and in-context
  • Mention @teammates and assign tasks


  • Basic: FREE – Up to 50 sqm storage
  • Team: $8/user/month – Minimum 3 users
  • Enterprise: $49/user/month – Minimum 10 users

46. ScribLink

A free whiteboard for online, visual collaboration in real-time, ScribLink takes the guesswork out of virtual brainstorming. Simply start scribbling, invite others via email or a URL, and visually brainstorm or plan in real-time with up to six people.

Key Features: 

  • Share via email or URL
  • Up to 6 users per board
  • Share completed whiteboards as a file
  • Encrypted with a digital signature for privacy
  • Chatbox and advanced editing tools
  • Upload images

Cost: FREE

47. Scribblar

An online whiteboard for real-time visual communication, coupled with real-time audio, document upload, chatting in-context, and more, Scribblar is the perfect tool for pairing visual and voice, chat, or audio communication so you can see and demonstrate what you’re discussing in real-time.

Key Features: 

  • Ideal for online tutoring or on-boarding
  • Multi-user, real-time whiteboard
  • Upload documents and images
  • Text chat with user list
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Live audio


  • Basic: $9/month – 3 users/room
  • Starter: $14/month – 9 users/room
  • Standard: $24/month – 10 users/room
  • Premium: $39/month – 50 users/room

48. Jive

A leading provider of modern communication and collaboration software for today’s businesses, Jive is a comprehensive solution for communicating with contractors and freelance hires, as well as coordinating the efforts of distributed and remote teams. With a next-generation portal to completely streamline and centralize your communications, you can enhance team productivity like never before.

Key Features: 

  • Company news, up-to-date content, and more in one place
  • Stay in touch via desktop or mobile
  • Liberated, top-down and bottom-up communication
  • Ask questions, give feedback, and translate ideas to action
  • Reinvented employee directory
  • Get instant feedback on actual reach of your messaging
  • Portal for every department
  • Tons of integrations and add-ons

Cost: $12/user/month (Minimum $300/month)

49. TimeBridge

Stop playing schedule tag and coordinate meetings with ease, no matter where your remote team members are located. A single email is all it takes to pinpoint the most opportune time to hold a meeting, and automated email and SMS reminders ensure that everyone arrives on-time so you can get down to business. Then, you can make sure you stay on-target and don’t waste time by measuring your progress against your pre-planned agenda.

Key Features: 

  • Meeting countdown with automated email and SMS reminders
  • One email finds the best time to meet
  • Propose up to 5 meeting times with each invitation
  • Centralize documents, ideas, and details in a single Meeting Room
  • Share meeting agendas and monitor meeting progress against agendas to stay on-task
  • MeetWithMe pages show your availability

Cost: FREE

50.  Wrike

A real-time workspace that allows you and your team to focus on getting things done, Wrike is a simple, yet powerful collaboration and project planning tool. Get one clear, simplified view of projects and progress, manage resources and project timelines centrally to keep everyone on the same page, and much more with Wrike.

Key Features: 

  • Create tasks, attach files, and set due dates
  • Mention @teammates to start discussions and assign tasks
  • Integrates with Excel, Word, Google Drive, and more
  • Turn emails into tasks with a single click


  • FREE: Up to 5 users – 2 GB storage
  • Professional: $49/month – 5 users – 5 GB storage
  • Professional: $99/month – 15 users – 15 GB storage
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Up to thousands of users

51. Meetin.gs

Meetings aren’t just about having discussions, but about taking what was discussed and translating those ideas into action. But it’s easy to forget specifics and tasks just minutes after ending a conference. Enter Meetin.gs, which not only simplifies scheduling meetings in the first place, but offers tools to ensure that everyone is on the same page before, during, and after meetings.

Key Features: 

  • Integrate your calendar and configure availability
  • Let others schedule meetings with you
  • Respond to requests and get notifications on your mobile device
  • Integrate your calendar and contacts
  • Skype conference calls, Google Hangouts and more
  • Track and manage meetings on a timeline
  • Collaborate on agendas and action points
  • Upload, view, and comment on meeting materials


  • 30-day free trial
  • Pro: $12/month/organizer
  • Pro – Yearly: $129/year/organizer

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:


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Food Safety and Supply Chain http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/15/food-safety-supply-chain/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/15/food-safety-supply-chain/#respond Mon, 15 Dec 2014 22:11:51 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22995 Last month we heard from Zintro experts about food safety, an issue responsible for an estimated 2.2 million deaths according to the World Health Organization. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC),... Read More

The post Food Safety and Supply Chain appeared first on Zintro Blog.

foodLast month we heard from Zintro experts about food safety, an issue responsible for an estimated 2.2 million deaths according to the World Health Organization. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), a 21 member group that facilitates economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region, is currently training scientists on innovative rapid detection methods for Salmonella and other food pathogens

Zintro expert Ian Bouchard is a food safety specialist who has been making and marketing consumer products for over 20 years on four continents. He shares his perspective:

Apart from the obvious health implications for improved systems of pathogen detection, there are huge trade consequences. Consumers in North America are bombarded with articles on dangerous ingredients and mislabeled foods coming from Asia. Evidence of food safety expertise can be leveraged to promote goods and will go a long way in assuaging consumers’ fear…this is also about messaging.

The issue also affects the efficiency of the supply chain. APEC members promoting trade with US firms can point to their own compliance with safety protocols, thus making the import process quicker and more reliable. Consumers are ultimately safer and government is called on to do fewer import inspections which saves taxpayers money.

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

The post Food Safety and Supply Chain appeared first on Zintro Blog.

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Inquiry Roundup- Aviation Industry http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/12/inquiry-roundup-aviation-industry/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/12/inquiry-roundup-aviation-industry/#respond Fri, 12 Dec 2014 22:25:19 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22984 Aviation Valuation I have a class of Asset Valuation in Paris and we are supposed to compare Aviation companies such as BA, AF-KLM, LH, Easy Jet and Singapore Airlines. As... Read More

The post Inquiry Roundup- Aviation Industry appeared first on Zintro Blog.

aviationAviation Valuation

I have a class of Asset Valuation in Paris and we are supposed to compare Aviation companies such as BA, AF-KLM, LH, Easy Jet and Singapore Airlines. As follow are the ratios for the industry that we need to achieve our personal and group Valuation .

Aviation Industry
Delta Revenue 2009-13
Delta Revenue 2014-19
Gearing Ratio
Ent Value /EBITDA

Thanks a lot for your time,
View Inquiry


hey there,I would like to know what does the aviation industry need from the aviation academies in order to help people to be successful within the industry and how can such academies achieve that goal?
View Inquiry


I am looking for an expert in the Private Aviation/ Private Jet industry that has experience with the top private jet companies like Gulfstream and Dessault.
-Someone with experience dealing directly with the manufacturers like Gulfstream or Dessault in a sales, marketing, or manufacturing capacity.

-Someone that can advise on selling a product to private jet manufacturers like Gulfstream or Dessault

-Someone that can advise on selling a product to private jet companies like Netjets
View Inquiry


I am looking for an expert in the Private Aviation/ Private Jet industry that has experience with the top private jet companies like Gulfstream and Dessault.
-Someone with experience dealing directly with the manufacturers like Gulfstream or Dessault in a sales, marketing, or manufacturing capacity.

-Someone that can advise on selling a product to private jet manufacturers like Gulfstream or Dessault

-Someone that can advise on selling a product to private jet companies like Netjets
View Inquiry

Click here to see other live Aviation Industry projects

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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Check Out the New MATCHES Algorithm! http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/11/check-new-matches-algorithm/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/11/check-new-matches-algorithm/#respond Thu, 11 Dec 2014 22:05:21 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22919 Are you frustrated with receiving inquiries unrelated to you area of expertise? We understand. That’s why we just released a brand new self-learning matching algorithm that will improve accuracy throughout... Read More

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Are you frustrated with receiving inquiries unrelated to you area of expertise? We understand. That’s why we just released a brand new self-learning matching algorithm that will improve accuracy throughout the Zintro website. In addition to making your e-mail notifications more relevant, it affects all of the other searches you perform on Zintro, including MATCHES and BROWSE.


As an Expert, MATCHES is your control panel– where you tailor your own Zintro experience. Make sure to fine tune your MATCHES to maximize the likelihood that you will receive inquiries that fit your expertise! You can:

  • Edit your areas of expertise.
  • Navigate through Inquiries that match your expertise.
  • Preview the types of results you receive through email to achieve your desired result.
  • Change your precision to the Wide setting to explore inquiries you may otherwise miss, or to Narrow to make your results more precise.

The settings you define in MATCHES will also affect your email notifications.


Qualify for Free Premium by referring Inquiries to your network

Remember: If you receive an inquiry that is not a good match for you, think about your network. Could anyone benefit from this opportunity? If you forward it to other Experts in your Network and they respond to any Inquiry, you can get free Premium on Zintro, which will allow you to highlight every single aspect of your Zintro experience.


Not a good match? let us know…

Our goal is for you to succeed, and improving our matching algorithm is always a priority. If you receive an inquiry that you think is a terrible match for you, we want to know.  We promise to look at each case and either advise you on how to improve your matches or use your situation to improve the core of our matching algorithm. Just reply to the new Inquiry email notification and let us know.

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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“Outsmart the Holiday Weight Gain! (Stress Less, Weigh Less & Live More)” Presented by Rupina Meer http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/10/outsmart-holiday-weight-gain-stress-less-weigh-less-live-presented-rupina-meer/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/10/outsmart-holiday-weight-gain-stress-less-weigh-less-live-presented-rupina-meer/#respond Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:29:39 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22976 Zintro Webinar Presented by Rupina Meer, Holistic Nutritionist, CEO & Founder, Zen-trition. Presenter’s Note: “The Holidays are a wonderful period of celebration, family and gratitude. But there’s something about cold, dark... Read More

The post “Outsmart the Holiday Weight Gain! (Stress Less, Weigh Less & Live More)” Presented by Rupina Meer appeared first on Zintro Blog.


Zintro Webinar

Presented by Rupina Meer, Holistic Nutritionist, CEO & Founder, Zen-trition.

Presenter’s Note:
“The Holidays are a wonderful period of celebration, family and gratitude. But there’s something about cold, dark days and long nights that scream out for comfort filled meals. Plus you’re stressed to the max with your holiday shopping and before you know it, the stealth fat inserts itself in imperceptible degrees and suddenly you’re sporting a muffin top and recoiling in horror from your reflection in the mirror. But you don’t have to fall into this trap!”

About Rupina Meer:
Rupina Meer is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach trained at the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she was privileged to learn from luminaries in the field of functional medicine, including Drs. Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, and Deepak Chopra to name a few. Rupina is also trained as a practitioner in the Hormone Cure Protocol, a program created by Harvard physician and NYT best-selling author of The Hormone Cure, Dr. Sara Gottfried, to teach a new paradigm in women’s health and wellness.

Rupina’s mission is to teach women how to naturally balance their blood sugar and hormones, blast fat and boost energy so they can rock their skinny jeans again and live their dreams without diets, drugs or deprivation. Rupina teaches her clients delicious new ways to eat, think, move, and supplement and has developed a proven system, including bite-sized diet/lifestyle changes along with targeted herbs, and laser coaching–sprinkled with behavior modification tools and accountability–to ensure sustainable results. To learn more, visit http://www.zen-trition.com

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50 Tools for Tracking and Managing Multiple Contractors and Consultants http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/09/50-tools-tracking-managing-multiple-contractors-consultants/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/09/50-tools-tracking-managing-multiple-contractors-consultants/#respond Tue, 09 Dec 2014 21:45:24 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22864 One of the most significant changes for the business world in the 21st century has been the move to a more remote workforce, as opposed employing the traditional in-house workforce.... Read More

The post 50 Tools for Tracking and Managing Multiple Contractors and Consultants appeared first on Zintro Blog.

One of the most significant changes for the business world in the 21st century has been the move to a more remote workforce, as opposed employing the traditional in-house workforce. Today, companies face the challenge of tracking and managing outside resources that are not punching a time clock or even setting foot in their headquarters. Yet, companies need to know that these outside contractors and consultants are putting in the time they report, working productively and efficiently, and remaining true to the project goals and company values.

Hundreds of companies have developed tools and software to help organizations manage their remote workforce. These tools and software packages vary nearly as much as the industry itself, but many of the top tools fit both the needs of executives and managers who need to track and manage their teams and the needs of team members for social collaboration and communication across various channels, project updates, and time tracking. We have searched the web for the 50 most useful tools for tracking and managing multiple contractors and consultants, and we have listed them here, in no particular order.

1. LibrePlan


An open source web application for planning and monitoring projects, LibrePlan also gives project managers and business owners the control they need when managing multiple contractors and consultants.  All team members have access to the project plan with LibrePlan, because all it requires is a browser for access. Company leaders, however, ensure that team members only can access the information they need with LibrePlan’s role-based authorization system and user permissions.

Key Features:

  • Manage resources and make assignments
  • Collaborate with multiple team members on multiple projects
  • Track hours, measure progress, and calculate project costs

Cost: FREE

 2. project-open[ EPM]

ProjectOpen Enterprise Project Management If you are looking for an integrated solution to manage portfolios or projects with multiple contractors and consultants, ]project-open[ Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is a smart choice. ]project-open[ EPM makes it possible for enterprise leaders to keep track of project plans, project progress, manage budgets, forecast costs and risks, mark milestones, and more.

Key Features:

  • Store project information in one repository to share across the organization, with user access rights
  • Track project progress, finances, and resource consumption and compare to approved plans
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and automate executive project and portfolio reports
  • Assign project information updates to project managers

Cost: FREE

3. Cora Solutions

Cora Solutions

Cora Systems develops web-based project management software, and Cora Solutions include several options for businesses and enterprises of all sizes, in various industries. Cora Systems’ Project Vision, a SaaS portfolio and project management software tool, is one solution for businesses managing multiple projects with several contractors or consultants.

Key Features:

  • Fully web-based portfolio and project management solution
  • Integrated view of project and financial information
  • Qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators
  • Budget analysis with planned and actual costs over time
  • Risk and issue management

Cost: Contact for a quote

4. Sqwiggle


Companies often have individuals and teams working on projects from remote locations, and it can be difficult for them to remain in contact. Sqwiggle is a tool that helps company leaders, team members, and independent contractors and consultants collaborate and communicate quickly and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Instant 1-on-1 discussions or group video conference calls
  • Integrates with popular tools such as Github, Travis, Zapier, and more
  • Create unlimited team chats that include rich media previews, drag-and-drop file sharing, and @mentions
  • Securely share files, screenshots, and other images


  • FREE – unlimited 1-on-1 video chat, all day team presence, unlimited API integrations, up to 5 chat streams, 5GB file storage, full API access, great support
  • Plus: $9/user/month – unlimited group chat for up to 10 people, all day team presence, unlimited API integrations, unlimited chat streams, 15GB file storage, full API access, priority support, user/team management, administrative security controls
  • Enterprise: $25+/user/month – all Plus features, plus 20GB file storage, and dedicated support rep

5. activeCollab


activeCollab is a tool to keep everyone involved in a project, from the business owner to the independent consultants, on the same page. Teams are more productive when they have the ability to communicate easily, and activeCollab makes that possible.

Key Features:

  • Team hub keeps the team working together, regardless of their location
  • Delegate tasks, share files, and discuss topics
  • One, easy to use and understand workspace
  • Preview all projects in the Timeline view
  • Project organization with task management including due dates, category labels, priorities, and more
  • Track time and expenses, set project budgets, and generate invoices, payment reports, and payment summaries

Cost: All plans include unlimited clients, unlimited projects, SSL encryption, daily backups, and free support via email, chat or phone. Pay yearly and get two months free.

  • Small: $25/month – 5 team members, 5GB disk space
  • Medium: $49/month – 15 team members, 15 GB disk space
  • Large: $99/month – 30 team members, 30 GB disk space
  • Extra Large: $199/month – 60 team members, 60 GB disk space
  • Mega: $299/month – unlimited team members, 500 GB disk space

6. Assembla Portfolio

Assembla Portfolio

Built specifically for organizations and enterprises that need to manage more than 20 projects and multiple vendors, Assembla Portfolio brings together teams online. Assembla Portfolio makes collaborating on tasks and code with multiple contractors and consultants much more feasible.

Key Features:

  • One point of control for assets
  • Launch and restart faster
  • Quickly see status across projects and teams
  • Easily add, switch, and manage contributors

Cost: Free trial for 30 days available

  • Professional: $24-199/month, up to 100 users – up to 50 projects, 5GB-60GB storage, cloud environment, email and phone support
  • Portfolio: $10/user/month, minimum 20 users – unlimited projects, unlimited storage, cloud or private server environment, email and phone support, dedicated account manager, and custom setup and training

7. Central Desktop

Central Desktop

Central Desktop wants to make collaboration easier and more efficient than ever before. Their online-collaboration platform versions, tailored to small businesses, large businesses, or marketers and agencies take into account that different types of teams work in different ways.

Key Features:

  • Connect people, content, and customers in the cloud
  • One private, secure, centralized website
  • Access files, calendars, conversations, project plans, and more from work, home, or on the go
  • Automatically assign tasks, update databases, send email reminders, and more to work productively
  • Share and communicate with multiple contractors and consultants as easily as you do with in-house employees

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Central Desktop Professional: $99/month – for small businesses or departments, for up to 30 users
  • Central Desktop for Enterprise: Contact for a quote – for medium to large companies or departments
  • Central Desktop for Agencies + Marketers: Contact for a quote – for creative, digital, interactive, and marketing agencies

8. Confluence


Confluence provides one place for teams to share, find, and collaborate on the information that is necessary for them to get the job done. Managing multiple contractors and consultants is much simpler wit Confluence, because it eliminates email and meetings that become a hassle for remote teams.

Key Features:

  • Task due dates and reporting
  • Action items, document sign-offs, and project deliverables
  • Dedicated task view and task report transparency with roll-up task reports
  • JIRA integration

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Team Collaboration: starts at $10/month for 10 users
  • Team Collaboration + Calendars: starts at $20/month for 10 users
  • Team Collaboration +Q&A: starts at $20/month for 10 users
  • All-in: starts at $30/month for 10 users

9. Kapost


A specialized tool for marketing teams that need to strategize, execute, and deliver results, Kapost is an end-to-end content marketing platform. The Kapost platform aids marketing teams with multiple contractors and consultants to work collaboratively across departments, regions, and product lines so that every member of the team knows what needs to be done and when.

Key Features:

  • Planning and workflow tools to map content, plan multifaceted campaigns, and track everything with an automated calendar
  • Intuitive production features make collaborative content production a reality
  • Get powerful analytics and then draw the content roadmap based on results
  • Largest number of integrations in the industry

Cost: Contact for a quote

10. Producteev


Producteev is an extremely popular task management software solution because it allows organizations to invite and collaborate with as many people as necessary. That’s why, for tracking and managing multiple contractors and consultants, Producteev is an easy choice.

Key Features:

  • Create team projects, assign and schedule tasks, and track progress
  • Instantly create tasks, assign them, set due dates, and push through to completion
  • Decrease the need for meetings by following up on previous meeting action items
  • Manage dispersed teams with iPhone, iPad, Android, web, Mac OS, and Outlook apps


  • FREE – everything needed for team task management with unlimited users, projects, and tasks and subtasks
  • Pro: $99/month – all of the FREE features, plus premium enterprise-grade features with Outlook integration for Windows, personalized support and response in 24 hours, and customization of network colors and logo

11. Psoda


Psoda is a set of online modules intended to help professionals manage programs, projects, requirements, testing, and product development. Organizations are free to choose a single module or mix and match to get just the right combination of Psoda modules for their business needs. Specifically, the program and project management module makes it possible for program and project managers to track and manage multiple contractors and consultants more easily.

Key Features:

  • Prioritize projects in portfolios
  • Plan and track tasks, track milestones, and register risks and issues
  • Plan budgets, manage expenses, and make use of the timesheet tools
  • Benefits Realization tool


  • Pay-as-you-go plan: $37/user/month
  • System administrator license: $112/three units – access all four modules plus custom report templates, custom workflows, and custom access control

12. Beesy


Beesy.me allows for multi-device collaboration that improves communication and interaction between all of the team members, contractors, and consultants. With Beesy, get the most from your team by planning and coordinating actions, sharing files and rich media, and receiving updates in real time.

Key Features:

  • Safe and secure synchronization across devices
  • Automatically delegate actions to team members
  • Get real time updates on actions quickly
  • Easily manage collaborative projects


  • Me Free: FREE – online platform to manage daily business
  • Me Sync: 5€/user/month – safe and secure synchronization across all devices with all of the Free plan features, plus unlimited number of actions and 1GB/month media upload
  • Me Pro: 5€/user/month – use Beesy everywhere with all of the Free plan features, plus unlimited number of actions, project and people reports, attachments on notes and projects, and mail to task premium
  • Me Team: Contact for a price – increase business efficiency with all of the Free plan features, plus smart collaborative features including automatic action delegations to team members, collaborative notes, and team project sharing

13. Kitovu


Kitovu is a do-it-all cloud-based system that teams and agencies choose for managing consultants, clients, and tasks. Packed full of options and features, Kitovu is flexible enough that it works for teams of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple projects under clients or for in-house campaigns and assign tasks based on clients or projects
  • Project visibility that centralizes teams and helps them to collaborate on tasks
  • View who is doing the work and discussions about it without using email
  • Maintains clear records of work to improve team productivity


  • FREE – up to 5 users, unlimited guest users, clients, projects, and tasks, and 100MB file storage
  • Premium: $5/user/month – unlimited guest users, full users, clients, projects, and tasks, restrict user access, user privileges, task checklists, calendar sync, automatic upgrades, and 2GB file storage

14. Abak 360

Abak 360

The Abak software suite makes it simple for business leaders to manage multiple contractors and consultants, projects, finances, processes, and assignments. Abak also includes timesheet and billing software that includes project setup, invoicing, and advanced reporting tools, to make it a robust tool.

Key Features:

  • Configurable alerts for project completion or problems
  • See who is available for projects at any time
  • Project-based document management
  • Integration with Efficient 360 and EPM Cloud 360 for accounting and payroll

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. TrackerSuite.Net


TrackerSuite.Net is a suite of integrated web applications for web-based project management, time sheets, purchasing, resource management, and more. Because TrakcerSuite.Net is a web-based solution, organizations choose it to track and manage multiple contractors and consultants who are remote members of project teams.

Key Features:

  • Project Tracker.Net offers project portfolios, centralized project files, and document management capabilities
  • Time Tracker.Net combines automatic reminders with web timesheets so users can report time from any location to streamline and secure the time reporting process
  • Expense Tracker.Net allows remote contractors and consultants to submit expenses with international forms that support multiple currencies that are securely routed to designated approvers to review

Cost: Contact for a quote

16. Beyond Software

Beyond Software

Powerful, yet easy to use project management software, Beyond Software is geared toward small businesses and helps them in tracking and managing multiple contractors and consultants via the web. With seamless QuickBooks integration and access from anywhere, any time, Beyond Software helps organizations move forward.

Key Features:

  • Track job costs and analyze results in real time
  • Project visibility with project management tools to see all aspects of a project and proactively manage them
  • Time management makes it easy for team members to record their time down to the task level on projects


  • Track Business Expense: starting at $10/month – support and infrastructure, implementation and training, administration, document management, and upload expense receipts
  • Track Attendance and Time Off: starting at $10/month – support and infrastructure, implementation and training, administration, document management, time and attendance tracking, and billable vs. non-billable hours
  • Track Time and Cost: starting at $10/month – all Attendance and Time Off features, plus costing and tracking and expense features
  • Track Time, Cost and Billing: starting at $15/month – all Time and Cost features, plus billing rates, invoice formats, project margins by project type, realization and utilization rates, and voucher creation

17. Unanet


Unanet provides Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management software for organizations that need to manage multiple projects and people, including contractors and consultants. With Unanet’s Project Portfolio Management Solution, business leaders can reliably plan, track, and oversee opportunity and project management, resource scheduling, forecasting and budgeting, Gantt charts and projects reporting, and invoicing and revenue recognition.

Key Features:

  • Real time visual insight into project progress and performance
  • Optimize resources based on availability, skills, and budget
  • Improve accuracy, time, and costs for timesheet and expense report data captured via the web
  • Report on direct and indirect project costs and project profitability in real time

Cost: Contact for a quote

18. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

Often, business leaders and program managers are so busy with administration that they don’t have enough time to strategize and plan. With ADP Workforce Now, organization leaders have more time to enhance their business and spend less time tracking and managing their employees, contractors, and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Take control of payroll and tax compliance
  • Simple self-service time and attendance tools
  • Executive dashboard for increased visibility and meaningful actionable insights
  • ADP Mobile Solutions App

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. Klokwork Team Console

Klokwork Team Console

Track and manage multiple contractors and consultants with Klokwork Team Console. Organization executives also can efficiently manage projects and resource assignments for teams from a single location, plus get analytic views and insights across projects and resources with Klokwork’s aggregate reporting.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of Klok Pro users can track time against the same projects
  • Set up projects the way you need to with flexible project hierarchies
  • Analytic views and insights across resources, projects, and time entry tags
  • Own and manage your own data without a hosting service, cloud storage, or servers that need to be set up

Cost: $99.99

20. Cube Anywhere

Cube Anywhere

A large part of tracking and managing contractors and consultants is tracking time and expenses to keep on top of project costs. Cube Anywhere is a solution for businesses to do just that.

Key Features:

  • Log in with existing Google, Google Apps, Yahoo or AOL accounts
  • Access any time, anywhere with a web browser or from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • Integrates with online data from Google, Twitter, GitHub, Bitbucket, and others
  • Real time project costs with interactive charts at the team member, project, client, and company level
  • Create project teams and assign tasks
  • Approve or reject time and expenses
  • Tag data and report, chart, or filter based on the tags

Cost: $6.99/user/month

21. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool

With Kanban Tool, organizations get a lean and smart way of visually managing work, teams, and projects, even those that involve multiple contractors and consultants. With a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop time tracking tool, Kanban Tool is the first Kanban Board with seamless time tracking.

Key Features:

  • Drag tasks to working columns and the timer starts itself
  • Useful, insightful time reports provide visibility to see how much time teams spend on activities
  • A perfect fit for small and large businesses

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Team: $5/user/month – unlimited boards and file attachments
  • Enterprise: $9/user/month – all Team features, plus time tracking and reporting

22. Acunote


An agile project management tool and Scrum software, Acunote works for companies of nearly any size to manage software development, IT projects, and online projects. With Acunote, teams keep track of to-do lists while business executives track the work of hundreds of employees.

Key Features:

  • Fast and easy to use, for both technical and nontechnical users
  • Shows actual progress in burn-up charts
  • Provides powerful analytics and reports for any level of the company
  • Works as a unified project management, communication, and collaboration tool
  • Integrates with existing tools like Google Apps, GitHub, JIRA, and more

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • Business: $49/month for up to 7 users, additional users: $10/user/month – best for a single team, unlimited projects, sprints, and wikis, Scrum Agile management, and basic analytics
  • Corporate: $99/month for up to 7 users, additional users: $20/user/month – best for multiple teams, all Business plan features, plus IT and Product management and advanced analytics
  • Enterprise: $149/month for up to 7 users, additional users: $30/user/month – best for matrix organizations, all Corporate plan features, plus enterprise analytics and enterprise access control and support

23. 10,000ft


10,000ft is “design-driven software to better manage your business, teams, and projects.” With 10,000ft, business leaders get a bird’s-eye view of project progress and team member availability, as well as project budgets and time spent. Get the big picture of your projects and team members with 10,000ft.

Key Features:

  • Look across projects and track multiple teams at once
  • Pre-populated time sheets and custom time entry settings to make time tracking fit your needs
  • Time entry data and bill rate information sync to create real-time budget status reports
  • Update your plan on the fly and immediately see the impact on the project’s budget
  • Real-time business analytics provide high visibility

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • Up to 5 members: $49/month
  • Up to 10 members: $99/month
  • Up to 20 members: $199/month
  • Up to 30 members: $299/month
  • Up to 40 members: $399/month
  • Up to 60 members: $599/month
  • Up to 100 members: $899/month
  • 100+ members: Contact for a quote

24. Hall


Hall provides real-time chat and text for business teams, to enhance collaboration and communication. Business leaders use Hall to bring teams together and manage remote workers, such as contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Chat, share files, and create groups with people inside and outside of the company
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web
  • Group and private chat
  • Secure communication
  • Integrate with Dropbox, Hubot, GitHub, Box, and more


  • Teams: FREE – unlimited users, groups, and integrations
  • Departments: $4/user/month – all Free plan features, plus user management and data export
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – all Department plan features, plus advanced analytics, data retention policy, active directory sync, SSO, HIPAA compliance, and dedicated support

25. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a quick, simple way for teams and team leaders to keep track of projects and tasks. Google Tasks makes managing all team members, including contractors and consultants, possible from anywhere, any time.

Key Features:

  • Gmail – Easily convert emails into tasks and use keyboard shortcuts to save time
  • Mobile – Visit gmail.com/tasks from a mobile browser to get started
  • Calendar – Create tasks and due dates that automatically appear on the Google Calendar

Cost: FREE

26. HiTask


HiTask, an online task and project management tool suited for individuals and teams, is a solution for business leaders to synchronize tasks and projects between team members, mobile devices, and Google Calendar. Tracking and managing hundreds of employees, contractors, and consultants is simple with HiTask.

Key Features:

  • Create hierarchical subtasks, add tags, and organize projects
  • Attach files to tasks and projects and share them with teams
  • Generate time and progress reports
  • Generate reports by time, project, or single tasks and get an overview of project progress
  • Synchronize with Google Calendar and Google Tasks


  • 5 user licenses: $10/month paid monthly, $54/6 months paid every 6 months, or $96/year paid annually
  • 10 user licenses: $40/month paid monthly, $216/6 months paid every 6 months, or $384/year paid annually
  • 15 user licenses: $87/month paid monthly, $417.60/6 months paid every 6 months, or $730.80/year paid annually
  • 20 user licenses: $116/month paid monthly, $556.80/6 months paid every 6 months, or $974.40/year paid annually
  • 25 user licenses: $145/month paid monthly, $696/6 months paid every 6 months, or $1218/year paid annually
  • 50 user licenses: $290/month paid monthly, $1392/6 months paid every 6 months, or $2436/year paid annually
  • 100 user licenses: $580/month paid monthly, $2784/6 months paid every 6 months, or $4872/year paid annually

27. Nozbe


A cross-platform project and time management application, Nozbe helps teams complete tasks and projects while making it easy for executives to manage contractors, consultants, and projects at the same time. Nozbe Founder and CEO Michael Sliwinski guarantees Nozbe teams will become more productive in the first days of using Nozbe, and he includes his best productivity advice and his “10-Steps to Ultimate Productivity” course when you sign up for Nozbe.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use web interface and free app for web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, or iPhone
  • Share projects with team members, delegate tasks with one click, and attach comments to tasks or files to projects
  • Connect tools from programs you already use – like Evernote notes, Google or Microsoft Office documents, Dropbox or Box files – or sync with Google Calendar or Evernote Reminders

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • 1-2 members: $10/month paid monthly or $8/month paid annually
  • Add additional members: $5/month paid monthly or $4/month paid annually

28. Vitalist


Based on productivity guru David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD), Vitalist is Online Getting Things Done software meant to helps teams increase productivity while collaborating and communicating. Business leaders trust Vitalist for their employees, contractors, and consultants because it is based on Allen’s acclaimed system.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate updating documents, spreadsheets, or paper to-do lists
  • Vitalists are online in GTD format, easily accessed and updated from anywhere
  • Categorize tasks into specific lists or buckets
  • Share tasks, attach files, and use SSL secure data transmission for team projects

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days available

  • FREE – unlimited actions, 5 projects, 5 contexts, 5 contacts, 5 smart searches
  • Basic: $5/month or $49/year – unlimited actions, 25 projects, 25 contexts, 25 contacts, 10 smart searches, 250MB file storage, offline access, sharing, email support
  • Premium: $10/month or $99/year – unlimited actions, unlimited projects, unlimited contexts, unlimited contacts, unlimited smart searches, 1GB file storage, SSL security, offline access, sharing, email support

29. RoboHead


Geared toward creative and marketing users for their high volume, fast turn projects, RoboHead is project management software and a project tracking tool that helps organizations manage people, dates, deadlines, and their creative deliverables. RoboHead’s real-time information lets everyone, from leaders and managers, to contractors and consultants, to clients, know the progress and people involved in each project.

Key Features:

  • Configurable dashboards with metrics, recent activity, weekly activity graphs, and reports
  • Configurable project request form
  • Project Summary with the summary tab for quick overview of dates, status, metrics, and recent activity
  • Scheduling View with a traditional Gantt chart view
  • Annotation and Approval to upload files and URLs for annotation, versioning, and approving

Cost: Contact for a quote

30. TimeDoctor


Time Doctor is time and task management software suited for individuals and organizations that are looking to be more productive and work more efficiently, even from remote locations. A collaboration tool that tracks time accurately, TimeDoctor is a good fit for organizations that need to track and manage multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Track total time worked by each team member and see how much time is spent on projects, clients, and tasks
  • Helps users avoid distractions by tracking their activities during work time and nudging them if it detects excessive amounts of time on YouTube, Facebook, or other personal web browsing sites
  • Silently records application and internet usage for all users during work time and generates weekly reports on time spent on email, chat, websites, and applications for managers
  • Integrates with the most popular management platforms including Basecamp, Asana, Podio, Teamwork, and others
  • Reporting Tools include poor time use report, absent and late report, web and app usage report, all tasks report, and more

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • FREE plan with limited features
  • Solo Plan: $5/month – limited features
  • Time Doctor Plan: $9.99/user/month – unlimited projects/tasks, unlimited storage
    • For accounts with at least 2 users, 1 user is always free

31. Content Cloud

Content Cloud

Designed with content teams in mind, Content Cloud is “a complete solution for your content planning, ideation, production and distribution.” Project and team leaders easily manage teams of contractors and consultants with Content Cloud because it enables them to create content themes and pre-filled tasks and members, without needing to create manual tasks.

Key Features:

  • Editor’s dashboard to control every single story worked on by the editorial team
  • My Tasks make it simple to keep track of current and future tasks
  • Plan the content strategy visually with the Editorial Calendar
  • Use the Idearoom to brainstorm ideas with team members before converting them to assignments
  • Rich text editor is designed for collaboration
  • A single page of user insights provides real-time insights for each team member

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days

  • FREE – 2 team members/users and 1 site
  • Starter: $25/month – 5 team members/users and 1 site
  • Business: $56/month – 7 team members/users and 1 site
  • Pro: $59/month – 10 team members/users and 3 sites
  • Premium: $127/month – 15 team members/users and 5 sites
  • Enterprise: $257/month – 25 team members/users and 5 sites
  • Custom: Contact for a quote – unlimited team members/users and unlimited sites

32. notedock


Notedock gives organizations and project teams one place to keep and share notes, links, and files in an organized, virtual library. With Notedock, you can be sure all project members, including those working from remote location and as contractors and consultants, can find and access all of the information they need in order to work productively and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • A central hub for everything the team needs
  • Centralized discussions with annotations so everyone is in the loop and can share what they know
  • Customized search queries
  • Collaborate with other teams, departments, and outside contractors
  • Create limited access users who can view only specified pages
  • Access from anywhere, with a web-enabled phone or tablet


  • FREE – 10 users, Dropbox integration, advanced searching
  • Premium: $5/month/user – unlimited users, Dropbox integration and 1GB storage per user, advanced searching, advanced tag management

33. Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker

Comindware is a tool for “connecting all the dots – tasks, processes, and projects – to let teams work smarter.” With Comindware Tracker for Task Management, workflow-based task management software, organizations easily track tasks for in-house employees, contractors, and consultants.

Key Features:

  • All tasks and related documents are available in a single location
  • Highly scalable and easily configurable for individual task tracking and workflow setup
  • Visibility into daily operations, priorities, and task completion progress
  • Improved productivity with clearly defined task handovers

Cost: Contact for a quote

34. DeskAway


DeskAway, a project management platform, is perfect for organizations that want to help employees, contractors, and consultants get their projects done. As a web-based project collaboration software solution, DeskAway provides teams with a central place to organize, manage, and track work.

Key Features:

  • Group shared activities into projects and track them from anywhere
  • Get real-time updates and subscribe to project history RSS
  • Manage and track goals and deadlines for each project
  • Delegate and track tasks, share comments, upload files, and track time
  • Move cloned tasks to another project or task list
  • Monthly view of all tasks within a particular project

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • FREE: – 1 project, 2 users, 25MG storage
  • Professional: $25/month – 25 projects, 20 users, 2GB storage, 5 templates
  • Plus: $49/month – 55 projects, unlimited users, 15GB storage, 25 templates
  • Power: $99/month – 135 projects, unlimited users, 35GB storage, 50 templates
  • Super Power: $179/month – unlimited projects, unlimited users, 100GB storage, unlimited templates

35. ProofHub


ProofHub is a web-based project management and collaboration tool. Project members can plan, organize, and deliver projects of any type, and business leaders can manage members, all with the help of ProofHub.

Key Features:

  • Reporting tool plots clear pictures of projects’ status with burn-up charts, timesheet reports, roadmap, and more
  • Create user roles with a fine-grained set of access privileges
  • Mange schedules, set priorities, and monitor the teams’ progress with Gantt charts

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • Nano: $15/month – for individuals and freelancers, 10 projects, 3GB storage, unlimited users, time tracking, and all core features
  • Standard: $49/month – for start-ups and small companies, 40 projects, 15GB storage, unlimited users, Gantt chart, plus all Nano plan and core features
  • Premium: $99/month – for mid-sized companies, 100 projects, 40GB storage, unlimited users, custom roles and domain, group chat, advanced security, plus all Standard plan and core features
  • Enterprise: $149/month – for corporates, unlimited projects, 100GB storage, unlimited users, reports, plus all Premium plan and core features

36. Hubstaff


Hubstaff, a time tracking software solution, makes it easier for business leaders and project managers to track outside consultants and contractors and remote teams. Hubstaff takes screenshots and integrates with Basecamp to simplify time tracking.

Key Features:

  • Screenshots, activity levels, timesheets, and reports
  • Get in-depth reporting as Hubstaff runs as an application on the desktop to easily track time
  • Time tracking tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days and all annual plans feature 2 FREE months

  • Solo Lite: FREE – 1 user, time tracking, limited screenshot storage, keyboard and mouse activity, employee payments, 24/7 support, limited user settings
  • Solo: $5/month – 1 user, all Solo Lite plan features, plus more screenshots and per user settings
  • Team of 3: $15/month – 3 users, all Solo plan features
  • Team of 5: $25/month – 5 users, all Solo plan features
  • Team of 10: $49/month – 10 users, all Solo plan features
  • Larger Teams: starting at $99/month – up to 100 users, all Solo plan features
  • Teams of 100+: Contact for a quote

37. Slack


Slack strives “to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.” To that end, Slack is a platform for team communication that provides everything the team needs in one place, even if members are outside contractors and consultants or work from remote locations.

Key Features:

  • All team communication in one place, instantly searchable, and available from anywhere, any time
  • Create open channels for projects, groups, and topics that teams share
  • Increase visibility with built-in discoverability, complete history, and search capabilities across all channels
  • Channels include messages, files and comments, inline images and video, rich link summaries, and integration with popular services like Twitter, Dropbox, and Google Drive


  • Lite: FREE – 10,000 message searchable archive, 5 external integrations, free native apps for iOS, Android, and Mac Desktop
  • Standard: $6.67/user/month paid annually – fully searchable archive with unlimited messages, unlimited external integrations, free native apps for iOS< Android, and Mac Desktop, simple usage statistics, custom message retention policies, guest access, premium support,
  • Plus: $12.50/user/month paid annually – all Standard features, plus detailed usage statistics, reporting, and analysis, and priority support
  • Coming in 2015 – Enterprise: $49-$99/user/month paid annually – all Plus features

38. Worksnaps


Specifically designed to track the time spent by remote work, Worksnaps is devoted to small teams and businesses. Business owners and leaders will know exactly what their contractors and consultants worked on by seeing screenshots and knowing exactly how your remote teams spent their day.

Key Features:

  • Track time and verify work with screenshots
  • Review each Worksnap individually with a full-resolution screenshot of the user’s computer screen
  • Get reports on the numbers of mouse clicks, key stroke, applications, and executables used each minute
  • Easily manage teams by assigning users to different projects and controlling user access to projects
  • Assign specific roles and permission controls to define operations and determine who can see whose screenshots
  • Tailor each user’s settings to control how Worksnaps behaves when tracking time

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • FREE – 1 user, 1 project
  • Starter: $20/month – 4 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
  • Team: $40/month – 10 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
  • Department: $70/month – 20 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
  • Business: $90/month – 30 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
    • For more than 30 users, add additional users at $3/month

39. inMotion


inMotionNow is “a workflow automation solution for enterprise creative teams, combining project management with creative brief management and online proofing. The highlight of inMotionNow is its integration of features with its online proofing and creative brief management tools, which improves project visibility, tracking, and information sharing for project teams that include remote workers such as contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Personalized project workspaces
  • Shared project dashboards
  • Project folders serve as virtual folders for all of the team’s work
  • Unlimited, customizable project templates
  • Task reports provide visibility into task status and milestones for team members and managers

Cost: Contact for a quote

40. WorkTech


WorkTech provides flexible time and attendance software to help organizations reduce costs and increase productivity. Geared toward the manual labor industry, WorkTech also includes tools for contractor cost tracking and labor analytics.

Key Features:

  • Time and attendance software is 100% configurable
  • Track all contractor costs in one application for contractors and managers
  • Use labor analytics to get detailed reports to manage teams more effectively

Cost: Contact for a quote

41. Patriot Software

Patriot 1099 Software

Sometimes, small businesses need practical software to make payroll, time and attendance, and 1099 paperwork simple and accurate. Patriot Software is an affordable solution, especially for small businesses that track and manage multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Process 1099-MISC payments anytime, any where you have online access
  • Track outside contractor and consultant pay
  • Easily pay contractors and vendors by printing on pre-printed check stock
  • Vendor Payment History, Missing 1099 Information, 1099 Summary, and 1096 Summary Reports


  • 1099 Software: $7.50/month – pay contractors and vendors, free setup and support, unlimited payments to vendors, create and print 1099 and 1096 forms, vendor and 1099 reports
  • Accounting Software: $12.50/month – track all money coming in and going out, all 1099 Software features, plus track expenses, income and money, create invoices, record payments, track unpaid invoices, and track bank deposits and withdrawals

42. Avalara


Avalara protects businesses from audit penalties and ensures IRS compliance when managing multiple outside contractors and consultants. A web-based tool, Avalara “provides Accounts Payable departments with a turnkey solution to 1099 reporting.”

Key Features:

  • Automated 1099 delivery
  • Built-in W-9 and B-Notice remediation processing
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Automatic updates ensure the highest level of compliance
  • Bulk TIN matching

Cost: Contact for a quote

43. Sciforma


Sciforma provides “world-class” portfolio and project management software. A customizable PPM solution, Sciforma gives project managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better, even when teams work remotely and are comprise of outside contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Define projects by planning, organizing, and managing deliverables, resources, and cost items for a successful outcome
  • Team members can view upcoming assignments, update work items, and request non-working days easiy
  • Team members input effort directly into Sciforma for up-to-date project progress
  • Demand management with classification, discussion, and review
  • Quickly identify project or task issues, assign responsibility to a resource, track resolution progress, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. PowerSteering


For top-down program and portfolio management, PowerSteering is a smart solution. PowerSteering is known for bringing strategy to life, delivering optimal business results, and putting executives and project managers in control of all team members, whether they are in-house employees or outside contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based PPM software
  • Improve visibility and planning, without mandating granular task and resource tracking
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Highly configurable Visual Portals and Dashboards
  • Manage programs and strategies as discrete objects with their own attributes and workflows

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. EPMLive


A cloud-based project management and collaboration platform, EPMLive “extends work management to all areas of the business, regardless of focus.” EPMLive is suited for organizations that need to manage multiple teams with contractors and consultants and to give those teams a tool for collaborating on projects across the organization.

Key Features:

  • Social collaboration with connections to Microsoft Outlook and other business productivity applications
  • Project discussion boards included in project workspace templates
  • Create project wikis for enhanced collaboration
  • Scalability to meet one project or a whole portfolio of projects
  • Manage schedules with a variety of scheduling methods and tools to meet each project manager’s needs

Cost: Contact for a quote

46. Tenrox


Tenrox is cloud-based project management software that provides real-time visibility into your projects. Tenrox allows organizations to manage a remote workforce, even one that is globally dispersed, including enforcing work policies, ensuring regulations compliance, and assessing project health and project cost and revenue.

Key Features:

  • Project workforce management
  • Professional services automation
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Simple phased implementation
  • Graphical workflow engine
  • Built-in integrations with leading business applications and solutions

Cost: Contact for a quote

47. Genius Project


A SaaS, hosted, and Lotus Notes based project management and project portfolio management software, Genius Project is the “smarter way to manage projects.” Organizations choose Genius Project when they need enterprise project management software that is flexible and configurable enough to meet the needs of a wide array of project teams and types, including those that involve the management of multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and Gantt charts
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Project tracking
  • Cost and budget management
  • Demand and document management
  • Project invoicing
  • Social team collaboration
  • Dashboards and reporting


  • Standard: $19.95/user/month billed annually – for small project teams, 10 user packs, standard configuration, project and task management, document management and collaboration, resource management, time, billing and invoicing
  • Professional: $29.95/user/month billed annually (1 year term) – for any team size, complete suite, minimum 10 users, all Standard plan features plus free readers, tailored configuration and setup, unlimited tailored workflows, unlimited customizable fields
  • Enterprise: $39.95/user/month billed annually (1 year term) – tailored to meet your needs, minimum 50 users, all Professional plan features plus hosted on-premise option, Genius Connector for integrations, purchase option, typed license option, development and archival sandbox

48. Innotas


Innotas allows for managers to make strategic and real-time project and portfolio management decisions, plus provides a central location for project management. With visibility into projects, programs, and resources, Innotas makes it easy for organizations to manage multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Break down program or departmental silos for greater visibility
  • Configurable dashboards and reports for real-time data and insights
  • Proactive management and analysis with visibility into current resource capacity to measure utilization and ability to take on more work

Cost: Contact for a quote

49. Sequentra


The Sequentra Program Management Module is full of features to help organizations effectively and efficiently plan and manage global projects via web access. Sequentra provides real-time visibility into operating and capital project status and activities, so it allows organizations to easily track and manage their remote workforce.

Key Features:

  • Support consistent processes and workflow
  • Provide easy to use tools to project managers
  • Manage all documents to support your team and track your contracts
  • Tailored dashboards deliver key, live information for an entire program of activity

Cost: Contact for a quote

50. Clarizen for Project Managers

Clarizen For Project Managers

With Clarizen, organizations get a powerful project management tool with social collaboration features to build high-performance teams. Clarizen is an enterprise project management solution that helps all team members, traditional employees or outside contractors and consultants, work more efficiently and productively.

Key Features:

  • Merges the power of the cloud with social communications for real-time updates, insights, and collaboration
  • Empower 3D conversations and link conversations on your news feed to work execution, including tasks, action items, and more
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project planning
  • Document and resource management
  • Templates
  • Change requests and issues management
  • Task management
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Budget and expense management

Cost: All plan costs are based on a 36-month plan paid in full in advance

  • Professional Editon: $29.95/user/month – work execution software for small to medium businesses
  • Enterprise Edition: $44.95/user/month – customize business rules to meet enterprise requirements
  • Unlimited Edition: $54.95/user/month – unlimited customization, ideal for large enterprises

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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3 Best Invoicing Tools for Freelancers http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/08/3-best-invoicing-tools-freelancers/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/08/3-best-invoicing-tools-freelancers/#respond Mon, 08 Dec 2014 22:19:45 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22953 Freelance consultants and contractors don’t earn a regular weekly paycheck. Instead, they receive payment for each project they complete, usually for several clients at a time. Keeping up can be... Read More

The post 3 Best Invoicing Tools for Freelancers appeared first on Zintro Blog.

Invoice Zintro PostFreelance consultants and contractors don’t earn a regular weekly paycheck. Instead, they receive payment for each project they complete, usually for several clients at a time. Keeping up can be a challenge, particularly when payments are delayed. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable (and cost effective) billing system to keep the process organized. Check out the following list of invoice tools designed to do the job well for free.

Simple Invoices

Simple Invoices is- in a word- simple! It is a free and open-source web-based system that quickly creates professional invoices. Setup is fast- just install the software and you are ready to enter billing info. There are several invoices to choose from and you can control invoice wording. Use PayPal for your business? There is PayPal payment gateway support. Also track inventory, estimates, quotes and more. With Simple Invoices, you can save your invoices as several file types (PDF, Word, Excel, or text). A hosted version is available for $4/month.

PayPal Payments

One of the biggest benefits of PayPal payment is that your clients don’t need a PayPal account to pay. Create invoices with one click and a few details and they can pay with a credit card from the instructions they receive via email. The search feature help you locate past invoices by customer and date. Save your template so you can insert addresses directly from your contact list.


Wave is an invoicing tool with tons of extra features. Send unlimited professional invoices at no cost. It tracks payments, partial payments and overdue notices and works with any sales tax. Set it up so that you receive a message when your invoice is viewed. Clients can pay with a credit card.. With the new Invoice by Wave mobile app you can design and track apps from anywhere, which is helpful for consultants on the go.


Another quick solution is to access the templates from companies such as Billable by AppFactory and Invoiceto.me. Double-click on a field to enter your own text. The template handles pricing and taxes. Then download to PDF or print off to send via snail mail.

As a consultant you have enough to keep track of without having to worry about billing. Try one of these free apps and it will be one less task to manage. Of course the Zintro platform currently supports an automated invoicing workflow for micro-consults, making billing a breeze. Sign up as a Zintro Expert today!

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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Inquiry Roundup- Power Plant Industry http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/05/inquiry-roundup-power-plant-industry/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/05/inquiry-roundup-power-plant-industry/#respond Fri, 05 Dec 2014 22:03:34 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22942 Industrial Water Treatment We need a Subject Matter Expert (SME) willing to work onsite at a location in Canada. The SME needs to be an expert in one or more... Read More

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Industrial Water Treatment

We need a Subject Matter Expert (SME) willing to work onsite at a location in Canada. The SME needs to be an expert in one or more of the following areas. The requirement is for someone to work full time for about 2 to 3 months or more.

1 Steam process with boiler experience
2 Experience in Water Treatment Units (Industrial)
3 Upstream Oil exploration experience
4 Power Plant or Chemical Plant experience
5 HoneyWell and Rockwell comm implementation experience

Please revert with a brief profile of yours.

View Inquiry

Coal Based Thermal Power Plant

Need experts with experience in International Coal Based Thermal Power Plants, preferably in operational processes and improvement for a phone consultation.
Ideally expert should have experience and deep expertise on processes across multiple highly efficient plants across the world especially in Europe and the US.
Expert should have experience with world’s most efficient plants (i.e. best in class heat rate, sub 7.5% auxiliary consumption etc.)
View Inquiry

Gas Power Plant

We are an engineering company in Israel invited to submit proposals for medium sized gas operated power generation systmes within the range of 5-15 MW.

We need an experienced multi-disciplinary firm with background of technology and process engineering in power generation by medium sized gas operated units.

We need professional consulting and back up providing us with technology and process engineering for such units. Our services to client will be on EPC basis
View Inquiry

Power Plant


we need a consultant for a 1.2 MW PV power plant. Thanks

View Inquiry

Click here to see other live Power Industry projects

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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5 Tips for Managing Your Time as a Freelancer http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/03/5-tips-managing-time-freelancer/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/03/5-tips-managing-time-freelancer/#respond Wed, 03 Dec 2014 22:20:19 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22855 For many people, freelancing is the ultimate fantasy- being your own boss, setting your own hours, and staying in your pajamas all day. Although there are many benefits to working... Read More

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workathomeFor many people, freelancing is the ultimate fantasy- being your own boss, setting your own hours, and staying in your pajamas all day. Although there are many benefits to working from home, those who do it can tell you that sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. One of the most challenging responsibilities for at-home consultants and contractors is maximizing productivity. Here are five tips for managing your time as a freelancer.

1. Stay focused. Many freelancers pride themselves on the ability to multitask. Unfortunately, attempting to juggle too many tasks at one time often results in a loss of productivity. You cannot completely eliminate thoughts from popping into your head, but you can control how you handle them. For example, if you remember you need to phone a client while you are in the middle of another project, jot down a reminder and keep going so that you don’t lose focus.

2. Create a schedule. Being a freelancer means you have more control of your schedule than people who work in an office. Yet you still need a schedule if you are going to be efficient. Try to compartmentalize your time so that you aren’t switching back and forth between projects too often. It can be helpful to map out your week ahead of time and block off time to work on specific projects. There are some great digital tools to help you organize your schedule, such as Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, and Todoist.

3. Minimize distractions. Although there are people who have no trouble staying focused while working from home, it can be one of the most distracting places from which to work. If you find it difficult to ignore a sink full of dishes or a basket of laundry, or are easily tempted to turn on the television, you have a couple of options. First, you can barricade yourself in a room away distractions and turn off all electronics. Second, you can grab your laptop and head to the nearest coffee bar or library.

4. Take a break. You will probably find you are more productive when you schedule in breaks during your workday. A study by the social networking company Draugiem Group found that taking a 17-minute break every 52 minutes set their most productive employees apart from the rest. Of course, when you do take a break, make sure it is a REAL break. For instance, if you work primarily on the computer, make it a computer break. Take a walk, read a book, or just step outside for some fresh air.

5. Raise your rates. It sounds strange, but raising your rates may help you to be more productive. By charging more, you will have the freedom to pursue work you enjoy and the flexibility to turn down time-zapping projects. Instead of raising your rates across the board, consider slightly increasing your rate with each new client. Over time, you will notice a big difference.

As a consultant or contractor, you work hard. Following these suggestions can ensure the time you put in is as productive as possible.

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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30 Market Research Experts Reveal The #1 Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Contracting Out Market Research http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/02/30-market-research-experts-reveal-1-biggest-mistake-companies-make-contracting-market-research/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/12/02/30-market-research-experts-reveal-1-biggest-mistake-companies-make-contracting-market-research/#respond Tue, 02 Dec 2014 22:10:13 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22637 By far, one of the most effective ways a company can obtain meaningful, unbiased industry data is by conducting market research. Because, as aptly described by the Bureau of Labor... Read More

The post 30 Market Research Experts Reveal The #1 Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Contracting Out Market Research appeared first on Zintro Blog.

By far, one of the most effective ways a company can obtain meaningful, unbiased industry data is by conducting market research.

Because, as aptly described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when done properly market research is able to help companies examine potential sales of a product or service, or understand what products people want, who will buy them, and at what price, or countless other important business insights.

Since many of the businesses and experts we work with here at Zintro benefit immensely from market research, but are not themselves market research professionals, we wanted to learn more about the market research process. More specifically, wanted to discover expert tips from market research experts on the most common (and avoidable) mistakes companies make when contracting out market research. To do this, we asked 30 market research experts to answer this question:

“What’s the biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research?”

We’ve collected and compiled their expert advice into this comprehensive guide on how to effectively contract out market research. See what our experts said below:

Meet Our Panel of Market Research Experts:

Bryan MattimoreBryan Mattimore

Bryan Mattimore is the Co-Founder of The Growth Engine Co., an innovation agency based in Norwalk, CT. Bryan has been moderator of over 500 focus groups and 200 innovation projects for Fortune 500 companies leading to over $3 billion in annual sales. He is also the author of two books, the newest being: “Idea Stormers, How To Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs” (Wiley Jossey-Bass, 2012).

The biggest mistake that companies make when contracting for qualitative research (aka focus groups) is…

They expect the groups to give them definitive answers instead of interesting questions and/or directions to pursue. We think of these groups as an invitation to learning and exploring, not as way to make definitive decisions.

The biggest mistake clients make in quantitative research (for instance on-line surveys with typically 200 or more respondents) is to have not spent enough time thinking about the criteria for screening the respondents in the study.

Kay CruseKay Cruse

Kay Cruse is the Vice President of Strategex, a Chicago-based, global market research and strategic consultancy, and has been helping companies grow and prosper by using strategic and actionable market research and discovery for over 20 years. In her leadership role, she uses Voice of the Customer market research to support corporate and brand development, customer satisfaction and loyalty assessments, as well as comparative competitive market intelligence.

Based on my experience, there are five big mistakes companies make when contracting out market research and they typically fall into three phases:

Pre-Research, During Research and Post-Research. Missing any one of these watch-out areas can set your study on a path of disappointment even before you begin.

Pre-Research Phase

Mistake #1: Not Identifying the Most Capable Vendor Resource for Your Study.

Questions to consider: What direct experience has the vendor had in your preferred type of methodology? Can your vendor explain the pros and cons of this type of research option?

Mistake #2: Not Defining the Objectives of the Study Itself.

What do you want the study to accomplish? Many times, clients will ‘jump’ to the questions to ask, versus plotting out the objectives. Give your vendor objectives, then let the market research professionals construct the questions to support your objectives.

Research Phase

Mistake #3: Wrong List, Wrong People Equals Wrong Information.

Be sure you’re querying the right people – whether in a “Voice of the Customer” discovery, Internet survey, or moderated facilitated Focus Group. A quality market research house will guide you through identifying the best mix of people to deliver the level of information you’re seeking.

Mistake #4: Constructing questions that are ambiguous or leading.

Many times, client-companies want market research to support their own beliefs as opposed to going to their customers to dig into what’s really going on. That can mean only asking the questions they know will give them the information they want to hear.

Post-Research Phase

Mistake #5: Not Trusting the Results.

Quality market research sometimes delivers painful results to companies. In reality, that’s a good thing. More importantly, based on the findings, your research partner should be able to define strategic, actionable steps to take to improve your company’s health, productivity, and ultimately, its profitability.

Tim GlowaTim Glowa

Tim Glowa is the Co-Founder and Partner of Bug Insights, a marketing analytics company, and is a results-focused marketing analytics and human resources consultant who has been helping clients solve complex marketing or human capital challenges for nearly twenty years. A recognized thought leader in the preference measurement, total rewards strategy development, and human capital analytics spaces, Tim has published several articles on conjoint and its applications. He has presented on this topic at numerous conferences in North America, Asia and Europe. He has conducted a number of studies over the past two decades for senior executives at Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the U.K.

I think there are two big problems with most managers requesting market research. Both of these problems cause the results of the research to be less useful than they could be, and will – sooner or later – hurt the organization by failing to deliver the best marketing insights that are possible…

Problem 1 – prescribing a technique – I’ve seen this happen all the time – both as an external consultant, but also as an internal partner. Someone in the organization wants research, but instead of relying on the experience of the research manager or the consultant, they not only say the problem they are having, but how the research should be conducted. 9 times out of ten, the methodology is completely wrong. For instance, I’ve had managers tell me they wish to estimate the demand for a new product (great idea), then say they’d like to do a couple of days of focus groups to do this (bad idea). You need an experienced researcher to match the problem with the right solution. Focus groups are great to uncover ‘why’ people believe what they do, but because you are only talking to a small number of people (usually 50-75 over a couple of groups), you cannot project this to a broader audience of all customers. You need to match the approach with the problem
you are trying to solve.

Problem 2 – Using purely descriptive research, when you need something prescriptive. This is also very common. You’ll administer a survey, and find that 60% of people are satisfied with your products or service. But you won’t know if this is a good number, or a bad one, because there is no context – its purely descriptive. Now, if you tracked over time, and found out last year you were at 80% and now are at 60% (a 20 point decline), you can investigate why. Or you might have norms that are available, and understand that other competitors have a rating of 50% and you have a 60% score, so thats good. But without context, its almost a meaningless number.

Problem 3 – As an extra, the biggest problem, and one that happens in the vast majority of market research reports is the data dump. Whoever is doing the analysis wants to include every possible combination of data into the presentation, presumably to show the value they are creating. But the problem with this, is it often is without any interpretation. I want to scream when I see a title saying “satisfaction by age”, and then a table of data without any context, summary or interpretation. A good research report should stand on its own – it should summarize the data, have a logical story, make prescriptive recommendations that summarize both insights and implications to the business, and should be about 10-15 powerpoint pages maximum.

Anne-Marie DuffyAnnie-Marie Duffy

Anne-Marie Duffy is the President of Communications & Brand Analytics Practice for Phoenix Marketing International, a market research firm.

One of the biggest mistakes that clients make in contracting out market research is…

To take a narrow approach that:

a) treats research as a commodity instead of something that in most cases should be a creative partnership (one that yields efficient and effective answers to a business challenge) and

b) approaches the research project with very specific parameters in terms of methodology, audience, scope…even sample size.

This can lead to a narrower, more compartmentalized project–one that may focus too much on their own brand instead of the overall market and competitive set, or on current customers rather than potential customers and new untapped markets. It can even lead to spending more than is necessary.

By taking a broader approach we can work with a client to inventory what we, and they, likely already know. By probing syndicated databases or prior research conducted, we can move forward, and not waste valuable time and money confirming what was learned in the past. There may be a new product or research approach that will yield better learnings in a shorter time, or for less money — or both!

Research is always evolving, and repeating the past for fear of “losing track” can mean missing out on an opportunity to move a brand forward, therefore gaining deeper insights into competitors, consumer behavior, and the client’s industry.

Pedram SameniPedram Sameni

Pedram Sameni is the CEO and Founder of Patexia, an online platform connecting corporations to subject matter experts who help them assess their IP portfolios. At Patexia, Pedram has harnessed the power of crowdsourcing, leveraging a large network of subject matter experts to provide innovative market research solutions.

The biggest mistake that companies make when contracting out market research is…

Going too broad.

An overview of the entire market is informative, but in terms of making successful business strategy decisions, the most crucial piece of information is often not in the broad strokes, but the result of an in depth analysis of a specific market segment. In reality companies would often benefit from a survey of a smaller sample size with a deeper emphasis on a few target characteristics. Especially crucial is to make sure that the research firm a company employs has access to the right subject matter experts to derive accurate data.

Traditionally prepared market research reports are often faced with an inability to sufficiently customize the work while keeping the final product cost efficient for both the client and the firm. Thus, when contracting out market research, companies need to think strategically and decide in advance the scope of information that will be most valuable. They should not instinctively choose the most famous firm if it does not specialize in the industry and information they actually need. This will result in a, no doubt well crafted, but ultimately generalized report of limited value.

To elicit the most useful research, the company must first consider the most critical questions for their decision making process, and then select a research firm with the expertise to tap into that information and relevant communities of experts, even if that means thinking outside of the box on the type of research firm to employ.

Andrea MasciAndrea Masci

Andrea Masci is the Global Vice President of Strategy & Execution for SAP, the world’s number one business software provider. In his leadership role, Andrea oversees the strategy management of SAP Services worldwide. Among his many responsibilities, Andrea coordinates the whole market intelligence relative to the IT Services business. Learn more about Andrea and his work at www.andreamasci.com.

The biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

To select the provider based on existing open frame contracts/ relationships.

Selecting a provider for out market research has to be strictly tailored to the organization’s specific information needs. For instance, are you looking for a market forecast? For a detailed benchmark? For a customer buying expectation or behavioral analysis? In what vertical market? For what specific services or product?

Even within the same industry, each provider is different – even if they present themselves as generalists. When considering out market providers, organizations should ask these questions of a potential provider:

• What areas do you specialize in? Providers will have specific deeper expertise and reliability levels along certain themes and segments – based on their past experience and work with special projects in the same areas

• What are your different research methodologies? For example, does the potential provider build its structure around interviews with market players, or with a customer interview-base, or perhaps around a mathematical-based model? Depending on which, it will make them more or less accurate for your focused topic

• What are your underlying market beliefs? Seek to understand their expert point of view on the market. Does it align with yours? This will influence their analysis.

Further, as is pretty common with any market research project, you will likely want to investigate deeper along a specific aspect, which you would not have anticipated before. Clearly, your provider needs to be able to build upon that.

Thus, when you are preparing to seek out market research, query your provider short-list on how they would accomplish to your scope – and determine whether their research methodology fits your content purpose and whether it is modular enough to allow minor scope variations without requiring a new project to be kicked off.

Scott C. HammondScott C. Hammond

Scott C. Hammond, PhD is a Clinical Professor of Management in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. He teaches market research and consumer behavior.

The biggest problem with marketing research is…

Making claims that go beyond the data. This often comes when we try and use rate to describe occasion, or occasion to describe rate.

Rate, using numbers and statistics, measures how often something occurs. Occasion, using words, examines the qualities of those occasions.

Rate addresses questions like how often customers are satisfied at what level? What is the size of the market? How many of what kinds of customers are in the market? Qualitative measures can help us know what customer service means? Why customers select your product? What customer service means?

The most common mistake in marketing research is making a rate claim using an occasion measure (like a forces group, or interviews) or making an occasion assumption using a rate measure.

Jennifer DaleJennifer Dale

Jennifer Dale is the President & CEO of InsideHeads, LLC, a full-service online market research company with over 17 years experience administering web surveys, moderating online focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews.

Hands down, the biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

Not knowing what they’re going to do with the findings when the study is complete.

Sounds ludicrous, I know, but I have to guide my clients down that road, most didn’t even know existed. More than a research objective, to make a research study truly actionable companies need to think through the actions that will be needed once they receive the findings. Too often research is conducted to tacitly confirm an opinion or proposed strategy, and the resulting report and recommendations for next steps unfortunately sits dusty on a shelf.

Bryan ClaytonBryan Clayton

Bryan Clayton is the CEO of GreenPal, a web and mobile app connecting lawn care professionals with homeowners.

I would say one big mistake companies make when conducting market research is…

Their failure to validate their hypothesis and findings,

Before jumping off the deep end and launching a new business idea or building a new product, entrepreneurs need to validate the question, does anybody care about this?

This can be accomplished by running some quick inexpensive campaigns/experiments in Google Ad-words, and Facebook’s ad platform as well.

As a very basic example, if someone wanted to start a new home cleaning business. They could run an ad on Facebook for: “Now taking new appointments for home cleaning”.

Then target that down to the geo they are considering and also who their target market would be. Then by measuring the click through rate on the ad, one will be able to discern very easily if there is any demand for their business idea, or even if anyone would care about it. This can save entrepreneurs months and years of pain beating their head against the wall trying to sell something that no one is interested in.

David PoulosDavid Poulos

David Poulos, a.k.a. “The Marketing Doctor”, has over thirty years of marketing experience, ranging from private enterprise, state and federal government, non-profit and charitable organizations, and has effectively served as Director of Sales for Pan International, Director of Marketing for National Information Corporation, and as Director of Client Accounts for Strategic Partners Group. Davod is the author of “The Marketing Doctor’s Survival Notes,” and has published over 20 articles on a variety of marketing topics in nationally
published magazines and websites, has published over five year’s worth of weekly blog articles on non-profit and commercial marketing, management and customer service best practice, and has been quoted as an expert in articles appearing on Fox News Small Business and MSN Main Street Business websites. Learn more about David and his work at www.themarketingdoc.com.

There are lots of common errors companies make when hiring out market research services – one of the biggest is…

Making assumptions about what they know and don’t know, and what they want the research to accomplish. Can’t achieve if you don’t know the goal.

One other large mistake is that companies don’t see research as an investment in making their marketing more effective, just as an expense. That lack of belief in value tends to make them shop by price rather than desired outcome, and they rarely get the full benefit of the research data as a result.

Another common mistake is to not set aside adequate funds to enact the marketing efforts the research data indicates are needed. Now you’ve got a report that does no good. We’ve offered research as the basis of our engagements since our inception in 1997, and it’s the cornerstone of our practice.

Dipanjan ChatterjeeDipanjan Chatterjee

Dipanjan Chatterjee is a Senior Vice President at BAV Consulting, a Y&R company, where he advises some of the world’s best brands on marketing strategy. Prior to BAV, Dipanjan was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley, a strategy consultant at Booz & Co., and has held several senior executive positions in the industry.

In my work advising leading global companies in brand and marketing strategy, I frequently execute market research on their behalf. Most clients I deal with already have a mountain of research lying neglected in a cubicle or in the furthest recesses of someone’s hard drive. There is little understanding of how this voluminous research (and the investment in it) will move the needle for the business. One of the biggest mistakes companies make in outsourcing research is…

To not do the requisite homework ahead of time: have a clearly defined purpose for the research triggered by clear business imperatives, and a tactical game plan of how to implement the findings of the research.

The other crucial ingredient for success is to have a designated internal business owner lead every step of the way – from thought leadership to process coordination – so that contracting research is more a partnership and less a hand-off into the great unknown.

Frances ReimersFrances Reimers

Frances Reimers is a Senior Account Executive and the Director of Corporate Visibility of PCI communications. With more than ten years experience in communications, marketing, public relations and event management, Frances plays an integral role on the PCI project management and sales teams. She also lends business development expertise to PCI marketing strategy, outreach, and client development. Frances is a sought-after speaker who provides presentations on a variety of marketing, communications and events topics for businesses and not-for-profits across the country.

The biggest mistake that organizations make when contracting out market research companies is…

Not following through with the data they have been given.

While not always clear-cut, market research such as focus groups allows companies to receive real-time feedback regarding their message, brand, product, or service. But sadly, often if that feedback does not coincide with the organizations previously held belief the data is put on a shelf never to be implemented. I always encourage my clients to view market research as a ‘free pass’ to tweak whatever it is we’re analyzing to make it more effective. Some buy that philosophy, others not so much.

Another challenge is that some organizations are receptive to market research, but lack the manpower or skill sets in order to implement the data. When that is the case, and there isn’t a budget to work with a firm, the data is relegated to the shelf.

Emil LamprechtEmil Lamprecht

Emil Lamprecht is the CMO and Creative Director of CareerFoundry. He’s worked as a product designer and marketing specialist for 7 years, including research and launch of entire products for major manufacturers like Duncan Toys.

The mistake companies make in contracting market research is two-fold:

One, companies don’t really know what they want or need, they have a vague idea that their product should focus in a general direction, and expect the contracted company to fill in the blanks. But in doing this they lack control, essentially by giving the decision power to a company that isn’t selling the product and ultimately may not have an infrastructural understanding of the companies strengths.

Two, by not categorizing potential niches before outsourcing the research, a company’s general inquiry will receive a general review of the market, putting you in a please-all position with your marketing strategy.

Adam O’LearyAdam O’Leary

Adam O’Leary is the President of Encite Marketing and a graduate of Colorado State University who has experience on both the client and agency side of the marketing world. He founded Encite in 2005 with unique and more efficient business model that caters to small business. In his leadership role, he sets the strategic direction for all Encite projects and develops integrated marketing campaigns that bring results.

We have found that the biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

Not having trust.

Trust is a powerful thing. It must first be evident in the market research firm prior to a company hiring them (obviously), but it also must be in data that comes from the results. A company must trust the findings even if that data uncovers issues that they may not want to hear or leads to a change with their product/service, company structure or procedure & processes.

We have worked with several small businesses that, after conducting a research campaign, they didn’t trust the findings, which led to them not using the data. Obviously, this is a huge waste of time, money and resources. We have actually had one firm tell us, “That’s not right. I’ve been in this business 25 years and our customers don’t think like that.” This was amazing to us since the feedback we were discussing were issues that several of their current customers informed us of.

Edith BullardEdith Bullard

Edith Bullard is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for PCI, an integrated marketing agency, and has over 30 years of experience in brand management, advertising, integrated marketing, market research, e-business and event management. She joined PCI to spearhead the development and growth of a new and expanding Communications Division, and serves a variety of corporate, not-for-profit, and government clients.

The top mistakes I’ve seen companies make when contracting out market research are…

Hiring the first market research firm they speak with.

It’s important to conduct due diligence to make sure that the firm you hire is truly able to conduct the type of research in which you’re interested – can they conduct the methodology required, do they work in the needed geographic area, do they have access to your target audience. Also pricing varies greatly between firms so you’ll want to get quotes from more than one firm.

Often companies approach market research without having a clear objective for the project. What are you really trying to achieve? Hand in hand with that is companies who try to accomplish too much during one research project. A good marketing research firm should be able to help narrow the focus of your research so you’ll get actionable results.

Companies should make sure they have clearly identified the target audience for their research and then they need to really hold the market research firm accountable for recruiting the right people. I’ve often had to reject recruited candidates because they did not meet the screening requirements. Carefully watching the recruiting process is a must.

Last, make sure the market research firm you choose is expert in the methodology that will get you the information you want and need. A firm that specializes in focus groups, for example, will not be able to return quantitative results. Your research objectives should lead to the right methodology, which in turn should lead your choice of firm that conducts your research.

Mike BloxhamMike Bloxham

Mike Bloxham is the Vice President, National TV and Video, of Frank N. Magid Associates, a leading research-based strategic consulting firm, and has worked in media research and consulting for over 25 years, advising multi-national corporations, media owners and government agencies on strategic marketing and communications issues on an international basis. A recognized innovator and thought leader in the media space, he has extensive experience in attitudinal and behavioral research across all media and marketing channels with a particular emphasis on the integration of emerging and traditional media among all audiences from children to seniors. Frank N. Magid Associates has provided expert research-based counsel to clients in the media space for almost sixty years.

The real value in any research project is not in how it is executed but in how it is designed and interpreted. Quality execution is merely hygiene and is an entry-level requirement. Nobody appoints a company they don’t believe will do a good job of running the project. Many research clients bemoan the fact that their suppliers do a good job of executing and of reporting on what they did and what they found, but not on taking it further to how it impacts the business. The mistake then, is…

In not seeking out research partners that have both subject matter expertise and the consultative skills to accelerate the understanding of the business implications of the insights revealed and how they can be harnessed to move the needle on the issues at hand.

The solution is to ensure you have evidence of a research partners’ ability to go beyond “What we did and what we found” to “What it means and what you should do.” This will cost more, but it will also deliver more value.

Of course, not every project requires this level of service from the supplier, but for those that do failing to secure the right skills and mindset beyond the ability to execute well results in a less effective project and a slower assimilation of implications and opportunities – which is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make.

Jonathan PircJonathan Pirc

Jonathan Pirc is the Founder of Lab42, a quantitative market research firm that helps businesses accomplish and prioritize their goals through targeted social media-based research.

The biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

Not having a complete grasp on the scope of work or the goals of the market research project.

We’ve found that when our clients go into a project with an incomplete thought process, it opens the door to not asking (and answering) the right questions, extended timelines and increased expenses. Fully understanding the goals of your market research is a very important step in the process, and the market research company you do business with should walk you through every step before actually moving forward with the project.

Alicia KanAlicia Kan

Alicia Kan is a Branding and Social Media Strategist at Globe Runner, an SEO, content marketing and online advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. She marketed an international market research company for 12 years that covered 62 locations across the world.

The biggest mistakes companies make when contracting out market research are…

Not being clear on the objectives.

What works for measuring customer experience may not necessarily work for advertising testing. Be clear about what you want out of the research — benchmarks? proof of ROI? new product guidance? — and make sure the supplier designs the study and uses the appropriate methodology to complete these objectives. The worst that can happen is getting back a bunch of PowerPoint charts and now knowing what to do with the information.

Not being clear about the budget.

Generally qualitative research (focus groups etc) cost more than quantitative studies. See previous point about objectives in design study and consider how your budget fits in with these. You can run up a bill if costs aren’t watched. A good vendor will work with you on the budget and see that a study is designed as cost-efficiently as possible, e.g. close-ended questions instead of open-ended ones for a questionnaire.

Not having a tight questionnaire.

Some surveys in quantitative studies can ramble on in different directions. Keep it focused, with a logical flow, in as short a time as possible. The longer it is, especially for online surveys, the more likely a respondent will lose interest and not complete the survey. When designing an online survey, it’s always useful to have a meter that shows progress or time left in the survey.

Guy SmithGuy Smith

Guy Smith is the Chief Strategist at Silicon Strategies Marketing. Guy generates trust throughout your organization with his precise guidance and transfers of marketing knowledge that create marketing strategy buy-ins. He helps executives build teams ready to implement go-to-market strategies by including key staff and stakeholders throughout all processes.

The biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

They often don’t understand the problem that they need to solve, and thus ask for the wrong answers.

If a manager or entrepreneur is looking at the problem from their bias, then the problem to solve is poorly defined. If they believe in their hearts the issue is, say, competitive pressures, they will ask for competitive research. If the problem was actually quality control creating negative buzz about the product, he would never learn that.

The second biggest mistake is not in contracting for the work, but what to do afterwards. All too often the manager doesn’t like the answer he receives. Sometimes it reflects badly on him, or it shows weaknesses he cannot quickly address, or it goes against his perceptions. The research then becomes wasted paper because he takes no action on it.

Werner G KrebsWerner G. Krebs

Werner G Krebs, Ph.D. is the CEO of Acculation, an Internet of Things Predictive Analytics company, and is a data scientist who was worked for top firms in high-frequency trading, marketing analytics consulting, banking, software, and academia. As a software developer he has extensive experience migrating demanding applications to the cloud.

The biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

Not doing their homework and utilizing low-cost Web 2.0-techniques to get their idea perfected first before contracting out.

Technologies like Social Media, Google Adwords, on-line surveys, Amazon Mechanical Turk make it possible to get that is similar — in some cases statistically identical — to what’s available from traditional contract market research firms, but at a fraction of the price.

Even if they (or their investors) want that validation from a traditional market research firm, it makes sense to take advantage of these low-cost tools first to make sure their is viable before spending the big bucks to get that extra, external validation.

Daryl TravisDaryl Travis

Daryl Travis is CEO of Chicago-based emotional research and brand strategy firm, Brandtrust.

The biggest mistake companies make with market research is…

Settling for data instead of demanding insights.

For example, asking a plethora of questions about what is happening in the marketplace yet neglecting to reveal why it is happening. Research that delivers only findings is hardly worth the cost. It’s one thing to gather data and analyze patterns in the data but it’s another thing altogether to translate data into insights that deliver competitive advantage to the business.

Everyone knows people say one thing and do another. People don’t know their own minds and can’t predict what they will do. Yet conventional market research persists in asking respondents what they think they think. What people think is the correct answer to a research question does marketing researchers and strategists very little good. In fact, it frequently leads them astray.

That’s why we must utilize research methods that allow us to explore non-conscious motivations, people’s unarticulated desires and needs. It means we have to get into people’s heads. But it’s dark in there and we don’t know our way around. It makes researchers uncomfortable. So much so, it becomes acceptable to settle for shallow, one-dimensional research that provides answers to *what* is happening but never *why*. Yet, if we don’t discover why people do what they do, we’ll never meet their unarticulated desires and needs. And fail to find any advantage in the market place.

Leslie HandmakerLeslie Handmaker

Leslie Handmaker is the Marketing Manager of NextDayFlyers, and online printing company.

Over the past couple of years we’ve outsourced some market research responsibilities, overall I believe that outsourcing market research in itself is a mistake for the following reasons:

1. When outsourced, even the savviest consultants hired to do the research just aren’t familiar enough with the space we’re in and thus they don’t always realize they’ve uncovered pertinent details in their research. We’ve found this out the hard way as items happened to come up during a conversation, but were never included in the reporting documents.

2. It’s essential that internal teams perform the research on their own, this way the learnings are ingrained in the team and not forgotten.

Kenny KlineKenny Kline

Kenny Kline is a Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Slumber Sage, the premier source for sleep methods and sleep products online.

The biggest mistake that companies make when contracting out market research is…

Not being involved in the process.

I’ve done a lot of market research for companies, and seen market research that has been outsourced, and the greatest single factor that leads to success is client involvement. No one knows the product/service and the company’s capacity to execute on a given market better than the client. A lot of outsourcing firms will come back with beautiful decks and fancy numbers, but this doesn’t mean the information reflects the core competency of the company. Use the outsourcing company’s smarts/perspective with the client’s inside info for a winning combination!

Jerry W. ThomasJerry W. Thomas

Jerry W. Thomas is the President and CEO of Dallas/Fort Worth-based Decision Analyst Inc., a leading international marketing research firm. The company was founded 38 years ago and currently employs about 240 researchers and staff. Decision Analyst Inc. is about the 12th largest marketing research firm in the U.S. In addition to the company’s traditional research methodologies, it operates what is believed to be the world’s largest online consumer opinion panel, which has nine million participants around the world.

The single biggest mistake companies make when contracting out market research is…

Choosing a research firm that promises to answer every question and solve every problem (and often promises to do all of this at a surprisingly low price).

The very best research cannot answer every question or solve every problem. To do good research requires the time of highly educated, experienced researchers, who must spend significant time on research design, questionnaire design, and analysis to come up with solid answers and recommendations.

To do good research requires that the research firm survey the right respondents. Expensive staff and expensive respondents are expensive, but the contracting firm ends up with good solutions and good value for the money.

Kalyan BangaKalyan Banga

Kalyan Banga is Head of Global Market Research & Analytics of VOZIQ, a social business intelligence firm. He is an accomplished market research professional with over 10 years of experience in the field of research framework design, social media research & analytics, consumer insights mapping and developing Go-To-Market (GTM) Business Strategies. He has also been quoted widely by various industry publications.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when contracting out market research is…

Allowing the contractor to suffer from a lack of focus on your project:

For businesses, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring that their market research contractor is providing due attention to their research projects. A contractor may be catering to the expertise-needs of numerous organizations at the same time and sometimes might lack total focus on your research needs and objectives thus defeating the end objective of undertaking the research work thereby making the output redundant instead of providing real insights& strategies for decision making.

As a check, regular checkpoints and weekly milestones needs to be set to ensure projects are performed with accuracy and efficiency.

Sandy AronsSandy Arons

Sandy Arons is the Founder and President of Arons & Associates Divorce Planning, a firm helps divorcing couples understand the numbers in the settlement and get a financially smart divorce. Prior to this position, Sandy spent decades in corporate America in sales and marketing jobs. While employed with Johnston and Murphy and Bridgestone Firestone, she was responsible for the first marketing research projects these companies ever conducted to understand consumer buying behavior.

One of the biggest mistake companies make when contracting out marketing research is when…

Management underestimates the amount of time it takes to dissect the information and distill it into layman’s terms so it can be incorporated into strategic planning.

Management also assigns these types of projects to employees that don’t have the marketing or statistics background to fully understand the implications of the results.

Too often the research is completed but, not really incorporated into strategic planning for the company as a whole or the different relevant departments (sales, marketing, operations etc.). If it is incorporated, it is short term.

Ron SellersRon Sellers

Ron Sellers is the President of Grey Matter Research & Consulting in Phoenix, AZ, and has been on the client and vendor sides of research and consumer insights for nearly three decades. His clients have included multiple Fortune 500 companies and many smaller firms and organizations.

One of the biggest mistakes in contracting out research is…

Not seeking to be in a genuine partnership with the research consultant.

A good researcher should not just be an order-taker but should be a partner in making the research as helpful and insightful as possible for the end client. This means expecting a high-level person to handle the project, expecting them to understand your specific industry and unique business situation, expecting them to make intelligent recommendations, and expecting them to treat the project as if it were their own. But it also means listening when they make recommendations, giving them all the background and information necessary for them to understand your business situation, and treating them like a partner in the process rather than just a vendor to which orders are being given.

Whether a research company or consultant is prepared to act as a partner can be determined during the RFP process. A researcher who doesn’t ask questions about the RFP, doesn’t seek to discuss it with you to gain a more complete understanding, doesn’t ask for additional information, or doesn’t make suggestions about the project probably is more of an order-taker than a potential partner. At the same time, if you’re not open to suggestions, are frustrated when questions are asked, feel offended when the researcher suggests something different than you designed, don’t have time to discuss things with the researcher, and/or just want to select a vendor based on lowest price, then you’re probably not ready to partner with a researcher and get the full value of what a good partnership can be.

Edward NevraumontEdward Nevraumont

Edward Nevraumont is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of A Place For Mom and prior to this role, he was a Marketing Executive at Expedia (overseeing Loyalty & Database Marketing and Marketing Strategy globally), an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company and a “P&Ger”. He also holds an MBA from The Wharton School. Learn more about Edward and his work at MarketingIsEasy.com.

The biggest mistake companies make when initiating customer research is…

Not deciding beforehand what they will do with the answers.

Most of the time Market Research is done for the sake of it and to feel good about a
decision you were going to make anyway. Good market research design helps you make decisions – by deciding before you even start how different answers will cause you to go forward with different routes. If you are going to do the same thing regardless of the result you get back you are wasting your time – and lining the pockets of the services company (who will be happy to take your money)

Elliot SimmondsElliot Simmonds

Elliot Simmonds is a Marketing Consultant with more than seven years’ experience on the agency side of market research. He has won and worked on projects across a wide range of industries, including numerous research studies in the education sector and for clients including The Home Office. He regularly blogs about marketing and consumer insight topics on the Rippleout Marketing blog.

The biggest mistake companies make when contracting market research is…

To confuse research goals and business goals.

Too often, briefs are prescriptive in terms of methodology or contain too much detail on how companies want a project to run, whilst missing out the key information – i.e. what is the long term impact of this research going to be, what do you really want to find out. Leave the decisions as to methodology to professionals, and concentrate on providing clear objectives for the research outcomes.

Mike PollerMike Poller

Mike Poller is an experience Marketing Consultant with over 20 years of experience. and the Owner of Poller & Jordan Advertising Agency, a Miami-based marketing firm.

In my experience in market research, the biggest problem companies make when contracting out market research is…

First, when companies do not know the question they want answered. The second biggest mistake is when they already know what they want the answer to be.

Sometimes using market research is the mistake…

These days, it is often easier to use Google Adwords to do a live test of different offers. Set up three different ad campaigns using three different offers and put a few hundred dollars behind it to see which resonates with consumers. For example, 10% off vs 12% off vs 15% off

Similarly, using Google Adwords you can test your offer across the top ten markets or test rural vs urban. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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Terry CaterTerry Cater, R.Ph., M.B.A, is a pharmacy industry and healthcare consultant based in the San Francisco area. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy in Stockton, California, Terry received his MBA degree from St. Mary’s College of Moraga.

He has worked in a wide variety of settings including supermarket pharmacies, drug wholesaling, managed care and healthcare technologies, with VP level positions at both Cardinal Health and McKesson Corporation. As the owner and operator of a pharmacy and healthcare consulting practice, Terry advises clients such as investment banking companies, pharmacy operators, pharmacy data companies, drug wholesalers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy/healthcare technology companies.Terry also has extensive experience in start-up company management.

Terry speaks highly of his experience working with clients on the Zintro platform:

Zintro was an incredibly efficient way for matching the right consultant—in this case me—with the right client. The entire process from initial contact to interaction with the client to getting paid was straightforward and rewarding.”

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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urlMilk Powder Instantization

I am looking for an experienced person in instantization of milk powder? I am looking for instant milk powders but the samples that I have from USA are not to my standards. They are good products, but they are agglomerated resulting in a low density and large particle size. My benchmark is a sample of instant powder that is similar in texture to regular powder, but that is lecithinized and has good dissolvability. I suspect that it is not agglomerated, or just a little bit. So I am looking for someone who can tell me how my benchmark powder is produced and what processes and parameters are required to produce it.

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Dairy Farm Startup

We are looking for consultant/s to provide consultancy services for dairy farm setup/start up project in Afghanistan.

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Dairy Farm Startup


Since last 6 months i have been continuously thinking, googling, exploring commercial opportunities in setting up a dairy farm in 100 KM vicinity to Indore.

Their exists lot of negative and positive stories about entrepreneurs who have failed / succeeded in managing livestock and dairy farms in India which is creating an immense chaos for me to decide whether to VENTURE or NOT TO VENTURE in the dairy farming business.
Their are few stories by entrepreneurs terming dairy farming as extremely tough, tedious, low margin, time consuming, logistically unviable etc etc which hinders my planning and decision making ability…

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Cheese Making

Im planning to start a small cheese making unit in India Bangalore (fresh artisan style with atleast 8-10 variants) , I need expertise in it, a consultant you can help me set up the same and also help in getting man power for the same.

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Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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“Starting a Business: Importing to the USA” Presented by Kenneth D. Weiss http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/starting-business-importing-usa-presented-kenneth-d-weiss/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/starting-business-importing-usa-presented-kenneth-d-weiss/#respond Wed, 26 Nov 2014 04:58:16 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22817 Zintro Webinar Presented by Kenneth D. Weiss, President at Plans and Solutions Inc. Presenter’s Note: “Key points to consider when starting a business to import products to the USA. Includes evaluating... Read More

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Zintro Webinar

Presented by Kenneth D. Weiss, President at Plans and Solutions Inc.

Presenter’s Note:
“Key points to consider when starting a business to import products to the USA. Includes evaluating your idea, deciding whether this kind of business is right for you, setting up the business, selecting products and suppliers, finding and contacting buyers, U.S. import regulations, international shipping, international payment, sales promotion, and sources of additional information.”

About Kenneth D. Weiss:
Kenneth is an international trade consultant with immense experience. He has imported, exported, taught the subject, consulting in it, and written four books including the best seller, Building an Import Export Business, now in its 4th edition from John Wiley & Sons. He has an MBA from Stanford, speaks three languages, has lived in five countries, and has helped numerous individuals and small companies to follow their dreams of importing and marketing products in the USA.

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“Amazing Crowdfunding For You: Giving You Top Power Secrets The Pros Use To Raise A Million Dollars in Only 30 Days!” Presented by Tony Reynolds http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/amazing-crowdfunding-giving-top-power-secrets-pros-use-raise-million-dollars-30-days/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/amazing-crowdfunding-giving-top-power-secrets-pros-use-raise-million-dollars-30-days/#respond Wed, 26 Nov 2014 04:43:30 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22813 Zintro Webinar Presented by Tony Reynolds, Founder at A KickIn Crowd LLC. Presenter’s Note: “Crowdfunding has become a great way for entrepreneurs to raise money for projects fast. There are no requirements... Read More

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Zintro Webinar

Presented by Tony Reynolds, Founder at A KickIn Crowd LLC.

Presenter’s Note:
“Crowdfunding has become a great way for entrepreneurs to raise money for projects fast. There are no requirements other than a great concept and knowing the tips to execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. Reynolds provides you with the basics to understand crowdfunding and how you can use it to successfully fund your projects.”

About Tony Reynolds: 
Yahoo News called him a “Crowdfunding Pioneer” in an article about the JOBS ACT. (http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/smallbiz-vote/questions-remain-equity-crowdfunding-rules-231339623.html)
Tony Reynolds is founder of A KickIn Crowd, LLC, an education based crowdfunding platform currently being incubated at Tech Columbus at The Ohio State University. They recently signed The Reynoldsburg School System as their first client. Reynolds was a member and is listed in the final report for the SEC Forum On Small Business Capital Formation. He was a member of the Crowdfunding Breakout Group for the JOBS ACT implementation.

National Public Radio (NPR) Recognized Reynolds as one of the top Blacks in Tech for his work in crowdfunding. Reynolds was president of a social group, Crowdfunding Columbus from January 2014-June 2014, when members raised more than $385,000 for their projects in 2014.

Reynolds has a B.A. In Journalism/Public Relations from The Ohio State University. He has written several books. He and his work have appeared in most known media including Jay Leno, Oprah.Com, Martha Stewart, CBS Early Show, ESPN, Fox News, Fox Sports, etc. He is also a VFW.

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The post “Amazing Crowdfunding For You: Giving You Top Power Secrets The Pros Use To Raise A Million Dollars in Only 30 Days!” Presented by Tony Reynolds appeared first on Zintro Blog.

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“Biomass and Biochemicals: Benchmarking and Financial Analysis” Presented by Lawrence D. Sullivan http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/biomass-biochemicals-benchmarking-financial-analysis-presented-lawrence-d-sullivan/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/biomass-biochemicals-benchmarking-financial-analysis-presented-lawrence-d-sullivan/#respond Wed, 26 Nov 2014 04:31:39 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22810 Zintro Webinar Presented by Lawrence D. Sullivan, Project Management Consultant, Adjunct Professor at Trident Technical Collage and Principal with Lawrence D. Sullivan & Company Inc. Presenter’s Note: “Topic covers the... Read More

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Zintro Webinar

Presented by Lawrence D. Sullivan, Project Management Consultant, Adjunct Professor at Trident Technical Collage and Principal with Lawrence D. Sullivan & Company Inc.

Presenter’s Note:
“Topic covers the key measures of financial models, like the capital asset pricing model or CAPM, used by financial analysts to review investments in private equity, public equity and other markets for new biomass, biofuel and biochemical projects and companies.”

About Lawrence D. Sullivan:
Larry Sullivan is a leading management and engineering consultant in oil, natural gas and biotechnologies used by the petroleum industry. He is a Top 2% Gerson Lehrman Group Member in the Council of Advisors where he consults with leading financial and industrial as well as governmental, legal and academic institutions.

He is an Adjunct Professor at Trident Technical College and a principal with Lawrence D. Sullivan & Company, Inc. with his partner, Carla M. Wood, Ph.D. They provide due diligence, expert witness and chemical engineering services to petroleum, biotechnology and advanced biomass, biofuels and renewable energy markets, companies and financial institutions.He earned his BA and MA in Geosciences at the University of Texas and Arizona State University, respectively.


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Automotive Manufacturing: Follow-up http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/automotive-manufacturing-follow/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/25/automotive-manufacturing-follow/#respond Tue, 25 Nov 2014 22:41:22 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22801 Earlier in the week, Zintro experts responded to an article in Global Manufacturing Magazine, which discussed how the automotive industry has become increasingly competitive as manufacturers battle for positions in... Read More

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hydrogenEarlier in the week, Zintro experts responded to an article in Global Manufacturing Magazine, which discussed how the automotive industry has become increasingly competitive as manufacturers battle for positions in local and international markets. One way manufacturers have attempted to differentiate themselves is with electric cars (e-cars).

Hemant Pawar specializes in automotive project management. He responds to the conversation. “Electric vehicles (EVs) have no tailpipe emissions. Replacing conventional vehicles with EVs can help improve roadside air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A wider use of EVs also contributes to the development of environmental industries. Another important advantage of battery-powered motors over gas-powered engines is the lower cost of the fuel — that is, electricity for EVs and gas for the internal combustion engines.”

At last week’s L.A. Auto Show, Toyota and Honda announced plans to release hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles can travel up to 300 miles on a full tank and can refuel in five minutes. In addition, the exhaust from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is water vapor. Unfortunately there are not enough fueling stations at the moment, although that is expected to change. Stay tuned for a look at what experts have to say about these hydrogen fuel cell vehicles coming soon.

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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Success Story: Muhammad Anees http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/24/success-story-muhammad-anees/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/24/success-story-muhammad-anees/#respond Mon, 24 Nov 2014 21:38:00 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22792 Zintro expert Muhammad Anees is a statistical consultant and econometric advisor. He currently teaches at the first QS-rated university in Pakistan and online at his eLearning portal. After earning an... Read More

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Muhammad AneesZintro expert Muhammad Anees is a statistical consultant and econometric advisor. He currently teaches at the first QS-rated university in Pakistan and online at his eLearning portal. After earning an MS in Econometrics from Sheffield University, UK, he began teaching at the first QS-rated university in Pakistan and online at his eLearning portal. His main modules are:

Business Statistics
Business Research
Quantitative Business Analysis

As part of his duties, Muhammad supervised 15 Statistical Analysis PhD students.He has experience in several types of writing, including academic, report and business, as well as strong programming skills (R, Python, Matlab, Stata, Eviews, SPSS, RATS,SAS, GAUSS and JavaScript). These skills have helped Muhammad to find success working with clients on the Zintro platform. He shares his experience with one client below:

The client needed some technical dataset and wanted to find the relationship using multiple regression through ordinary least square methods and endogenous variable through instrumental regression approach. I collected the data, ran the regression using Stata and provided the client with the do file, log file or SMCL file and actual dataset both in raw and final-merged files. I answered the client’s questions and I was happy to explain the answers to his queries.

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity:

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50 Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/20/50-project-management-tools-freelance-consultants/ http://blog.zintro.com/2014/11/20/50-project-management-tools-freelance-consultants/#respond Thu, 20 Nov 2014 09:05:21 +0000 http://blog.zintro.com/?p=22706 Freelance consultants have a lot of information, tasks, and responsibilities to juggle. Whether you work with a single client at a time or manage multiple client engagements and project simultaneously,... Read More

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Frances ReimersFreelance consultants have a lot of information, tasks, and responsibilities to juggle. Whether you work with a single client at a time or manage multiple client engagements and project simultaneously, keeping track of time, project deadlines, key contacts, goals, and all the other details you need to stay on top of at all times is no simple task. Many of the world’s most successful freelance consultants will tell you that organization is the key to staying productive and motivated.

Fortunately, there are abundant technology tools and apps to keep even the most easily distracted, multi-project-juggling freelance consultants on-task and on-target through sophisticated-yet-simple planning tools, contact databases, task management, collaboration, and other features that help you streamline your business and take charge of your schedule. Ultimately, being better organized helps you get more done and make more money, making the right project management tool a worthy investment.

We’ve scoured the far corners of the web to find some of the most comprehensive, feature-packed, useful project management tools that are ideal for solopreneurs and freelance consultants. Below, we highlight 50 of the tools we found to be most practical and streamlined for independent consultants. Note that these tools aren’t ranked or rated in any particular order of importance or worthiness; they’re listed in random order. As every consultant has unique requirements and working styles, the best project management tool for one professional might not be the best for another. With that in mind, we offer 50 incredibly useful project management tools for freelance consultants to narrow your search for your ideal project management tool.

1. LiquidPlanner



LiquidPlanner is a comprehensive project management tool used by IT teams, project managers, development teams, professional services consultants and firms, marketing teams, and more. With priority-based schedules that update automatically, estimating tools to predict best- and worst-case outcome scenarios, and portfolio-level planning, you can track multiple projects with ease.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated scheduling engine
  • Shared inbox
  • Checklist-style tracking
  • File sharing
  • Email and calendar integration
  • Timesheets and task tracking
  • Plan and timesheet exporting
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • iOS and Android apps for native mobile access

Cost (all plans require a 10-user minimum purchase): 

  • Standard: $29/user/month
  • Professional: $39/user/month – Portfolio management, resource tracking and prioritization
  • Enterprise: $49/user/month – For large enterprises managing complex projects and shifting teams

2. Projecturf


Integrating seamlessly with Dropbox and Google Drive, Projecturf aims to provide a clean, streamlined task collaboration and productivity suite. Manage multiple workspaces from a single login, collaborate with teams, have always-on access to real-time activity feeds, email notifications, alerts, and more to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know with everything happening with your clients’ projects.

Key Features: 

  • Inline commenting
  • Real-time activity feed
  • Email notifications
  • Dropbox and Google Drive integration
  • Gantt charts
  • Flagging, reports, and subtasks
  • Data filtering, subfolder organization, and time tracking
  • Lightweight CRM built-in


  • Personal: FREE – No projects, single user, no templates or file uploads
  • Basic: $20/month – 5 projects, unlimited users, one template, 5 GB storage
  • Team: $50/month – 30 projects, 3 templates, 20 GB storage
  • Business: $100/month – 80 projects, 5 templates, 50 GB storage
  • Corporate: $200/month – 150 projects, 10 templates, 100 GB storage

3. Project Bubble



Save time and money with Project Bubble by simplifying project management and administrative tasks. Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to re-prioritize tasks and projects with intuitive labeling options (traffic light indicators) and sub-task hierarchy for deeper organization. Invite teams to specific projects and assign tasks to teams, enabling you to organize your workflow and juggle multiple clients and projects from a single dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Assign tasks to teams; manage permissions
  • Automated recurring tasks
  • Visualize milestones
  • Daily progress and outlook views
  • Central file storage
  • Time tracking, logging, and reporting
  • Gantt charts; client progress reports


  • FREE: 5 users, limited user roles, Project Bubble branding
  • Standard: Starts at $50/month for 10 users – All user roles, unlimited guests
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Unlimited users, custom domain, white labeling

4. Basecamp


Basecamp is an intuitive project planning and collaboration tool. Attach files, discuss ideas and projects, assign tasks, and manage deadlines. It’s simple interface and ease of staying in the loop with everything that’s going on with your projects, clients, and other activities has made Basecamp a quite popular tool among businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited users at every price level
  • Collaborate with teams
  • Assign team members to projects
  • Share files securely
  • Get feedback on creative in-context
  • Manage discussions
  • Create task lists, assign tasks, and track progress


  • $20/month: 10 active projects, 3 GB space
  • $50/month: 40 active projects, 15 GB space
  • $100/month: 100 active projects, 40 GB space
  • $150/month: unlimited projects, 100 GB space

5. Zoho Projects


Plan, track, and collaborate on projects from a single dashboard with Zoho Projects. Organize projects by milestones and tasks, with intuitive task lists to keep you and your team on-task. With Gantt charts to visualize your progress in relation to projections, you’ll always know exactly how far off-track or ahead-of-schedule you are on every project you manage through Zoho Projects.

Key Features: 

  • Log billable and non-billable hours
  • Define custom workflows and business rules
  • Milestones, task lists, and tasks
  • Seamless collaboration tools for clients and remote teams
  • Sub-tasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies
  • Resource allocation charts
  • Gantt charts for progress visualization
  • Document management


  • FREE: 1 project, 10 MB storage
  • Express: $20/month – 20 projects, 5 GB storage
  • Premium: $40/month – 50 projects, 15 GB storage
  • Enterprise: $80/month – unlimited projects, 30 GB storage

6. Podio


Podio offers “a fresh take on collaborating and getting organized,” with a slew of features and capabilities for everything from creating courses to planning and managing marketing initiatives. Podio is based on an app-style structure, allowing users to activate a variety of apps based on their needs for a completely customized project management system.

Key Features: 

  • Organize files, discussions, tasks, and more on a single page
  • Multiple layout options, from simple tables to dynamic card boards
  • Choose apps and features to customize your workflow
  • Simple, drag-and-drop interface
  • Task management and file sharing
  • Multiple extensions and add-ons


  • FREE: Up to 5 team members (5 employees plus 5 external members)
  • Premium: $9/user/month (includes reporting and user management features)

7. Clarizen


Manage projects on-track and on-budget with Clarizen, which offers a variety of customized project management solutions for IT teams, project managers, marketing teams, and professional services. Clarizen provides real-time visibility into processes and progress, centralizing data and activities for streamlined workflows and collaboration to lead your projects with success.

Key Features: 

  • Centralize project requests and new projects
  • Compare new requirements against your budget
  • Prioritize tasks based on urgency
  • Establish timelines, milestones, deliverables, and interdependencies
  • Manage project specs, design files, and other documents in one place
  • Out-of-the-box templates


  • Professional Edition: $29/user/month – 3 custom fields, up to 50 reports/day
  • Enterprise Edition: $44.95/user/month – API access, 150 custom fields, up to 120 reports/day
  • Unlimited Edition: $54.95/user/month – 4,000 custom fields, up to 120 reports/day

8. Wrike


Wrike enables real-time project management, wherever you go, with internal teams or external partners and clients. With central management of resources and deadlines, teams are able to stay on-task and adapt to changing requirements and workflows.

Key Features:

  • Break goals into manageable tasks
  • Instantly communicate with team members
  • Integration with Excel, Word, Google Drive, and more
  • Instantly transform emails into tasks


  • FREE: Up to 5 users
  • Professional: $49/month – 5 users, $99/month – 15 users
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote (5 to thousands of team members)

9. Viewpath


Simplified project workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity. Wrike offers Gantt charts, Resource Allocation graphs, and Agile tools all in a single dashboard view for multiple project views to monitor projects, coordinate team members and resources, and stay on-task through project completion.

Key Features:

  • Set user permissions on any project role
  • Salesforce and Google Docs integration
  • Single sign-on security
  • Project templates enable streamlined project launches
  • Real-time information on project status and time to completion


  • Starter: FREE
  • Team: $15/month – Cross-project resource allocation
  • Professional: $25/month – Filtering, custom labels
  • Enterprise: $35/month – Unlimited snapshots and project resources

10. Thrive Solo


A perfect assistant to help your projects run smoothly, Solo is the perfect app for freelance consultants. With elegant, effortless invoicing, flexible, intuitive time-tracking, customizable dashboards to monitor all your important project details and metrics, and more, Solo is designed to simplify the freelance lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Business Intelligence for data-driven decision-making
  • Project planner to monitor tasks and milestones
  • Create quotes in a few simple clicks
  • Contact and Client sections store essential contact info
  • Simplified invoicing and time-tracking


  • $14 monthly
  • $140 annual plan

11. Planscope


Create a better freelance business with Planscope. Planscope helps you win more contracts, get team members and clients on the same page, track progress and stay within-budget, and more. It’s a project management tool created for consultants, by consultants, meaning its features are perfectly suited to accommodate the nuances of running a consulting business.

Key Features:

  • Monitor tasks and invoices in the same dashboard
  • Clients are always in-the-know regarding project direction and progress
  • Collaborative estimating helps you close more deals


  • Freelancer Plan: $24/month – 1 team member, unlimited clients, basic reporting
  • Studio: $49/month – 3 team members, basic reporting
  • Small Business: $99/month – 10 team members, basic reporting
  • Agency: $199/month – 20 team members, agency-grade reporting
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Unlimited team members, proposal review, invoice collections

12. Trello


An incredibly simplistic, yet highly valuable planning tool, Trello is an efficient project management platform for freelance consultants. With individual boards for projects or clients, you can organize all your tasks in a list of lists, with a simple card layout and drag-and-drop functionality. Labeling options, deadlines, and checklists add to the organizational capabilities to keep you on-task and focused on priorities.

Key Features:

  • Organize projects with lists-within-lists configuration
  • Assign due dates and team members to individual cards
  • Create checklists
  • Customize color-coded labels to indicate priority, category, or other classifications
  • Create individual boards for projects or clients
  • Share boards and cards with clients or team members
  • Add comments, upload file attachments, and create descriptions for cards
  • Use organizations for control over who sees what
  • Streamlined notifications bar


  • Basic: FREE – 10 MB storage
  • Trello Gold: $5/month or $45/year – 250 MB storage
  • Business Class: $5/month or $45/year – Specify permission and visibility levels

13. Asana


Asana is “teamwork without email,” making it possible to get more done in less time with simple collaboration and project management functionality. By keeping conversations in-context with tasks, you’ll never miss a beat and stay up-to-date on every detail happening with your projects.

Key Features:

  • View individual and team-level tasks
  • Organize tasks into shared projects for initiatives, meetings, and lists
  • Have conversations within context of tasks
  • Get automatic updates about the tasks and projects that matter
  • Calendar view for team goals and milestones
  • Add files from Dropbox, Box & Google Drive
  • Plan your day, communicate priorities and tasks


  • Basic: FREE
  • Premium: Starts at $21/month for up to 5 members – Unlimited guests, project-level permissions, hidden and public teams

14. Evernote


Evernote makes your life and work more manageable. It’s best-known as a note-taking app, but Evernote is so much more. Create task lists, document everything from snippets and notes to lengthy research, and even present your information in slide-deck format. Useful for project planning and task-tracking, as well as research and meeting notes, Evernote is a valuable addition to your project management arsenal. It syncs across all your devices, so you have access to all the details that matter wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • Available anywhere with Evernote mobile apps
  • Syncs across all devices
  • Instantly turn notes into slides with Present
  • Keep lists and document notes, capture images and web pages
  • Take meeting notes, plan projects, and write full-length research


  • Basic: FREE
  • Premium: $5/month – Enhanced search features, offline access to Notes on mobile
  • Business: $10/user/month – Collaborate with co-workers, centralized administration

15. Azendoo


Group all your teamwork in one place for seamless collaboration with clients and partners with Azendoo. Organize tasks by priority, rather than most recent, to make better use of your time, filter information by subject to minimize distractions, start Skype calls from directly within task cards, and more.

Key Features:

  • Organize and assign tasks with clear objectives in real-time
  • Set and share deadlines with team members
  • Integrate with cloud storage
  • Real-time discussions in-context; call via Skype from within task cards
  • Real-time notifications ensure you never miss a beat
  • Advanced search for quickly finding tasks, documents, discussions, and more


  • FREE: No limit on users or time, 1 workspace
  • Premium: $7/month – Unlimited workspaces and invitations, Evernote tasks import & sync
  • Business: $9/user/month – Centralized billing, multiple admins and control, data ownership control

16. Solo


A free project management app created just for freelancers, Solo helps you manage tasks and contacts, track your progress, and keep project-related notes and materials in a single location for easy reference and enhanced productivity.

Key Features:

  • Project Dashboard with color-coded status icons
  • Simple task management with drag-and-drop re-ordering
  • Project Calendar view
  • Task Timer and Activity Stream
  • Client details pages with contact and project info in a single view
  • Upload and manage files

Cost: FREE

17. MindMeister


Collaboration and innovation are two benefits of mind maps, but these visual organization tools are also incredibly useful for project management. MindMeister enables you to quickly visualize your ideas, share maps with others, and collaborate on concepts and projects easily.

Key Features:

  • Split projects into stages
  • Set milestones and goals
  • Plan meeting agendas and see who has viewed mind maps
  • Integrate tasks with Outlook and iCal calendars and utilize email reminders
  • See changes in real-time


  • Basic: FREE – Up to 3 mind maps
  • Personal: $36/6 months – Unlimited mind maps, files, and images
  • Pro: $60/user/6 months – Word and PowerPoint export, custom themes/branding
  • Business: $90/user/6 months – Team map themes, group sharing, external backup

18. Freedcamp


A free collaboration platform putting all the tools you need to plan and communicate on tasks and projects in one place, Freedcamp is a valuable tool for freelance consultants. Manage tasks and set deadlines, hold discussions in forum-style, set milestone goals and align them with your tasks, and track time in a single app.

Key Features:

  • Organize projects into task lists
  • Set due dates and priorities
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Forum-style discussions
  • Align milestones with goals
  • Track time and invoice clients with built-in invoicing app

Cost: FREE

19. WORK[etc]


WORK[etc] lets you manage your entire business in the cloud, from CRM to project management, billing, a help desk, robust reporting and filtering tools, and more, all with a single platform and a single login. It’s complete business management, simplified.

Key Features:

  • Detailed activity history for every action from every team member
  • Online discussions reduce group emailing
  • Make project updates, assign support tasks, and create sales leads from within Gmail and Outlook
  • Support remote workers without VPNs and servers
  • Multi-variable smart lists for contacts
  • Gantt, Tree and Timeline views
  • Dependent tasks and alerts
  • Custom project types and stages
  • Track project budgets


  • Starter: $78/month – 2 users
  • Team: $195/month – 3 users, add additional users $49/user/month
  • Foundations: $395/month – 3 users – extra users $59/user/month

20. Teamwork.com


View all essential project details in a single dashboard with Teamwork.com. With an intuitive, tab-based structure, you can quickly access projects, view activity on tasks and upcoming tasks, see upcoming milestones, and more. Customizable tabs let you create an information structure most suitable for your business, and drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to organize and re-prioritize to stay on-target.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality to change tasks and milestones
  • Re-order tasks and lists
  • Assign tasks and milestones; quickly calculate progress
  • Quickly create and edit dependencies
  • Custom tabs for perfectly tailored dashboards
  • View all activity on tasks and milestones


  • 30-day free trial – up to 2 projects
  • Personal: $12/month – 5 projects, 1 GB storage
  • Business 1: $24/month – 15 projects, 5 GB storage
  • Business 2: $49/month – 35 projects, 20 GB storage
  • Corporate: $99/month – 100 projects, 32 GB storage
  • Enterprise: $149/month – Unlimited projects, 80 GB storage

21. OnlyOffice


Formerly Teamlab, Only Office is a CRM, invoicing, and project management platform in one, providing comprehensive business solutions for consultants and businesses. Share documents with teammates and external users, co-edit for streamlined collaboration, visualize project progress with Gantt charts, and manage clients and invoicing within an intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive version and revision control
  • Tons of task and time-management features
  • Manage client database, generate invoices, and track deal opportunities
  • Connect your email accounts for a single communication portal
  • Gantt charts for progress, task, and milestone views
  • Set individual permissions for precise project management
  • Automatically generated reports


  • FREE: 1-4 active users, 8 GB storage space
  • $25/month – 5-10 active users, 20 GB storage
  • $50/month – 10-20 active users, 40 GB storage
  • Pricing plans range up to $800/month – 301-400 active users, 800 GB storage

22. Doolphy


Plan, share, and control projects and tasks with Doolphy’s online project management solution. The Smart Planning Assistant automates the process of creating new projects, with timesheets, stats and reporting, roles and permissions, and an easy file browser sweetening the deal.

Key Features:

  • Set tasks and monitor how work distribution impacts goal achievement
  • Reporting and statistics features illustrate progress and team activities
  • Secure file sharing
  • Individual role assignments and permissions
  • Generate complete project plans with automated tools in a single step
  • Create full projects, tasks, and deadlines even with little project management expertise


  • 30-day free trial
  • Basic: 12€/month – 10 active projects, 5 GB storage
  • Premium: 35€/month – 30 active projects, 15 GB storage
  • Enterprise: 100€/month – 100 active projects, 50 GB storage

23. Staction


Staction is a better way to manage projects, with communication, time-tracking, and file sharing all within a single app. With a simple sidebar to keep track of all the information that’s relevant to you, with time tracking, tasks, and projects all viewable at-a-glance.

Key Features:

  • Generate summary pages with recent activity based on project tags
  • Built-in messaging system
  • Simple tagging system enables group messaging
  • Staction offers suggestions based on what you type
  • Select from Projects, Persons, and Actions to assign tasks and messages
  • Live-updating sidebar keeps you in the know


  • FREE: Up to 3 users, 10 projects, 5 MB storage
  • Simple: $7/month – 7 users, 300 MB storage, unlimited projects
  • Super: $15/month – 15 users, 3,000 MB storage
  • Deluxe: $50/month – 30 users, 20K MB storage

24. Huddle


An enterprise content collaboration company, Huddle transforms the way you work. With file sharing, action tracking, task assignments, automatic reminders, and tons of other features to streamline workflows and enhance communication, Huddle will take your consulting business to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Assign tasks with notes or files
  • Organize, manage, and track projects
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Huddle identifies and shows you the most relevant content
  • Real-time activity streams
  • Deadlines, document approval requests, and file sharing


  • Workgroup: $20/user/month – Starts at 25 users
  • Enterprise: $40/user/month – Starts at 100 users
  • Unlimited: Contact for a quote

25. Mavenlink


A single, shared application to manage both your team and your business, Maven enables you to keep projects moving smoothly, clients happy, and your business growing profitably.

Key Features:

  • Advanced project management
  • Financial management tools
  • Timeline and resource management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Global activity stream feed
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Track time and budgets
  • Share and store files


  • Teams: $4/user/month – Unlimited projects, 10 GB storage
  • Premier: Contact for a quote (custom pricing) – 100 GB storage

26. GatherContent


A content development platform that helps you plan and create content in collaboration with clients, GatherContent is a perfect project management tool for any consultant working in the web or content marketing fields. Keep track of who is responsible for creating what content and control workflows centrally without chasing Word documents, emails, and Google Docs.

Key Features:

  • Centralize client content
  • Broad overviews show precisely what content still needs to be produced
  • Export content in a few clicks
  • Eliminates copy/paste nightmares with CMSs
  • Architect and organize content and website hierarchies
  • Create content types and structure for consistency
  • Invite clients to collaborate, assign content responsibilities, and get sign-offs
  • Manage client editorial schedules


  • 30-day free trial
  • Studio Plan: $79/month – 10 projects, 100 GB storage

27. Sprintly


An agile tool, Sprintly facilitates a more productive relationship between development teams and project management. Perfect for consultants involved in development projects, Sprintly enables you to stay on-top of everything that’s happening with your developers and designers, quickly determining project status, delays, and other issues in a single view – without interrupting team processes.

Key Features:

  • Generate reports by Item Type, Item Size, Current Status, Date Range, and more
  • Real-time activity feeds with productivity analysis
  • Team workload display enables efficient resource allocation
  • Integrations and add-ons to enhance functionality
  • Send updates to your chat room
  • Read/write API


  • Bootstrap: $10/month – 3 members, 2 GB storage, 5 projects
  • Startup: $19/month – 5 members, 5 GB storage, unlimited projects
  • Team: $49/month – 10 members, 10 GB storage
  • Pro: $99/month – 25 members, 25 GB storage
  • Agency: $149/month – 75 members, 100 GB storage

28. Redbooth


A collaboration platform for task management, file sharing, and communication, RedboothHQ will streamline the way you work. Promote accountability, get more accomplished, and help your team members become more productive with a sophisticated-yet-simple interface for coordinating tasks, managing time, and getting projects to completion.

Key Features:

  • Reporting views to visualize and track projects
  • Share, find, and work on current documents
  • Outlook and Gmail plugins to work from within your email client
  • Get answers, opinions, and approvals in real-time
  • iPhone, Android and iPad apps for working on the go
  • Monitor team status and progress to prevent bottlenecks


  • Starter: $49/month – Up to 10 users
  • Pro: $99/month – Up to 20 users
  • Plus: $149/month – Up to 30 users
  • Enterprise: $199/month – Up to 50 users
  • Elite: Contact for a quote
  • On-Premise: Contact for a quote

29. Planzone


A collaborative project management tool that’s easy to use, Planzone offers a streamlined, intuitive interface for project planning and efficient task and resource management to improve your productivity and help you reach project completion with ease.

Key Features:

  • Task management
  • Gantt charts for milestone and task views
  • Hold discussions and share documents
  • Calendar views
  • Task prioritization
  • Easy team collaboration


  • Basic: 9.90 €/month – 5 users, 5 projects
  • To-Do List: 49 €/month – 50 users, unlimited projects
  • Team: 129 €/month – 20 users, 20 projects
  • Business: 279 €/month – 50 users, 50 projects
  • Enterprise: 389 €/month – 125 users, 150 projects

30. 5pm


5pm aims to provide a project management solution that offers the perfect balance of power and simplicity. Customized reporting, file sharing, time tracking, and more features are all packed into a single tool that’s used by companies like Autodesk and Wendy’s.

Key Features:

  • Everything you need within a click or two
  • Customizable layout
  • Real-time updates
  • Timeline view
  • Customizable reports
  • Social toolbar
  • Universal importer
  • Open API
  • Integration with third-party tools


  • FREE 14-day trial
  • $18/month – 5 users, 10 active projects
  • $28/month – 10 users, 20 active projects
  • $48/month – 20 users, 40 active projects
  • $88/month – 40 users, 80 active projects
  • $175/month – Unlimited users, unlimited projects

31. Duet


Duet is the project management tool designed specifically for freelancers and small businesses. Save money and get more done with project management and invoicing functionality all rolled into one. An on-premise solution, Duet gives you complete control and ownership of your data.

Key Features:

  • Projects, invoices, and reporting in one
  • Manage clients, files, and tasks
  • Keep notes in-context with relevant files and tasks
  • Give clients a self-service portal to monitor progress
  • Completely customizable; easy to install


  • $49 one-time fee
  • Free updates for up to one year

32. Collabtive


Web-based project management made simple, Collabtive doesn’t skimp on useful features. With core functionality for managing projects, tracking tasks and milestones, time-tracking and reporting, Collabtive is enhanced further through plugins that increase efficiency with templates, Gantt charts, and more.

Key Features:

  • Open-Source application
  • Manage projects, milestones, and tasks
  • File management
  • Invoicing and reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Project templates, mobile web app, and Gantt charts via plugins

Cost: FREE

33. Toodledo


Toodledo is “an incredibly powerful online to-do list” that enhances your productivity and speeds time to project completion by keeping you on-task and on-target with your goals. With an intuitive dashboard, you’ll see that Toodledo goes far beyond simple to-do list functionality, with notes, lists, outlines, and more to organize complete projects.

Key Features:

  • Store notes, lists, and outlines
  • Collaborate with clients or team members
  • Built around the popular “Getting Things Done” method of prioritization
  • Document ideas, project and meeting notes
  • Hotlist shows you what’s important
  • Outline projects, track time, and assign tasks
  • Schedule time and create repeat tasks
  • Syncs across devices
  • Set alerts and reminders

Cost: FREE

34. Dooster


An online task and project management tool, Dooster helps you save both time and effort by streamlining communication and removing you from the clutter of your inbox by consolidating contacts, schedules, emails, and documents in one place.

Key Features:

  • No login required for other users
  • Simple setup
  • Flexible task management
  • Set deadlines and priorities for each task
  • Add tasks from any page
  • Create tasks and notes remotely by email
  • Overview screens, task history, and mind maps
  • Gantt charts
  • Comments and notes
  • Set permission levels by individual


  • 1-15 projects: $9.97/month – Unlimited users, 4 GB storage
  • 16-40 projects: $19.97/month – 24 GB storage
  • Unlimited projects: $39.97/month – 73 GB storage

35. Daylite


Organize your entire consulting business with a single app. Daylite makes it easy to coordinate contacts, schedules, tasks, projects, and even sales opportunities and emails within a single interface. It’s an address book, appointment scheduler, and project management tool in one to meet the needs of today’s busy consultants, freelancers, and teams.

Key Features:

  • Full interaction history for every contact including emails, calls, appointments, and tasks
  • Quickly search past interactions to find important details
  • Review project, person, or activity history to prepare for meetings
  • Prioritize and complete tasks quickly with Daylite’s comprehensive task management system
  • Store contact and meeting notes with tasks for follow-up calls and other actions
  • Customizable sales pipeline helps you close more deals
  • Track projects based on upcoming, completed, urgent, and current tasks
  • Interactive analytics reports to monitor the health of your business

Cost: $299.95/user

36. Insightly


A leading small business CRM and project management web-based app, Insightly helps you manage all the essential aspects of running a consulting business and managing clients and contacts. Easy to use, with tons of integrations, Insightly provides a slew of valuable features to streamline your business.

Key Features:

  • Manage contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers
  • See background, email history, events, projects or opportunities
  • Track project activity and performance against milestones
  • Integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Apps, MailChimp, QuickBooks Online, and more
  • Automatically detects every social media profile connected contacts’ email addresses
  • Micro or macro views including task dashboard, activity sets, reports and more
  • Monitor tasks, milestones, and pipelines


  • Gratis: FREE – 2,500 Records, 3 users
  • Standard: $7/user/month – 100,000 Records, unlimited users
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Unlimited records, users, and storage

37. Apptivo


Apptivo lets you customize the way you manage projects, so you can manage workflows in the most intuitive manner possible. Whether you prefer to organize projects by milestones, tasks, or sub-projects, you can configure Apptivo to work for you, so that you can work better for your clients.

Key Features:

  • Tasks, to-dos, appointments
  • News feed notifications
  • Create milestones or organize by sub-projects
  • Requirements App and Cases App to manage project scope
  • Track time and categorize billable and non-billable hours
  • Invoice for time or for projects with invoicing integration


  • Starter: FREE – 3 users, 40+ standard apps
  • Premium: $10/user/month – Added premium apps
  • Ultimate: $25/user/month – 20,000 requests/day/user + other premium features

38. Smartsheet


A project and collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes, Smartsheet provides a flexible, intelligent spreadsheet format for managing projects in an intuitive, familiar way. From simple projects to complex processes, Smartsheet puts you back in control.

Key Features:

  • Gantt charts
  • Streamlined data collection
  • Unlimited collaborators on any sheet
  • Web forms
  • File storage


  • Contact for a quote
  • 30-day free trial
  • Multiple plans and pricing levels from 10 to unlimited sheets

39. ProWorkflow


A flexible, web-based solution for project management for small, medium, or large businesses, ProWorkflow can meet just about any project management need. It integrates with a number of online services for streamlined reporting and automated invoicing to further simplify your management and business processes.

Key Features:

  • Keep details, tasks, time, and communications in a central location
  • Flexible task types and time-saving templates
  • Easy timesheet entry; powerful reporting
  • Create projects, tasks, quotes, and invoices in seconds with templates
  • Custom categories, views, and grouping for workflow management
  • Manage staff, clients, and contractors
  • Built-in communication with full email support


  • Solo: $10/month – 1 user
  • Professional: $20/month/staff user
  • Advanced: $30/month/staff user

40. Projectplace


Boost commitment, engagement, and project productivity with Projectplace, an online collaboration and project management tool. Set goals and complete projects on-time and within budget with a streamlined collection of features and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Visualize tasks with Kanban boards
  • Project control and reporting features
  • Drag-and-drop tasks among workflow columns
  • Portfolio and resource management to prioritize tasks and projects
  • Predefined or customized project templates – easy to duplicate
  • In-depth reporting to improve processes and workflows


  • ToDo: FREE Kanban boards for teamwork
  • Team: € 21.50/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

41. WorkflowMax


Quotes, timesheets, job costing and tracking, and more are all within your control in a single interface with WorkflowMax, a Xero software application for all-in-one job management. A slew of tools to start and manage projects to completion will simplify your life and improve your productivity.

Key Features:

  • Track your leads, sales pipeline, and proposals
  • Create professional quotes and link to jobs
  • See all jobs in one screen and monitor deadlines
  • Share job notes and emails with clients or team members
  • Run reports on data
  • Multiple third-party add-ons and integrations


  • 1 user: $15/month
  • 5 users: $49/month
  • 10 users: $99/month
  • 20 users: $149/month
  • Unlimited: $199/month

42. Axero


Stay in-the-know and keep all your projects on-track with Axero’s streamlined communication, management, and social collaboration solution. Organize people and profiles, spaces and groups, and get instant notifications and activity streams to coordinate your entire business.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic activity streams and instant notifications
  • Task management and calendars
  • Vibrant personal profiles for more personal communications
  • Bring people together for projects, topics, or interests
  • Group by department for better company organization
  • Manage project phases, due dates, and deliverables
  • Communicate in discussion forums
  • Ideation tools


  • Basic: $49/month – 10 users, 10 GB storage
  • Pro: $99/month – 20 users, 20 GB storage
  • Plus: $199/month – 50 users, 30 GB storage
  • Max: $499/month – 100 users, 40 GB storage
  • Annual Plan: $10k/year – Unlimited users, 50 GB storage

43. Teambook


Easily book your resources, track profitability, and focus on improving your business with Teambook’s project management and planning tools. See who works on what in real time and access useful features to help you better manage, collaborate, and gain efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Track team availability
  • See who’s working on what
  • Track project budgets and time spent
  • Productivity, utilization and availability analytics
  • Refine metrics with filters
  • Email notifications keep team members up-to-date
  • iCal integration
  • Dedicated client link to project timelines


  • Basic: $19/month – 10 active projects
  • Pro: $39/month – 40 active projects
  • Premium: $69/month – 100 active projects
  • Unlimited: $199/month – Unlimited active projects

44. SpiraPlan


An agile planning tool with simple drag-and-drop functionality, SpiraPlan’s project management tool for software development offers integrated dashboards to manage every conceivable aspect of your projects in a single location. Stay on-time and on-budget, address issues and synchronize requirements to deliver on promises and exceed client expectations. SpiraPlan is the perfect project management tool for consultants offering development services.

Key Features:

  • Develop high-level requirements with initial estimates
  • Load-balance project resources to maximize project velocity
  • Agile planning board
  • Users can enter defects and bugs during lifecycle
  • Track issues and defects against project schedule
  • Velocity, burndown and burnup reports
  • Customizable dashboards for key project information
  • Determine resourcing levels to deliver required features


  • FREE 30-day trial
  • Single: $5.99/month – 1 concurrent user, software and hosting
  • 3-user: $69.99/month – 3 concurrent users, software and hosting
  • 5-user: $99.99/month – 5 concurrent users, software and hosting
  • Pricing levels up to 50 user: $359.99/month – 50 concurrent users, software and hosting

45. Intervals


Online time, task, and project management built by designers, developers, and creatives, for designers, developers, and creative, Intervals helps you get organized and increase your billable hours with greater productivity.

Key Features:

  • Integrated task timers with weekly timesheets
  • System generated “nags” for past due timesheets
  • Visual reporting
  • Get daily task assignments via email
  • Drag-and-drop rescheduling
  • Milestones to manage deliverables
  • Determine the best use of your team’s time
  • Stay on-budget and on-time with visual charts, graphs, and reports for project management
  • Find out which clients take the most time and which team members are most productive
  • Document storage
  • Built-in invoicing


  • Basic: $25/month – 15 active projects
  • Not So Basic: $49/month – 40 active projects
  • Premium: $99/month – 100 active projects
  • Top Shelf: $199/month – Unlimited active projects
  • Unlimited: $249/month – Unlimited projects and storage

46. Intellinote


Intellinote is “reimagining enterprise collaboration” with intelligent tools that enable teams of all sizes to get more done in less time, all while staying in the loop and on-task. Critical projects, tasks, and to-do lists can be accurately prioritized so you can accomplish what you need to achieve your objectives.

Key Features:

  • Capture notes, ideas, files, and documents
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Collaborate with clients and vendors
  • Projects, tasks, and to-do lists
  • Access project dashboards and resources from any device


  • Professional: $10/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

47. Any.do



A productivity and planning app like no other, Any.do helps you achieve your full potential by managing your personal goals, family goals, and professional tasks and objectives all in one place. If you’re a consultant who struggles to balance work and family, Any.do helps you keep the two ends of the spectrum in check.

Key Features:

  • Never forget important tasks
  • Syncs across all devices
  • Daily planner with “Moment” feature
  • Create and organize lists
  • Call, text, email, and book trips from Any.do
  • Add notes and files to tasks
  • Break goals into sub-tasks
  • Customized recurring tasks
  • Notifications


  • FREE: 2 members per task, 5 MB per file, 5 Moments per month
  • Premium: $2.99/month – Unlimited members and file uploads, unlimited Moments

48. MindManager


Productivity, creativity, and collaboration are blended into a single, beautiful planning tool with MindManager. Based on a mind-mapping framework, MindManager’s intuitive planning features make it simple to visualize complex concepts and projects.

Key Features:

  • Information Map, Organization Chart, Tree Diagram
  • Multi-map and outline views
  • Guided brainstorming and analysis views
  • Track Tasks (Priority, Start and Due Date, Progress, Duration, Effort, Resources)
  • Task filters and dependencies
  • Topic alerts and reminders; calendar options
  • Resource availability and utilization


  • MindManager: $349
  • MindManager with MindManager PLUS: $448

49. Flow


Share tasks and keep track of what needs done with Flow. When spreadsheets, whiteboards, and sticky notes just aren’t meeting your project management requirements any longer, Flow is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophisticated capabilities to take your project management — and your business — to the next level of organization.

Key Features: 

  • Create tasks and set priorities
  • Organize tasks into lists
  • Sort tasks by person, keyword, due date, or tag
  • Track task histories with comments and attachments
  • Filter or arrange tasks by assigned, flagged, subscribed or delegated
  • Calendar view to visualize deadlines, goals, and milestones
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy rescheduling
  • Reduce the need for meetings with real-time communication


  • Basic: $17/month – 3 people
  • Studio: $53/month – 10 people
  • Team: $116/month – 20 people
  • Business: $206/month – 30 people
  • Corporate: $359/month – 50 people
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

50. EasyProjects


EasyProjects not only helps you work smarter, it actually boosts your ROI so much that it can pay for itself in just three short months. With a central Activity Center, you’re on top of what’s happening with your projects and tasks at every moment, with full control to schedule resources efficiently and re-organize teams and assignments to ensure projects are on-time and on-budget.

Key Features: 

  • Track project health and budget
  • Project/task status, priority, and duration
  • Central Activity Center shows you all the essentials
  • Project Calendar functions like a personal planner
  • Project templates save time
  • Resource planning and team collaboration


  • Freelancer: FREE – 1 user
  • Pro: $15.75/user/month
  • Enterprise: $18.75/user/month


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